Shock News! Arsenal fans go Doolally after Draw!

Get a grip Arsenal fans by Sam P

As Aaron Ramsey said ‘It was one of those games’. Arsenal made a 1000 chances but as usual the opposing goalkeeper plays an absolute blinder. It’s not the first time its happened and it certainly won’t be the last, that is very very easy to predict.

What else is easy to predict? Oh yeah…. Arsenal ‘fans’ reactions. As Giroud said after the game: “Hopefully we are going to have better nights to come, because tonight we were a bit unlucky and a bit sad to draw.

“We had so many chances to score and we didn’t do it. We missed chances here and it could have been maybe 4-1 or 5-2 but their ‘keeper did well and it is hard.”

It could have been 10-0 if Foster hadn’t played like Petr Cech on his very best day. But it wasn’t meant to be. So wow, Arsenal are now 5 points behind the leaders with 14 games to go. That is 42 points up for grabs, and in the next couple of weeks we play Leicester and Man City play Tottenham. Chelsea are at home to Man United on Saturday. Anything could happen in any game, that’s called football. Those results are a bit harder to predict.

Let’s look at some FACTS. The Gunners have lost TWO out of our last FIFTEEN games The way this year’s League is going we could lose two of the last 14 and win the title in a canter. We are in the fifth round of the FA Cup and aiming for a historic treble. We have two games coming up against Barcelona, the best team in the world right now and I’m looking forward to watching the games whether we win or lose.

So what do the ‘fans’ want to do right now? Yeah, Sack Wenger! Because we are not ten points clear at the top. Okay then every week 10 managers should get the sack, especially if they draw eh?

Some people need to wake up and smell the coffee.


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      1. @zulazlykamari
        Because most of them are living “vicariously” through the club…Thats not hunger.

    1. Lay Off Giroud! It’s Walcott & Wenger Arsenal should be Worried About … Yes, Walcott has been absent with injury, but in his last 17 Arsenal appearances, he has scored just once.
      And Wenger the less said the better..
      May I remind you again our only reward as FANS is TROPHIES nothing more , nothing less..
      We don’t get a % of the clubs wealth nor do we get to own the Beautiful Stadium.. And the myth Wenger ensures stability wid less available funds has been found out to be CRAP and delusional by his Honourable RANIERI ft LECEISTER …

      SACK Wenger .. Even though his name made me Support Arsenal the more.
      But I support ARSENAL and not ARSENE

  1. Its more because we have saw this script before over and over again every season so is it any wonder the fans are going doolally? Wenger is holding the club back. Witha fired up, well organised team with the chances we have had, we should be clear at the top but that is on Wenger to get them training properly, working hard and actually looking up for it. Now against southampton we had bucket loads of chances so players are too blame also but looks like our confidence has been hit a huge slap and we are not even up for winning this title anymore… Wenger will be happy with top4 and so will the club, no ambition anymore.

    Wengers fault for no outfield players bought in the summer and injuries. Has to be his training methods as was Van Douches at Utd but at least he admitted it and changed it, Wenger stuck in the past and his pride is what is costing Arsenal.

    Either he wins the league this season or he leaves. Wins the title i have no problem him defending his title in his last season vs Kloop, Pep, New Utd &Chel Managers (Mourinho&Simeone maybe), then he goes when his contract it up.

    We need a ruthless coach and board… too much deadwood or unambitious players or personel at the club from the Top of the boardroom to the last player of the squad. I could think of a long list to get out of the club.

    Kronke, Gazidas
    Wenger, Bould
    Debuchy, Per
    Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky
    Walcott and maybe G12

    1. Replacements;
      Usmanov, Dein (anyone else i cant think?)
      Koeman, Henry
      Jenko, Varane or Howedes
      Wanyama, Elneny
      Striker in mould of Aubameyang or him himself.

      1. @Koss the boss, we have saw this script before. I’m thinking well no we haven’t seen this one before. This season even the dudes on ESPN say that Arsenal are a favorite, even still they say it after the sou game. We were never favorite when che and city were at there strongest. Think back to the seasons when we always had saying the fourth place trophy race is on, what would we have given to be within five points of che and still had to play che at home the week after che and city play each other. Because that is what it amounts to for me. I’ve heard fans say soo many times down the years at least we should be challenging for title, losing is one thing but not even making a fight of it is inexcusable.

        1. Thats the problem we have not been making a fight of it recently, we have made a right mess of it so far.

  2. The guy is a stubborn old mule, refuses to change his ways!
    Only a threat of sack might make him change but thats not going to happen with our lame board running the show. Like to see more input from Bouldy for rest of the season…his experience working under Graham could get us over the line first.

    1. If he does blow this title chance up then fans need to ditch last few games of the season and demand a change from the board and management with a few banners and stand offs as they wont sack him or get rid if ShadyStealinStan.


  3. Some folks give up too easy.
    If we beat Bormth + Leicester
    we’ll be either top or a couple
    of points from top.
    Stop whining and start singing
    We are the Champions my friend 🙂

    1. “If” we beat Barcelona and then “If” we defeat teams like Real and Bayern (over two legs i must mention before AKBs jump on to me) we “might” win the Champions league as well…. every year our campaign starts with “we will” and ends with “If”

  4. The writer is sick in the head, when Arsenal road turn black like this again it reminds People of how we meltdown last year January and year before, it reminds fans of a seventh richest club in the world with nothing to show for it, it remind fans of how our dumb tactician cannot end numbers of winless runs against rival proud rival manager and club, it reminds us of same story same responses same result years in years out, tell me of a club that panic of Arsenal again, that tells you nothing is improving, don’t make me think we are better of, I supported a Big Club if my club is a big club I will be expecting big results every minute not untill Arsenal declare itself a mid table club.

  5. The writer to be fair has a point…BUT we always make the same mistakes..we are always so close but so far..dont get me wrong I am more than happy we have won back to back FA cup titles and trying to make it 3 times in a row. But we are ARSENAL we need to step up when it counts, our last 4 league matches we picked up 3 points we are just adding pressure to ourselves we could have won at least 1 match and its down to team selection and moral. Right now we need a Santi vs Hull moment when someone puts it on their back to get us back into this title fight.

    We have to win our next match and beat Leicester!! We need a star to step up and Wenger to start playing our Knights not our pawns

    1. Exactly thats positive progression. we have to be challenging now for the title to be goin forward and in the right direction after winning the FA Cup twice in a row, if we dont progress then we stagnate as fa cup all Arsenal are worthy of im afraid. Only way going forward is winning the title.

  6. On related but separate note I do miss Santi…Ramsey has shown for me he really should not be in the first team. I miss Santis ability to keep the ball and lay off a good pass, get a counter attack going fair enough we may not be the biggest dog in the fight but he technicality makes up for it..

    We need to get rid of deadwood players such as: Arteta..Flamini…Rosicky(more his injury and age would like him to retire tbh)…Debuchey, Jenkinson,

    With the amount of money we could get from selling and the amount of funds in wages freed we could get for example Isco and Morata

    1. Ramsey should be in the first team, but not playing alongside Flamini as a deep playmaker. He’s an ACM and needs players like Coq and Cazorla beside him so he can do what he does best which is support the striker.

  7. What frustrates me the most in our recent games are;

    1. Ramsey misplaced pass when we are on a counter attack. This error keeps repeating itself.

    2. Walcott poor touch or his one on one miss. I don’t know why but recently whenever he is through on goal, I just don’t have the confidence that he will score.

    3. Flamini tackles. Oh dear…..its just laughable

    4. Wenger substitutions in our last 4games or so…

    5. Some players do the talk the talk but fail to work the work on the pitch.

    Anyway, let’s hope we don’t bottle it up against Bournemouth and Leicester. If we drop points in these games, forget any hope of winning the league.

  8. Sam, will you wake up and smell the coffee once our club finishes fifth on the table?
    A friendly reminder. This time in the season 2013/2014 we were top of the table with 10 points more than what we have now. Everton was fifth with 45 points at that point, they’ve managed to win 27 points until the end of the season to stay fifth. If you are that deluded to think that Arsenal is capable of taking more than 27 points until the end, than good for you. Keep on singing AKB on the downward spiral that Arsenal have become.

    1. That season(2013 2014) we won five points out of five derby games(liverpool, everton, manure, city,spuds) This season we have four derby games, and with the form shown, I don’t see them wining a single one of those games, maybe they can draw against manure and Everton and that’s it. Just enough to stay fifth.
      So Arsenal actually has to concentrate on the fa cup if they are to play champions league next season.

  9. Its high time Arsene Wenger relegate Oliver Giroud to the bench, he is not in the class of Arsenal, imagin the worst striker in the league having Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchex playing regularly with, the worst will be one of the best. A striker who cannot hold on to ball and face opposition keeper is not a striker. That is whom we have now in our club.

  10. The problem with AFC aside from the gutless money grabbing glory shy board, owners and manager is fans like the writer of this inane ridiculous article; fans who more than satisfied with mediocrity and take delight in trotting out silly stats to back up their lack of ambition and will…2 loses in 15 games the writer said but conveniently forgetting to mention what impact the 2 loses had on the table, moral and the significance of winning these 2 matches…..the SOUTHAMPTON loss to further have a better grip on the title lead and the Chelsea loss to get shot of a hoodoo and most importantly to lay down a marker…..and lets not mention the 3 draws and the inability to score at home for 3 consecutive matches…and leys just forget we have gone from leading the table to been 5 points adrift if the top…with fans with such massive loser mentality and rabid jack of ambition little wonder the club is rubbish

    1. Agreed, if fans don’t pressure the manager and the board then he remains stubborn and continues to delude people that players like Sanogo have a future and Arteta is good enough to be a DM. Fans that support mediocrity are the reason players like Walcott have been so poor over the past decade, no one is pressuring our English players but people were quick to judge Ozil and Campbell. Both players have massively improved but players like Ox and Theo are still crap that’s a sad fact. In addition we’re too loyal to players who can’t stay on the pitch for more than one game a season, Wilshere shouldn’t even be considered for the first team until he’s fully fit next year, Rosicky should’ve been released last season, but Wenger used them as an excuse not to buy available quality in midfield. Wake up people, if you want Arsenal to be a big club then we must be ruthless with our demands for the team. Take the Valencia fans for example, after the 7-0 drubbing they didn’t say “oh it’s because Barca are the best team” they clearly know the team could do better and are letting them know how shameful they are to the badge.

  11. Anyone that looks at my posts regular know i have been saying for past 4-5 years to sack Wenger

    some facts

    Wenger should not be manger now, there is not 1 other top team in the world that would have kept giving him contract extensions over last 5 years,

    Arsenal are only where they are right now because all the other so called top teams are playing s_it as well

    About half out squad is not good enough to challenge for top honers year after year

    To many fans that are deluded by Wenger and the board, Talk is cheap

    Wenger as to many favourites and no matter how they play they still keep there place in the starting line up

    We have to many players that are only interested in strolling around collecting big wages each week, we need players to play with passion and pride,

    We have a top stadium & fans so lets get a manger and squad to go with it, Puzzle will never be complete if all the pieces are not there,

    if you don’t like what i say then that is fine, But i say it as it is !!!

  12. We are all worried. Was on the road the day we lost to Chelsea and had to stop by at a game viewing center to find out what the score was. There was gloom allover the face of the viewer at this predominantly Arsenal supporters and i feared the worst I was told we just got a red card and the scores was still nil nil however the guy summed up the arsenal supporter and players “.mentality”we are going to loose again ! Honestly we need a new mentality. The players need to be reprogrammed. Even if we play a lower league opponent we are programmed to lose! Let pick up the pieces on how we can score goal, placing more emphasize in goal scoring and let go on the hand brake on the defence and put it on goal gear. We can do this with little changes and start scoring.
    Push Rambo up front on the right wing. Sanchez on the left . Cuq and elmeny in mid field . The energy of elmeny and Rambo and their attacking instinct will produce goal. We need Oliver primary job was scoring goals and not defending. Let bench him and bring in misfiring Walcott. Not because he is better but because that’s the rude shock that can wake up Giroud. Top gunner do you agree

  13. And while everyone was expecting Leicester to drop out of the title race… It is Us, who are slowly sinking down the table, with Wenger doing his Captain Pugwash impersonation.

    Yep! .. History keeps on repeating itself, with Wenger lacking the motivation to inspire his players, when the expectations are high and when the pressure is on.

    This is Further proof that he cannot take the club forward, where it matters most and thats on the pitch, whereas making money wise, the club are flying up the money league.
    The rumours are that the Board will politely ask Wenger to step down, if he fails to win the league this season, even if he wins the Fa cup!

    The only positive that I can take from our history,
    Is that, we normally finish the season well and I am expecting Us to win all our remaining games in February,
    Even the home tie against Barcelona and our away game at Utd.
    As long as our injurie jinx takes a long deserved break,
    We will be up there, fighting for the Premier League Crown in the final weeks of the season…..

    Says no one ???…. Oh dear… Medication time! ?

    1. He doesn’t lack the motivation, the players he’s loyal to are the ones that do. If he spent money on top quality like Sanchez, Cech and Ozil I would guarantee you we would have had the mentality of a winning team. But instead he opts to remain with Mertesacker and Walcott because they’re “Yes” men and don’t question his delusion.

  14. We were awful in the first half of this game but that is not what is pushing me towards the Wenger out brigade. What angers me is for 2 summer transfer windows we have blown our chance of the title before the season even began. Last year we decided on the insane strategy of not bothering to replace our 3rd and 4th choice CB’s, TV and Sanga. Who we knew were leaving before the window even opened. No one in their right mind goes into a season with only 2 experienced CB’s and the fact our title challenge was over by Christmas came as no surprise to anyone. This summer, despite having a squad with at least 7 seriously injury prone players and just 1 real DM in the squad, we did zero business. What has happened since losing Coq and Santi has been entirely predictable and I for one hold Wenger 100% responsible. If we win the title this season it will be despite of Arsene, not because of him.
    I think we need a new face, someone to shake it up a bit and stick a boot up a few arses, particularly our young Brits. I was very sad to see Klopp go to Pool, what we need in our team is some ‘heavy metal’. Right now the Arsenal soundtrack seems more like ‘A lighter Shade of Pale’.

  15. Oh come on the run of games we just had was tough and though we could have done with getting points from the home games but we didn’t. Performance against saints was good result was ok if a little disappointed. We are not in a bad position and the title has not gone yet. Is Wenger to blame maybe for not buying cover for coquelin but that’s his call and what he gets paid the big money for. Win next four games and head into the final ten games in a good position. Personally I think
    This seasons title will be decided when we face city in May.

    1. The title is decided for Arsenal, mate. Don’t even hope. We’ll finish fifth this year, mark my words. It’s big disaster time.

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