Shock News! Wenger blames the referee for Arsenal defeat….

I know! It’s incredible isn’t it…. Arsenal were 1-0 up at Man City and cruising in the first half and looked like they were set for another easy three points, but can you darn believe it, that dang referee went and gave the game to the wrong side!

On Tuesday night, when Arsenal also lost 2-1 at Everton, Wenger blamed the referee for Everton’s winning goal, and the Toffees manager Ronald Koeman asserted that Wenger always blames the referee when he loses.

Wenger told Sky Sports after todays defeat: “I feel we dropped physically in the second half, in the first half we looked always dangerous and sharp.

“And on top of that the decisions went against us, the two goals are two offside goals and in a game of that stature…

“I feel enough is enough for us because we got some bad decisions for the whole season and today I looked at the goals – both are offside.

“The second one is five yards offside. But what can I do? We have to live with that and look at ourselves and analyse why we lost the game.”

“It’s a shame because in the two games we were 1-0 up and we lost the two games 2-1. But we were quite in control and in the second half we suffered after their first goal for 20-25 minutes,” he added.

“Afterwards we came back into the game but they managed well to gain time, with a lot of experience, it was difficult to get in the flow.

“Same result-wise but it was not exactly the same pattern. On Tuesday night we conceded two goals from headers. It’s difficult as well because we’ve played four games out of five away from home, with a very short recovery from Saturday to Tuesday after we played away to Basel, you could see today physically the second half was a bit more difficult.”

Well, so City absolutely destroyed us, with possession, shots at goal, corners, made 180 more passes than us, but the reason we lost was down to the referee? I have seen 20 replays of each goal, and there was no way the refree or linesman could have called either of them as offside. Come on Wenger, just admit it. Arsenal were rubbish!

Darren N


  1. Koss says:

    not really shocked, he always does that. What is shocking me is how he doesn’t start with perez over iwobi and ox after he scored a hatrick in CL. Anyway wenger knows best.

  2. Big Gun says:

    In all fairness their first goal was offside, but the biggest problem is that only one of our four defenders actually protested, the other three just shrugged so it made the decision for the linesman an easy one. I also do not think we were dominant first half, I knew City would score I just had that feeling that’s how well I know when my team are going to fold.

    It was also a shame about Ox, as having to replace him with a defensive minded player at 2 – 1 down added to the frustration. BUT all that being said, without Mustafi, we look like the Arsenal of four years ago – no conviction and as soon as City applied pressure we just couldn’t keep it together.

  3. Wayne Barker says:

    And here we call Jose a bad loser. Trust me our wenger is no different. If anything he is even more of a cry baby. Sadly he has passed that trait to our club.

    Patrice evra : “Arsenal are cry babies”

  4. Ks-Gunner says:

    Of cours, you must be an idiot not to see it. Arsenal is the unluckiest team you will evern find in the football world. Its a shame that teams tend to play better then us and beat us. How dare they!!

  5. Juhi McLovin says:

    Take a blame for the defeat at least once in your life, you arrogant pr**k

    1. Krish says:

      shut up i am angry too but this is just ridiculous i have seen so much emotional fans that its funny to see a fan criticising a manager for being biased..

      1. Krish says:

        well no with criticising i have not even single problem, but bashing him is just stupid, but the team was garbage and he should learn to teach them how to park the bus and make faster changes if the team is playing shitty

  6. lucia says:

    All this problem started the moment we lost mustafi. The problem is koscielny is finding it difficult with some cb..he hasn’t really understand Gabriel game.the guy is bag of nerves .at this rate I would play holding.
    Concerning today’s game the only people who should hold their head up is Sanchez and maybe monreal cause he didn’t give up..the rest are joke wtf cech and ozil caused that first goal..he can’t kick a goal kick or what? I wouldn’t even care if ozil left..his attitude and fighting spirit is zero..coquelin was piss poor today, worst game he has played this season. And so is Bellerin. Walcot,ozil,and xhaka was useless .wtf happened to iwobi and I can’t even explain it anymore how perez isn’t playing.. too many wrong changes and tactics..yes wenger can take the blame but the players should be able to play there hearts out..

  7. Trudeau says:

    Swings and roundabouts. I think Arsene is forgetting the considerable amount of luck we had earlier on in the season.

    It’s not the defeat that is so frustrating. It’s the way we lost. The players have to own the fact that they played without passion. Wenger has to own the fact that they played the last 60 minutes without tactics.

  8. the only way arsenal can win the league with this team is for all the players on the other teams drop dead i said if before even if the so call big team is not there some other team will win the league every day you here me say sell ozil Wolcott Chamberlain ramsey jack Wilshire make sanchez play in the number ten position by lw rw center forward. we want players who thrive in the Box eager to get a header on to the ball of foot in side the box. this was clear like day light only a few of us could see

  9. Ramterta says:

    ‘shock news’ the article is as shocking as the performance

  10. arsenal_canada says:

    Are you serious?!?!?! Blaming the ref after that $hit? Wenger has to be the biggest coward ever. Let me take a moment to thank the away fans, because the f**king players won’t! Wenger and the players should be ashammed of themselves and they better start thinking of an apology or give back the money that the away fans had to pay to watch that crap. I really am looking forward to finding out who our new manager is… thank you Wenger but you should have left after the fa cup mate.

  11. royalman says:

    Sanchez loose possession too much today, no one played well today, our midfield lack creativity today. Our keeper becoming Anoda thing. Giroud came in our team became stabilized, sanchez can’t strike in all games

  12. Jansen says:

    I feel bad for Wenger. He can’t get out of default mode.

  13. citrenoogeht says:

    P-lease… let’s not blame contentious decisions for that embarrassing performance and result. We have been riding our luck all season and in some cases flattered to deceive. Today we got found out and schooled in the art of football.

  14. JAmerican says:

    I remember hearing last season that it was our best chance of winning the league in years and yet Leicester were crowned champions in the end. Now the top teams have readjusted or replaced the managers and I’ve seen nothing different to say we have fixed our weaknesses to be even considered a title contender. Every season we’re nothing more than participants. Who’s truthfully looking forward to facing Bayern?

  15. JAmerican says:

    Only 1 of 2 things can change the look of Arsenal at this point:

    1. A new manager with a fresh positive approach
    2. A new #10 with heart and courage

  16. Mk2013 says:

    Dear Mr Wenger
    Please do the honourable thing and resign.

  17. RSH says:

    Pathetic. Same excuses, different season. It’s sad to see everyone on here so depressed. I’m so sick of this happening every single season. Nothing will change until our manager goes. On a side note, Ozil has lost all leverage for a wage increase. I’d rather find another midfielder if he thinks he can just walk around the pitch and treat the away fans with disrespect. And this isn’t the first time he’s done it either. I’m getting so sick of the weak, pathetic mentality Wenger has instilled in all his Arsenal sides since we moved to our new stadium.

    1. RSH says:

      and the walking away unfortunately includes everyone except for Cech, Bellerin and I think Kos. That’s inexcusable!!! Freaking get us Mertesacker back, idc if he’s slow as crap, at least he freaking cares and wouldn’t be a damn coward like over half the team today.

  18. Onochie says:

    I would suggest that the game is analysed and any player that didn’t show a fighting spirit shouldn’t be paid this week’s salary. Ozil seems like he has checked out mentally with Arsenal,he acts like he doesn’t care about the club just running down his contract. Wenger should be courageous to do some changes tactics-wise,not playing the same pattern for the last two decade. Like I keep asking,when we win or loose,why does Wenger love sitting down and watching when the boys are not playing well,is it a crime to stand up and shout at them? Oh I pitied Sanchez,the way he was checking his head,his mind tells him that this team doesn’t have gut or fighting spirit like he does,this is the Fourth time am seeing him in that situation. Even if we miraculously win the FA Cup,Wenger should quietly and humbly leave the club. If he’s committed to the Club,he should take to commitment to Arsenal Charity foundation.

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