Shock! ‘OG’ wins Arsenal Goal-of-the-Month LOL

I know this is a bit tongue in cheek, but the official Arsenal website have announced the results of our monthly Goal-of-the-Month competition, and the winner was not our top scorer “Owen Gold” lol.

The OG that won it was obviously the great Olivier Giroud, who scored the Gunners ONLY League goal in August, but to be fair it was a spectacularly well-taken goal from a difficult angle against Crystal Palace. He massed 57% of the votes on

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came second (surprise! surprise!) with our only other goal in the calendar month, which was the excellent winner he scored against Chelsea in the Community Shield, back in the good old days when Arsenal fans still thought we could win the League. As you all know, our other two League strikes were provided by deflections from attempts by Alexis Sanchez and The Ox again..

I know everyone is worried that we won’t find our scoring boots very quickly, but I am very hopeful that September will be a much more fruitful one for Arsenal. Hell, Sanchez and Walcott (2) have already scored in September, albeit for their national teams.

And it’s not like we haven’t been creating the chances, we top the charts for goalscoring opportunities and Santi Cazorla is apparently the top creative midfielder in Europe so far having completed 16 ‘key passes’ on his own!

Now we just need to start converting those chances into goals. Starting against Stoke this Saturday….

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  1. okay I can agree with Olivier’s goal being top class and deserves the goal of the month….but I don’t understand how Coquelin won the player of the month…..while our most outstanding player should be OwnGoal. very unfair to our new signing because he didn’t cost us £40M

    1. Coqeulin is worth 30 mil minimum. He’s top class, all we fear is that him alone won’t be enough. We need some cover for him. Anyways back to the point,yes le coq is worth 30mil at least.he’s quality.

      1. Honestly, I never knew Coquelin would be this good, but I liked him for his versatility. Now, he’s just priceless.

    2. NOTE:

      Do not mistake “OG” to mean “OLIVIER GIROUD”

      It actually stands for “OWN GOAL”


  2. Stoke Saturday a must win game.we need 3 points if we are to have any chance of playing catch up to shittty. I think we can nail down Stoke. Hoping for the best and happy Theo finally scored

  3. Pastor Admin has spoken. Hallelujah, it shall be “September to remember”, go tell your friends.

    Well, I shall be watching all our games, henceforth, with a duct tape over my mouth.

    Normally once the season resumes, guys like me start thinking and hoping it would be “THE” season for Arsenal. But my hopes have been dashed even before they were conceived.

    1. “with a duct tape over my mouth”
      What will you do when Arsenal scores a goal or wins the match?

      1. Lol!!! Good question. Well, I’d leave it on and wait until after the game to celebrate (that’s if we win the game). U know, sometimes we score and just before u are done celebrating, the ball is right inside our net.

          1. Speaking of our “defence”, I think Arsene should just stick with Boscielny and Gabriel at the back. I feel Koscielny can easily scream instructions to Gabriel but he can’t do that to Per, and he (Koscielny) seems very comfortable playing with Gabs (he doesn’t have to do the work of two defenders at a time).

            1. The two of them look quite solid, but I’d like to see them in a few more games together before I’m sold. They both have pace and decent aerial ability which is exactly what we need. Merts will be 31 soon, I think he probably has one or two seasons left in him and as it is he is too slow.

    2. something tells me Mertesacker will return to that starting Line-up in place of gabriel…………..and i will be so pissed!

  4. OT .. I live in South Africa (Duh) nd was recently promoted to first team (Vodacom league) how much do u guys think a trial costs in England for a championship team or maybe premier league or league one in pounds ?

    1. Would have been nice having our scouts watch u, but they are pretty useless.

    2. Best thing would be to
      make the South African
      U20 team and you will
      be seen by the scouts.
      If you dont make that team
      you probably better look for a job
      as a domestic servant.

      1. LMAO!!! @Davindnz, I think he can make it at Arsenal. Who knows??? He just might be better than Sanogo.

      2. @Davidnz Lmao!! Really a domestic servant ? Mate I’m 17 nd I’m going for my first year studying business management degree next year , nd I’m playing at a team which is in league 1 if u compare it to English leagues (2 leagues from the top) , but anyway thanks for the responses guys keep em coming

        1. Don’t you need to play for your national team before you can even think about a trial?
          But not shore if your a minor at 17 and if that makes a difference,

          I would go to Portugal for trials if your any good they are a league that takes good players play them and sell for a massive profit to other leagues that would be a fast track to top European teams, they also have some of the best agents

        2. Fair play to you mate.
          Great to hear you are
          doing your studies.
          Get qualified and come
          out to New Zealand.
          Lots of SA’s over here now 🙂

  5. Having your opponents to concede own goals is a special underappreciated skill that only few teams are able to master.

    1. @Twig
      I’ve always saw it for what it was, enough pressure applied to an opponents defense, till they make mistakes…

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