Shocking stats show Arsenal REALLY need striker transfer

I can understand that Arsene Wenger feels that Arsenal and our challenge for the Premier League title has received a huge boost with the return from injury of Alexis Sanchez. Indeed the Chile international forward outlined his importance to the cause in his very first start at the weekend by getting an assist, a goal and a well deserved Man of the Match award.

But he cannot do it alone and with the Gunners fighting on the three fronts of the league, the FA cup and the Champions League, Alexis is going to need a lot of help. The January transfer window has given the boss a great opportunity to add the fire power that could guarantee success but it appears that the Frenchman does not think we need any more.

Is he banking on Danny Welbeck to have become a top class finisher during the long spell on the sidelines? Because the recent stats from our other two main forwards have been nowhere near good enough to encourage me that the Gunners have enough ammunition.

Walcott has not scored a goal this year, despite having many chances provided by the likes of Mesut Ozil. The flying forward fluffed a golden chance against Burnley and that is pretty typical of what he has been doing lately. His last goal was a peach and it came at a crucial time as we faced EPL rivals Man City but that was back on December 21st.

And Olivier Giroud, the main man up front for Wenger, has not done much better, especially when you consider the service he gets. Two goals against Liverpool a couple of weeks ago is all well and good but remember that he managed to miss a sitter from about two yards out in the same game, a game we ended up drawing.

Giroud’s only other goal in the last eight games came in the FA cup win over Sunderland and it was a tap in from a pinpoint Bellerin cross. Do these stats suggest to you that Arsenal have enough fire power or has Wenger let us down in the transfer market once again?

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  1. It doesn’t need any stats that arsenal.needs a better striker
    It’s very obvious to me.
    Giroud has moments of brilliance but he is not a game changer type of striker.
    I don’t feel like we are scoring when the ball is under his feet (one goal against liverpool when.the ball is under his feet doesn’t prove anything for me)
    Please for just a while i want you to imagine the king thiery or even robin leading our line up and then go back to giroud and tell me what do you feel about it

      1. You do realize that this “mediocre-with-flashes-of-brilliance” guy has scored 17 goals, 2 assists in 21 starts in all competitions these season, right?

        1. Super Sub Lamp post has scored 18 goals in all competitions … thats 33 matches including the community shield.

          Average with flashes of brilliance,
          that doesn’t mean that anyone said he was ? … does it? ?

          1. Not won any trophy final with super slowmo lamp post starting in the team. Ideally suited to come of the bench in last 20 or 30 minutes but God knows why Wenger still has faith him as number one and at a such an advance age too? Hell with the overated hold up play…., Put Theo in the middle & let him Sanchez Cambell interchange the positions and bamboozle the opposition with pace pace & more pace!

  2. Danny Setbeck will soon be joining Jack Wheelchair on the “Out for the rest of the season list” and no doubt that Rosicky will be added to that list next month!

    Yet, the deluded one, pokes fun out of the Arsenal fan’s by stating that he wouldn’t send Messi back, if he came knocking on his door tonight!

      1. Things have been looking up on the injury front recently, but we’ve been brought crashing back down to earth with the news that Jack Wilshere could miss the remainder of the season after yet another set-back, as reported by The Telegraph.

        The England international is yet to play a single game this season, and has spent the whole campaign on the doctor’s table after suffering an injury in training ahead of our Community Shield victory over Chelsea.

        Reports now suggest he may not be back before the end of the campaign, which will have ramifications for both Arsenal and England. Not only will we be without the diminutive midfielder for the rest of the Premier League season, but it’s also looking increasingly unlikely that he’ll return for the Euro 2016 Championships this summer.

        1. What ? ? Do really believe that Wenger is telling the truth about Jack Wheelchair? ?

          Why was wenger quite about Jack, last week, when giving updates about the rest of the injured?
          And it’s taken a week for Wenger to come out and say that Jack will be back in March…. ? what happened to the new year and than January and February? ? and now its f###ing March!…

          Why would Wenger now be telling Roy Hodgson that Jack Wheelchair will be fit and available for England in the Euro’s? … If there wasn’t any Setbacks? ..
          E xactly! ? Nothing but delays .. Especially during transfer windows!… He wouldn’t want you screaming for more signings now, would he!

          Jack Wheelchair is out and he may end up missing out on the Euro’s too.

          1. Lol, I think I went on the Arsenal website and they said he’ll be back by March (as usual) but I have to agree based on his record I wouldn’t be surprised if he got injured untl September after 1 game and 2 or 3 training sessions

  3. Yet some deluded Wenger lickers would argue with you on that, only making a fool of themselves….
    Wenger is Arsenal’ Curse… Wenger is COURSE!!!!!!!

    1. @okayblack
      If you don’t know the difference in spelling and meaning of certain words. Or how to string together a sentence. Your football knowledge cannot be taken seriously either…

  4. Typical Transfer window
    Typical Wenger
    Typical Arsenal

    TBH I never thought we would sign anyone with the ability of Sanchez/Ozil
    i also don’t think we will win the PL, we will do what we always do go close but falter

    and now PEP is at city, Chelsea will be better,Klop at Liverpool and a new manager at UTD it back to the 4th place trophy.

    But i will add a note of caution, if we keep spending peanuts we will slowly turn into a top 8 team

    remember this post ????

  5. i would overlook and endure everything, but when i am told by some fans and wenger that he is somehow world class, it makes me go loco.

  6. Who are the better strikers who are available? There are not any. But people love to complain about the failure to sign mythical, nameless superstars.

      1. @Big Gun
        Cavani ain’t comin to the BPL. He’s waiting for Ibra to move aside so he can finally start up front for PSG…

    1. Stop that bull?… please! ?
      Even the striker’s who Southampton and Newcastle bought recently for Peanuts, would have improved our strike force,
      Meaning Giroud and Walcott. ?

    2. Charlie Austin for 4 million would have improved pretty much any EPL team at the moment. Costa and Aguero are in rich form at the moment so they’d be backups there but Arsenal would have benefited from having a proven premier league goal scorer.

  7. Bottom line is this – if we don’t win the BPL this season under Wenger, we never will. We have had enough time to now to build a decent squad, I’m talking from about 2012/13 when we started spending good money on players. Also take into account the transitions of other clubs giving us an advantage (which we never really took) We brought in Ozil and Sanchez, two BRILLIANT signings by Le Prof…but I think he has been putting too much faith into certain players which is where our downfall is. There is no doubt about it, Theo, Chamberlain, Giroud, Welbeck – all good players but not on the level of Sanchez, Ozil, Kossie, Cech and perhaps even Monreal and Bellerin to a point.

    I agree 100% with this article, even though Giroud’s goal tally is decent, just look at the types of goals he has scored – all tap ins and headers in the box. Sure, we do need that type of striker. But then we also need a Messi/Aguero/Lewandowski/Cavani type striker…one who can run with the ball and score the individual types of goals we saw Wright/Bergkamp/RvP/Henry score on a regular basis.

    With Pep taking over City, next season and the ones thereafter are going to be extremely difficult for any team.

    1. I stand for what i said at that time when we got ozil.

      He was a panic buy to ease fans off, bec at that time all fans where at wenger throat. Sanchez was also a forced buy bec Walcott was out for good and Wenger knew, so he had to move, and to our luck, Sanchez choice was london.

      A club who is serious acts diff to what we are currently doing. We claim to be a big team but we act like a small one. Very shamefull.

      1. So are those that thought the earth was flat. They can today stand by their claims but that wont their claims the truth. Only people involved in the purchase of Ozil know the motive behind his purchase. The rest are mere speculations including what you standby.

        1. For those who dont want to unserstand, wenger will surely find his ways to repeat and make himself understandable with time.

  8. This was the season where Walcott was supposed to have cemented his status as a centre forward, but things haven’t exactly worked according to plan 🙁

    1. But didn’t he play quite well in the fall when he was the main striker? Ever since he was put on the wing he’s been s***e again.

      1. walcott should be CF from now on in FA.
        and giroud for PL. giroud should be rested for FA.
        we need to have a 2-team mentality.

  9. Totally respect the top TEN.
    Cech Bellerin Monreal
    Mertz (yes Mertz) Koz Coq
    Santi Ozil Sanchez + Giroud.
    You guys have been awesome.
    Honourable mention to Ramsey.
    Also shout out to Campbell
    who had been written off
    and promise shown by Iwobi.
    It says a lot about the rest that
    Wenger has been afraid to play
    any one else except for injury

  10. Mindless article and mindless comments a day before a crucial match, while other fans are busy supporting their teams. Arsenal has been around for over 125 years, and has been winning league titles through out its history. Only people with no memory and minds of their own think if Arsenal does not win the league this season it will never will. Arsenal is in a good position to win the league and so are Leicester, Man City, and to some extent Tottenham.

    Spewing negativity is no sign of intelligence nor aptitude. If you want to know how you rate on intelligence go ask your peers, supervisor, and for the kids hanging around here just check how you performed in your last test. Calling Wenger names does not change how you rate on thinking ability and logic as assessed by the said units.

    1. Well, you obviously think that you are far toooooo intelligent for this Article and Wayyyyy tooooooooo superior to most of the fan’s on here! ??
      So… Errr… How many Arsenal game’s have you been to..
      this… lifetime? ?

      1. Attending Arsenal matches doesn’t make one intelligent, neither do they give one the right to abuse the club, management. and the team. So if you are one of those that think because they have a season ticket they have the right to abuse the club just go a give up your right to that ticket so that real fans who are on the waiting list can take it up.

        1. If you’re paying for something and if you are not happy with the service or the Quality, Then you have the right to moan and Complain … This is Law in the UK!

          1. One does not have to leave in UK to know that you are either lying or have no knowledge about what you are talking about. Products and services are produced with particular specifications. It is when a product does not meet the specifications stated by the producer that you may have a claim against the company. Arsenal has been unequivocal as to the way the club will be run. Self sustaining. What has been happening at the club has been consistent with that model. If you think the model is wrong you stop patronizing the club’s footballing experience. As simple as that.

    2. You are not related to “the decider” by any chance? because there are uncanny parallels with his equally dumb view of the world … Just askin’

  11. The Bad News: Sanogo is on his way back to Arsenal ?
    The Good News: Charlton Athletic want him ?

    Debuchy is off to france.

    Yep, Wenger was very busy on deadline day!
    He was busy telling clubs to f@#k Off! ? ?
    Utd wanted Debuchy,
    Southampton wanted the Ox on loan,
    Newcastle wanted Gibbs,
    And there were a few offers for Ospina.

  12. Arteta Rosicky Flamini.
    Debuchy Sanogo.
    30 mill to buy.
    50 mill in salaries.
    80 mill for what exactly?
    Might as well have Iwobi, Akpom,
    Bielik Adelaide and Kelechi Nwakali
    for 6 mill purchase and a combined salary of 1 mil p/y
    Iwobi right now is on 750 quid a week while
    Rosicky is on 80,000 quid a week for being injured all season.
    Something is not quite right 🙂
    Arsenal buying all these cheap youngsters
    is a sign that the club is “restructuring”
    it’s player recruitment policy.
    About time I would say.

    1. Sanogo, Flamini were free. Debuchy was needed at the time. Arteta was captain for a reason u know. He did a great job for us early on. We forced roaicky to stay when he wanted to leave, and now its all his fault???

    2. if you’re injury-prone, you sure want to join AFC : we’re the french welfare state: we’ll support u no matter what.

  13. there are no cups for playing with a financial handicap: if there were, wenger would win it every year. yet, i feel that internally thats the game he’s playing: to get close to #1 with the least spend possible. an economist’s game.

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