Shoddy Spurs set for BIG trouble at Arsenal after Leverkusen loss

If Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal players were looking for any extra encouragement and confidence ahead of the big game against our local rivals on Sunday, they should have a look at Tottenham in action against Bayer Leverkusen. And if they have already seen it they should watch it again, as the spuds looked like lambs to the slaughter against an average Bundesliga side.

Imagine how much fun the likes of Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez, Theo Walcott and all will have if Tottenham play anything like they did tonight. Pochettino and his players will find it hard to be positive about their shaky defence, which was the weakest part of a poor performance, being a match for the Gunners with the scoring form that we are in.

This Champions League match was the last chance they had for a boost before the north London derby but instead they were booed off the Wembley pitch after losing to Leverkusen. That completes a five game winless run that has seen them drop out of the Premier League top four and out of the qualification places in Europe.

The Spuds were already looking deflated and low on confidence before this match which will not have helped one jot. The Gunners, on the other hand, should be licking their lips about ripping into them this weekend. Can you see this being a big derby win for the Arsenal?



  1. Gurrosco says:

    “Welcome to Arsenal Jansenn”


    1. Juhislihis McLovin says:

      Wasn’t he injured?

      I WANT US TO SMASH SPUDS. 5-2 will do but with a clean sheet.

      1. Gurrosco says:

        5-0 will send me to the moon in excitement. Make it happen gunners.

  2. Wilshegz says:

    pls on what basis is Pochettino nominated for FIFA coach of the year? finishing 3rd?

    1. RSH says:

      joke award anyways, just like Ballon D’or. Klopp got nominated too for achieving nothing. Unai Emery beat him in Europa League final and he gets no credit for it.

  3. Wilshegz says:

    In addition to Sissoko missing the derby due to 3-match ban,
    Alderweirld injured
    Kane just returning from injury n far from being match fit
    Eriksen poor form
    Walcott,Cazorla,Monreal,Bellerin all returned and fully rested
    Spurs playing a day after Arsenal in UCL and losing to further dent their morale.

    Dembele also gets injured today for Spurs.

    we shouldn’t just beat Spurs come Sunday we should trash them silly.

  4. tissiam says:

    form goes out of the window on a derby day,let,s not get carried away anyway great to see them lose tonight,oh what a night la la la la…..:)

    1. cescyfab4 says:

      You took the damn words outta my mouth (or is it fingers?). Form is nothing where a derby is concerned.

      Let’s remain humble and not get ahead of ourselves so we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot.

  5. Arsenal007 says:

    Sounds like the same thing that was written before our match with Middlesbrough.
    I’ll rather we won the match first before we started bragging.


    1. Wilshegz says:

      Middlesbrough parked the bus, Spurs ll never park d bus cos it’s a derby game and now more than ever they see themselves as title contenders.
      …and even if the do we just bring in Giroud for aerial balls and Ramsey,Xhaka for outside the box shots.

      There is nothing wrong in being confident, it’s over confidence that’s bad.

  6. Break-on-through says:

    How the heck did 85 thousand people turn up for a Tott v B. Lev match, and shame on those supporters leaving before the 80th minute. None of it made sense, 85.000, nor supporters acting like they deserve better.

  7. chiba says:

    Now lets put some ice on those heads, calm down people.

  8. blugooner says:

    ManU were depleted last season when they beat us at home. Southampton were performing badly last season just before they hit us 4nil after our victory against City. What matters is your performance on the day not before it. They team should be fully focused on delivering the 3 points. No unnecessary bad tackles, no sloppy passes, and no selfish plays. We still have ManU who I really want us to beat at Old Trafford.

    1. Mark_K says:

      I totally agree, I think it’s younger fans who are prone to irrational outbursts and predictions of easy wins, despite history telling us these games are never easy. Even when we beat them 5-2 we had to do so from being 2-0 down.

      We just about beat Ludogorets on Tuesday, had it not been for a bit of good fortune we could easily have drawn or lost that game. We must be totally focused on doing the job properly on Sunday.

  9. Mark_K says:

    I really don’t understand where all of this over confidence is coming from?

    Talk of us “smashing” Spurs is in my opinion dangerous and misguided, I really, really hope that Wenger gets the message across to the players that Spurs are going to be up for the game on Sunday.

    If we go into the game with anything other than 100% professionalism and concentration then we will lose or at best draw.

    Form doesn’t guarantee anything in the NLD.

    Also the fact that Spurs probably only played 2 of their first choice defenders last night and that lipless twat Kane will be back for Spurs and we all know how much he loves to score against us. This will not be an easy game. We will be made to work for a win.

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