Should Alexis be the best-paid player in the EPL?

With the season coming to an end and Arsenal looking highly unlikely to finish in the top-four, there has been a lot of speculation about the futures of the Gunners’ star players and even manager Arsene Wenger. One of the star players in question is top-scorer Alexis Sanchez, who is understood to be on the way out but a report from the Evening Standard is now claiming that the player will be offered a mammoth £300,000 a week contract to stay in North London.

Reports in Chile emerged last week that Sanchez is keen on forcing his way out in the summer after yet another disappointing campaign with Arsenal, but the story from the Standard claims that the player is yet to make up his mind regarding the issue. The story further claims that the player is yet to respond to the offer and will wait till the summer to make a decision, perhaps to see where the club finish.

If the reports are indeed true, it would make Alexis the highest-paid player in the Premier League, moving the Chilean ahead of Manchester United’s Paul Pogba, who is on a £290,000 a week contract at Old Trafford. Surely, Alexis is worth the investment and deserves to be amongst English football’s highest-paid stars.

But personally, I find it very hard to believe that the Arsenal board, infamous for penny-pinching, would be willing to offer a single player such a lucrative offer. Another complication is that if Sanchez were to be paid £300,000 a week, Arsenal’s other star player, Mesut Ozil, who will also be out of contract next summer, will expect a similar pay-hike, and it is difficult to see the board forking out a whopping £550-600,000 a week for just two players.
But then again, with the club looking at the very real possibility of missing out on Champions League football for the first time in Wenger’s tenure and all the financial losses that come with it, perhaps the club are finally willing to loosen the monetary shackles. But if Alexis is to stay, money is just a part of the problem. A top-four finish and a summer splurge on reinforcements, along with the bumper contract, may convince him though.


  1. John0711 says:

    I think Rooney is on more than that, and if you listen to sky this morning merse said if they are offering Sanchez that it’s because wenger is staying.

    That’s to alleviate any pressure from fans with the ” Sanchez will only stay if wenger does” statement
    Sanchez WILL leave
    Hopefully ozil will we have enough lazy premadonnas
    I want Sanchez to stay and allegri to take over
    Spend 200m on 4 top players sell ozil, Xhaka, bellerin use that 100m to buy replacements and we are sorted

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      if i were asked if Sanchez deserves 300k & wenger 8mil
      Then my response would be YES & NO respectively

      Cuz Looking through our team list, i see a bunch of weaklings eating up our wages weekly….. What do they bring to the table in return?

  2. The troll formerly known as robin vanpayslip says:


  3. Manchester Thursday says:

    Offer him 700 quid a week.
    Take it or fek off.

    1. your mum says:

      would rather u fecked off

      an im not giving you 700 quid to do it

      1. Break-on-through says:

        No your mum.

  4. Goonerboy says:

    If we offload Sanogo,Debuchy,Jenks,Mert,Gab least it will free up some wages…however, I don’t see Arsenal paying such wage and if they do pay, then we may not see major improvements in terms of new signings….

  5. Gunner 4 Life says:

    Firstly.. is it even true.. coz we all know our board.. n Wenger.. when asked about the offer.. He did not said it was true.. neither did He deny it.. typical answer that we are getting about His own future as well as of Ozil.. so.. I m not buying it.. coz even if we had Messi or Ronaldo playing for Us n banging in goals week in week out.. still the board would not give dat sum to a single player.. 4get Sanchez.. anyways.. would surely like Him to stay as we all know how we replace our Star players…. With some rare unknown players….. we have been doing so for years.. not at all shocking….

  6. Goonerboy says:

    Players to be offloaded:

    Gabriel…..that’s about eight players…still not sure about Wilshere and Cazorla…we waste so much money on wages…

    1. Break-on-through says:


      Maybe Oxlade give him two year extension and half that to prove himself.

      I say Giroud because we can get our money back for him maybe more, and we need two top strikers so Giroud should go.

      The ones you named aren’t the one’s keeping us from title shots, the one’s here are the main culprits because they are a large part of our team, these one’s together with the one’s you named hold us back. They all need to go. Also sell Campbell, Iwobi send on loan.

  7. Waldo says:

    Ozil is a fantastic player. People always make him in to a scapegoat when they dare not to mention how our whole team plays badly. When he was at RM, the team always played well from the back, which is why he played even better. We need to keep them both and pay Sanchez whatever he wants and bring players in who are top class. Remember, we did not spend major amounts of money on Henry and Vieira etc. This is how Leicester won the league because they recruited smart unlike us bringing Sanogo in for the sympathy.

  8. Guneal says:

    If that will make him stay then give it to him. But of a truth if Sanchez had been in clubs like barca, beyern, juve, Chelsea, etc the most he would earn is 220k. My club is shitty at the moment.

  9. Janssen says:

    I agree with you that it is highly unlikely our club would pay what it takes to keep Sanchez and even more unlikely they would be willing to offer 300/week.

    I hope this club will finally get away from the ridiculous believe that if they pay Sanchez 300 they also have to pay Ozil that type of money. This communistic view has led to our over paying of average players who then become unsellable and under paying of the best players.

    Ozil is not as important to Arsenal as Sanchez is nothing wrong to reflect that in the compensation.

    Finally, I do think Sanchez is worth 300 per week. He is more important to us than Pogba to
    Man U. Do the math of replacement cost for Sanchez and compare to the cost of wage increase and you realize it is a no brainer to pay him 300 per week rather than to spend 100 million on
    buy a replacement player who probably either doesn’t exist or doesn’t want to play for Arsene.

    1. gmv8 says:

      You are right, but I think there’s another reason for this. Fans will be furious if AS7 is let go, so what better way to alleviate this than to leak to the press that Arsenal have offered him 300k a week. He leaves, and AFC will be absolved of all blame because they did their best to keep him. Bingo.

  10. Break-on-through says:

    Yes I believe if there are players worth that in this league well then Alexis is one of them. I don’t understand Arsene taking Alexis out of CF role, it all went from bad to worse the moment he done that, it rolled on from Bayern game, I don’t see why Arsene would hold a grudge with Alexis despite the amount of crap displays coming from other regulars. If Arsenal can keep Alexis from leaving well then I think it strengthens their position with allot of fans, we lost too many big players, so this would be something.

    I think “it will be sacrilegious” if we do not get to see Alexis in the no10 role. With a top striker in front, the right type of wingers around, and a strong CM pair behind, this would be so wasteful to not have done. I’m afraid Ozil has to go, I just hope that Arsenal can see this.

    1. Mr_Clear says:

      I agree, I don’t think near enough attention has been given to why Alexis pulled from no10 role. Injury related with Giroud and Welbz out at the time but team was in by far best form of season with him playing up top. I wasn’t a fan of it either at first but without a doubt the most efficient we been all year. Anyone remember the 3-0 W over Chelsea? Seems like years ago. At this juncture of season pretty much a moot point, who really cares what we do, only mentioning cause don’t think media given near enough coverage as to why daft Wenger ever pulled Sanchez from up top in first place. Another horrible tactical move in a long line of horrible moves, who goes away from what is working. And while I’m on it can Holding ever get another game at CB? What did he do wrong when he played earlier this year?

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