Should anyone even care who Mesut Ozil invites to his wedding?

The Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil was hounded by the German press before the World Cup because he was snapped with the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and then he was blamed for the Germans’ awful showing at the big competition. That argument ran and ran right into the new season, and it looks like the fury of the German media gas been reignited once again.

The Independent reports this morning….

The Arsenal midfielder, who is of Turkish descent, resigned from the German national team when he claimed he was a victim of racism after being criticised for his public support of Mr Erdoğan.

German politicians spoke out after he was pictured with Amine Gulse, his fiancée, meeting Mr Erdoğan at Istanbul airport last week.

‘Bild’, the country’s biggest-selling newspaper, carried reports of their wedding invitation on its front page.

“The fact this is still going on will disappoint a lot of football fans, including me,” said Helge Braun, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff.

“This is still going on”? What is “going on”?. He is of Turkish descent. He is getting married, in Turkey, to another very famous Turkish lady. Why can’t he invite whoever he likes to his wedding, which will probably be one of the biggest weddings of the year over there.

I don’t see why any of this should annoy any German football fan, or politician, in fact!

Or am I wrong?



  1. No, you’re not wrong.

    So someone is “disappointed” that Ozil doesn’t do what they want him to do?

    What gives that @rsewipe the right to demand that others do what they want them to do?

  2. It is his Personal affair and when Mesut quoted ” Iam a German when we win and an Immigrant when we lose” this shows the kind of abuse he has had to endure at the hands of the German FA and the people in general. It is his right to invite who he finds is right plus unless proved guilty the person in question is not a criminal.

  3. ozil should invite him everyday, if they don’t like what Ozil is doing they should go hung themselves..

  4. you are damn right bro, no sin in inviting whosoever you want to your party, the German haters jess want to gather attentions once more. i hope ozil jess ignore their hatred and carry on, if it was me i would invite the whole turkish federation.

  5. Lol..I find the media really appalling lately. I love how he doesn’t care about what will be written and he just went on to do his thing. This is a grown up man, inviting people of his choice to his wedding and even that is a cause and problem for the media.
    Like I used to say, some fans and clearly the media seems to be obsessed with Ozil, he plays a match, they pick up trouble with his performance, He stays at home, playing Fortnite like every other human, they pick up trouble with it, He falls sick, there’s a problem with it…Lmao.. Now he’s getting married and hr invited the president of his native country and still there’s a problem with that.
    I’m a big fan of Die Mannschaft but for once, they can all suck it up and shove that BS up their ass.
    I wonder it is Ozil will do that people won’t pick fault for.
    Enjoy yourself Mesut, PEA got an invite to the wedding too

  6. It’s hard to believe Chancellor Angela Merkel’s chief of staff said something like that

    It’s Ozil’s personal business

  7. It’s their wedding.. their day, they can invite whoever they want! It’s pathetic how the German media keep harping on about Mesut!! Let him be!

    1. Who cares and who bothers about him – anyone sensible? Nope.
      A once upon a time brilliant footballer, now a shadow of his past. Time to move on and move him out from our beloved club. Although I disagree about Emery, he is bang on target treating him that way..
      Get married the way you want to, we don’t care a damn! And we are used to your sick notes and no shows, hence wont miss you either.
      Congrats and best wishes in your personal life,player.

      1. So the topic is about his upcoming wedding, yet you decide to slate him, once again, in a reply to my comment as I’m a fan of his!!

        1. Sue-Some just can’t help themselves can they?Its not as though we EVER have a pop at Iwobbly is it……..

        2. Sue something about you I see in your comments I like so much. I don’t want to explain but just Keep it up!

          I say just ignore him.

        3. A thousand apologies Madam if it offended you!
          And cannot Phil have a good day without mentioning Iwobbly? Obsession?

          1. I can have plenty of good days without mentioning Iwobi.I prefer to have him called out for his obvious lack of ability.Bit at this time I believe Iwobi allows us to be the perfect illustration of what direction Arsenal Football Club are headwind in.Keep him and the Club will be showm forvits total lack of ambition to EVER be considered a big club.Sell him and it will demonstrate the Club are not prepared to accept mediocrity.

            1. Just Incase you forgot Phil.. Iwobi signed A NEW 5 YEARS CONTRACT at the start of the season ? You better get used to seeing him ???

                1. TH14-Do you seriously believe Iwobi is the player who will step up to the level required.I just don’t see it.Im bored with debating about this player.I really am.I love my Club.I want quality players at the club I love.Iwobi is nowhere near the level of player who this Club need.Most fans recognise this.You and a few others choose not to.There is nothing I can add to what I believe.I see it for myself every game.I hear the fans total frustration in his continual inept performances.You see things differently.Thank the Lord Almighty most fans share my standards otherwise we would be at a level on par with Burnley,Brighton and all the other also-runs in the Premiere League.
                  Hopefully one day soon you will realise the lack of ability Iwobi actually possesses.It is not a high standard.It is not good enough for Arsenal Football Club.And deep down I believe youbyoursrlf know this.
                  Still and always will be a totally crap footballer who has s big heart and an enormous ARSE

        4. Lol…Oh me dear Sue!! Are you surprised Someone is calling out and slating Ozil under your post? Did you read my post? you shouldn’t be surprised dear one, like I said, lots of fans and the media are obsessed about Ozil and will always call him out, even if he takes a cup of coffee, they can’t do without obsessing and Jacking off to the thoughts of slating him

  8. What on Earth has Ozils wedding got to do with ANYBODY on this planet, save himself and his fiancee! Far more important than mere football , vital to our races freedom even, is the principle that we keep right out of business we have no right to be involved in! Next thread please !

    1. As always JF-Bang on point and to the point.He is our player.But whether some fans like him or not it’s his wedding day FFS.What has that to do with anybody other than Ozil and his future wife?
      And did Ozil invite the a president of Turkey knowing it would raise more than a few eyebrows?Too right he did but went ahead and done it all the same.

      1. Phil, As most of us realise, football is just a hobby to us albeit a passionate one. Though I think “hobby” does not even begin to properly describe our passion, Even to players, who make it a career, it pales into nothingness when compared to the human rights ALL our race SHOULD, but sadly do not, enjoy. That any normal person should feel they have a right to even comment on Ozils and his future wifes sole right to determine their own lives, their wedding, the way they live and even what furniture they want , etc, is beyond credibility. That does not mean we cannot have an interest in what our players do and how they live, BUT it DOES mean we have no right to interfere or adversely comment on their private business and their private lives. Why I am writing this to you, of all people, who already know this better than most, I have no idea. I suppose it is just to further agree with a sane, passionate and rational fellow Gooner.

    2. Well said Jon.
      I dread to think how this could affect Ozil’s performances, fingers crossed the wedding keeps a smile on his face and his performances on the good end of the scale.

      1. Midkemma-Have you seen Ozils futures wife?How could you even not have a smile on your face when you are about to marry that.

        1. lol, with the risk of sounding cheesy, beauty is only skin deep. I’m sure Mesut is happy with her personality as well, well, I hope so.

          She is going to be a stunner in her wedding dress, enough to make many men jealous 😉 hehe

  9. Last I checked, ‘MESUT’ and ‘OEZIL’ were Turkish names not german ones. Simply because a supremely talented ‘turkish’ footballer who has German citizenship and played for Germany on ‘merit’, he should be criticized by some german media and politicians for showing some loyalty and appreciation to his home country.
    People like Raheem Sterling should get stick from English media and politicians for visiting Jamaica or posing with the president of Jamaica or even holding a wedding in Jamaica?
    Likewise, Dele Alli should receive stick from the english media and politicians if and when he visits Nigeria or poses for a photograph with the Nigerian president?
    Dual nationality means an added nationality and not an erasure of a previous nationality.

  10. This is what I would expect from someones with Ozil’s principles and mentality…he’s his own man, strong enough to decide what he wants to do and good for him.
    After the German reaction, get ready for good old Durham to have his say onTalks**t.

    I would love to know who “red and White” is referring to when he keeps saying “WE”?
    After seventeen replies, his is the only one that decides to have a go at the man.
    Yet another person who thinks his view is in the majority, when in actual fact it’s the complete opposite.

    1. Mesut can invite who he and his fiancee like it’s their big day.He always seems like a decent chap to me Good Luck to them both

  11. Mr.Ozil it is your decision to marry whom you love ,ignore them and move with your life. I love Man. Have blessed wedding.

  12. She’s a looker, just saw a picture of her and her future money pot to be, ehm hem, I mean husband to be.

  13. Ozil’s wedding, his business who to invite. Why are people bringing Iwobi into this? Can’t we just understand simply that their is no rift between Iwobi and Ozil and there will never be. Every time Ozil is mentioned, antagonistic and unpleasant people will just mention Iwobi.

    Both Ozil and Iwobi are arsenal players, yes one greater than the other but by virtue of fate playing in the same team. So we have the very obligation to support them both as long as they are still here.

    I want to as all the people slating Iwobi/Ozil, if any of them scores the goal that brings us the EL will u not celebrate with us all, or Phil, will not cos Iwobi scored the winning goal, or maybe Red and white will be sad cos it’s Ozil that scores. Old men use your senses please…

    We are ARSENAL…

    1. PAL-Get yourself a life you sad sad ????.Most of what is written is just banter (look it up as you obviously have no sense of humour).
      Iwobi is a totally inept footballer.He proves this every time he plays.Unless you are totally blind you would see this.I And many many others want better for our Club than Iwobi.Its called having standards.He is a player who will be back-up to whichever winger we buy during the close season.He will have Nelson and Bako very close behind him.The following season our two youngsters will have overtaken him and he will be gone.Its as simple as that.Why?Because He is not as good a footballer as though two.
      So you keep on loving your “Fat-Arsed Camel” of a Player while you can.After this season he will quickly be left behind.
      Ask yourself this.
      Whenever future transfer funds and how it is to be spent appear on this site there is always the issue of what positions need strengthening immediately.I would suggest 95% prioritise a winger over any other position.That is in spite of having a desperate requirement for a CB and Aaron Ramsey replacement.
      Do yourself a favour.STOP idolising a player who continues to embarrass himself,the Club,and his “worshippers”(not many of them but practically all Nigerian I would guess).
      Iwobi has his own song that is sung very regularly at Away games.It is not very flattering I can tell you.And this is sung by Arsenal fans over one of their own players.
      Have you ever read Fever Pitch?I doubt it.But you should.There is one single chapter simply titled Gus Ceasar.That sums up Iwobi totally.
      Very poor footballer who will never improve and never be the quality required for a top football club.
      But I have named my pet Camel after him.They have a few very similar traits.
      Same level of pace.
      Big fat arse.
      Eh…………….that’s it actually.

    2. Hi Gogo! As an arsenal fan, I support the manager and players and question their commitment only.I am always a well wisher to all sportsmen, Ozil included and do not get racial or excited. Remember they are professionals and should behave that way on and off the pitch, they are paid employees just like us, hence we behave in sane manner on/off duty which includes body language in the office too. I celebrate every assist/goal of any AFC player. Also remember Ronaldo and Messi single handed win matches for their teams, yet Ozil cannot put in a 90 minute shift despite being on 350000/week package and that is my only grief. I want him to single handed win us matches , create fear in the opposition like the Bergkemp era.Am I asking too much or is this is not what all AFC fans what to see? Or should i dilute my expectations for a so-so performance from one of star marquee player? And do the fans know more than Emery the reasons for starting Iwobi? Slating the lad (maybe because he is African)when there are so many players worse then him on the pitch is disgusting.

  14. He is trying to win favors from an despot who holds Turky with iron first. If arsenal fans care about human rights etc then no, its not nice to hear about this, if arsenal fans care only about the game itself and not about the image of the player who play for us, then no they should not worry that much.

    1. Ks he is an AFC player as on date hence club image will take a hit, but what is his contribution to AFC of late?
      Never the less I criticise him for his footballing skills(or whats left of that) and have wished him the best in his personal life.I dont and will never question his person life matters. Sad some gunners cannot see the difference.

      1. And that was what this post was about, his personal life.
        You chose to use it as an opportunity to show your complete lack of respect by bringing in, what you consider to be, totally irrelevant views on his footballing attributes.

        As I noted before, your the only person who seemed fit to do this, perhaps that might be a clue as to what a crass statement it was?

  15. this should not even warrant a topic on here , or , anywhere else.let him and his wife to be invite gareth bale for all i care !. it is nobodys business who they invite. the only thing that matters, and this applies to all of our club players , should be their performance on the grass.we are now grasping at straws bringing up this . everybody is entitled to a private life.

  16. Anyone read what the boss at AS Roma said about Monchi????
    I was strongly against us losing Sven but folks on here were like Monchi is a gem, he did this and that at Sevilla, blah blah blah..

    “I appreciate that Monchi never set out to fail at Roma but I want to make something very clear; right from the start, I was very clear about the direction I wanted us to go in and that’s why we spent a lot of money bringing Monchi in.
    “From the start, I said I wanted first class coaches, first-class performance staff, first-class medical staff, first-class scouting and recruitment and a first-class football organisation. I gave Monchi the keys to deliver that. I gave him 100% control to appoint the coach he wanted, to employ the assistant coaches and the performance staff, to manage the scouting and to bring in the players he wanted. If you look at our results and our performances, it’s clear that this hasn’t worked.
    “In November, when our season was going from bad to worse and everyone could see that the coach was struggling to get a reaction out of the players, I asked Monchi for his Plan B should things continue to get worse. He had sole responsibility for football operations at Roma but he didn’t have a Plan B. That was November. He said his Plan B was just to keep doing the same as Plan A.”

    we used to call out Wenger for not having plan B, well I’m glad Monchi turned us down anyways. I never wanted him or saw him working to take this club forward

  17. Please get this circus guy out of our club. Does fck all on the pitch for our club but more interested in posturing on social media.
    I have absolutely had enough of him and his cult following. Can’t wait for the day he vacates mu club.

    1. Who would
      You have take his number 10 position?
      His stats and trophies don’t lie ,miles ahead of anything we have at the club ,but yea just get rid of him ??‍♂️

      1. Yeah. Keep telling yourself that.
        We can all be deluded in our reasoning but have to take a backseat and try to be objective.

        Reality does not conform with you even if you try to twist it. The guy has become a joke at Arsenal and around Europe. You keep stating Stats but those stats have not attracted anyone around Europe. Even Ramsey that most Arsenal fans used to make fun of keeps attracting big clubs.

        But your cult hero has tried everything to attract the big club since moving here but he seems to always overlooked. Ran down his contract like Sanchez and Ramsey but not a single big club in Europe came in for him. Ramsey and Sanchez did the same and quickly big club were falling over themselves to sign them.

        Again, you can deluded yourself all you want but the outside factors keep saying and showing the opposite.

        Even at Arsenal he has become irrelevant to the team, he is only relevant to you his loyal fanbase.
        The club realised their mistake in handing him that joke contract. The manager keeps exposing him as a joke etc.

        Just can’t wait for all this circus to end. Need to get some sanity back at Arsenal.

        1. As much as that was a really cool story ,I stopped reading half way down you’re post????
          As soon as someone uses the word deluded my brain switches off ,cliche comes to mind

        2. Ozil turned down PSG to stay with us, seems we are not the only big clus who would have him.

          Goonster, right, remember that name for nonsense in future.

          1. There are plenty of big clubs that would want him but simply do not have the money to buy him.His contract with Arsenal means a fee plus his wages would need paying and other than a few Clubs there are not many with the cash to pay for him.
            Just a point to consider-is it just coincidence that when Emery dropped Iwobi and played Ozil in the last two games we produced very good attacking displays.He was also part of a team that conceded ZERO GOALS in those games.Does anyone else believe that when you play your best players in the team you tend to get better performances AND results?It seems to work do you not believe?

  18. The only thing I care about Mesuts wedding is that he enjoys himself, I want a happy Ozil playing and giving his all, I wish him the best in his marriage.

    This guy deserves some happiness, despite what you may think of his footballing talents, he has a kind heart from what I have read. People who help others deserve some karma, with that in mind… after the wedding night, fingers crossed his wife demands top performances on the pitch as well as the bedroom 😉

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