Should Arsenal accept offer of Wenger target in Guendouzi swap?

Paris Saint-Germain are believed to be interested in a deal to sign Matteo Guendouzi from Arsenal this summer, and are looking to use former Arsene Wenger target Julian Draxler as a makeweight.

Guendouzi lost his place in the first-team squad last term after falling foul of manager Mikel Arteta on two occasions, and ended the campaign training alone away from the squad.

He has since been allowed to return to training at London Colney, and could even be in contention to return to action against Fulham at the weekend, but he is still believed to be available should the right offer come in.

According to L’Equipe, Paris Saint-Germain are now considering an offer which will include Draxler, who was always touted as a player that manager Arsene Wenger was keen on, and the player himself confirmed to the BBC that he turned down a move to Arsenal some years back.

He said in 2014: “In January, there was the offer of Arsenal, but I decided to stay.

“I will do the same this summer. I want to play one year more in Schalke.”

Six years on and he is now struggling for first-team minutes with the French giants, with the likes of Neymar, Kylian Mbappe, Chupo-Moting, Angel Di Maria and Mauro Icardi all currently vying for roles in the front three.

Arsenal could now take the opportunity to land their former target in place of a player we have been working to rid ourselves of this summer, although with our club believed to be trying to raise funds to sign one/both of Thomas Partey and Houssem Aouar, we may try to secure a cash deal instead.

Should Arsenal take up the offer of Draxler for Guendouzi’s signature?


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  1. So, another player who we have been “trying all summer” to get rid off.

    Didn’t I read an article on JA just yesterday saying that Mikel Arteta had given him the all clear, as what happened previously, has nothing to do with his team selection for Saturday?

    As for Draxler, MA will decide if he wants him.

  2. l will take Draxler plus 10m. He’s Ozil bar Ozil’s laid back and ‘don’t care’ attitude. He can play right wing, left wing and midfield. He has pace as well. A clean passer of the ball and better goal scorer than Ozil.

    Am surprised PSG don’t rate him. AW wanted him for years. AM should take and run if we can agree wages similar to GD. Very good player in my opinion.

  3. Ken,

    Yes, MA Arteta will decide if he wants him but the purpose of the article is for discussion, to know what the fans think about the proposed deal, we can both agree our opinions on here are irrelevant to the decision makers at Arsenal-we can as well say “MA will decide” for every article which will then make the site boring. I hope you understand my point.

    That said, Draxler for Guendouzi is good deal imo, I know he is young and has potential but I am not willing to gamble on his attitude just because he has “potential”…Ballotelli and Bendtner to mention but two, also had great if not greater potential but how did it turn out?

    Arteta allowed him in so as as create good team spirit/harmony and to avoid starting a new season with the mess, does not mean he suddenly wants to keep him, if we get a good offer i’m sure he will sanction his sale.

    If we get Draxler, we can forget about the Aouar guy as I don’t even get the hype about him tbh.
    We already have Ozil, Emile-Smith, Ceballos and Willian to give us creativity, Partey should be our number one priority in midfield, next seaaon when Ozil leaves, we can then bring in Aouar.

    1. Goonerboy, understand your point completely, I phrased it wrongly.
      It was meant to be a lead back to MA saying yesterday that Guendouzi was back in the fold.
      If he REALLY is, then MA will decide – still not coming out as I want to explain, but take your point 100%.
      I would be more than interested myself in Draxler over Guendouzi – thanks for the check my friend.

  4. bring draxler his creative and superb we have players who can cover Matteo position so mikel please confirm this deal and let’s get started odioku chimaraoke nigerian

  5. They both play in different positions so i dont see it happening. We need a holding midfield not left wing. Its not a juggling act, or at least it shouldn’t be.

    1. Reggie,

      Please look up Draxler’s profile, he is predominately an Attacking midlfielder, his versatility means he sometimes plays on the wings, he can play both wings, AMF and CM

  6. No thanks. We don’t need Draxler, fans are already complaining about too many players on high wages that we don’t need.

  7. Thing is Draxler is in the last year in his contract while Matteo has two years left.
    Surprisingly Matteo has higher value in TM website. It does not seem correct business-wise.
    Football wise it is interesting. We could not make good use of Matteo but Julian seems good, and we can move on from Aouar, Matteo G. headache. And focus on a defensive midfielder or others.

  8. Goonerboy

    I like your continuing belief in Ozil. As a creater, how many goals did he create in 2019/20 season when he played? Its hype, nothing practical.

    Please we’re tired of Ozil who feels entitled and strolls around in games. His only interst is pocketing 350k a week so forget about Ozil as a squad member.

  9. All I would say is that Draxler was unimpressive in his recent outings with Germany which I watched with interest.I may add that he was only in the team because of the unavailability of others including players from Bayern Munich.Draw your own conclusions, but I do not think he would add much to the Arsenal team.

  10. Losing Gouendouzi will be a very big mistake. Big teams are desperately looking for Gouendouzi, and only Arteta cannot realise his potential

    1. Please help my poor memory. What offer did we get from the big teams for Guendouzi and why did we reject those offers?

  11. This Draxler guy is good his only problem are the people he is competing with, as for me i dont rate Guendouzi then add that to his attitude, i dont think he will go far as a footballer, ask Balotelli how his career fared with a stinking attitude.

  12. Yes. I have to echo you Sue. Cash or nothing. Draxler? The only good games I remember he played where, PSG first leg against Barcelona when “Good ebening” was their manager and another first leg against Real Madrid with Wolfsburg. Julian lost both games In the return legs. If you remember eny more, please let me know. We don’t néed more problems at Arsenal. We need fighters.

  13. The Draxler ship has sailed and gone…


    Same for Bellerin although my heart will tear if he does go as I personally think he is a good wing back as well as one of our own. Please note I said wing back… not right back before everyone gives me abuse and says he is pants defensively. Ashley Cole was poor defensively as well but got away with it due to having some pretty decent central defenders hiding his errors. 😇

    1. Simply wrong ! Cole was perhaps the best defensive left back in theowrld at his peak. He was also great going forward, but UNLIKE BELLERIN, he COULD defend properly too.

  14. Draxler is good just has better competition at PSG
    I would take the deal if PSG adds some cash to it, which I don’t see happening cus they would want a straight swap

    Let’s just get some cash out of this guy and strengthen our team
    So much for this potential bulls**t

  15. I’m down with it if Arsenal goes with the deal. Draxler can play anywhere going forward from the OM plus, he’s got pace, a good passer and handler of the ball, stronge a. nd lethal when a goal-scoring opportunity presents itself.

  16. I just do not believe that MA wants Drexler. He is not of the renewed quality MA is looking to bring into our club. Guendouzi is a separate issue, whatever PSG might try to make out and I believe MA is keen to movehim out , preferably for money or otherwise in a swp deal, which may be more realistic in this pandemic.

    But I think Drexler to Arsenal is just another false rumour trotted out as this site does all the time. So do other sites trot our false rumours constantly, It is what keeps sites going, since real and actual news is few and far between but sites need articles almost hourly. No wonder false rumours are the food that feeds these sites, this one included. Brighter fans have long known this is how sites work. Just life in fact and we cannot expect differently.

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