Should Arsenal accept the £20million bonus for Emi Martinez?

This has been a massive bone of contention for Arsenal fans since the recovery of Bernd Leno from his injury, with many debates about who should be the Gunners starting keeper going into the new season.

There is no doubt that Emi Martinez has been a revelation since becoming a regular starter, but the fact remains that he is in the last year of his contract, and at 28 years old it is no surprise that he wants to be starting games on a regular basis at this stage of his career. He has certainly earned the right after being so patient for the last ten years.

There is also the fact that his current wages is still only £20k a week, and if he moves now he will get a massive boost to that figure, which must be taken into consideration.

So now, according to the Athletic, Aston Villa have put in a second bid for the Argentinean shotstopper, which is supposed to be closer to Arsenal’s valuation of £20million.

So, although there are many Arsenal fans that would be loathe to let him go, we could also look at it as a very unexpected bonus for Arsenal, because if Leno had not been injured, no one would have batted an eyelid if we had let Martinez leave for a nominal fee this summer, having hardly ever started a game for us in his ten years at the club (6 in the League, and 14 in all competitions).

Personally, I think that Arsenal will look to take that bonus and use it to help fund a player in a position that we are more in dire need of filling.

What do you think?


    1. he came in and proved he is a far better keeper than leno the back 4 seem more confident when he plays

      1. I agree. I think Martinez is a better alround goalkeeper Leno, and better to direct the defense than Leno, and Leno is not the best when rushing out. They way Leno can rush out not at the best moment is a weakness. Leno`s best feature is quick reflexed from shots from not far out!

  1. Big NO. The club would be stupid to let Emi go. Maybe they dont realize how lucky we are to have two top top GKs. DeGea cost united tens of points and a place in the FA cup finals. Chelsea’s bottled third place partly due to Kepa’s mistakes and lack of a quality back up. Selling Emi would be the clearest signal that we are still in the mud. Only a fool would contemplate selling a quality back up with so many games coming up.

    1. He might prove to be more than a backup if given the chance and currently his form is good. We shouldnt bench him and he fits perfectly into Arteta’s philosophy.

  2. A big NO, NO!. Keeping Martinez is the best thing for arsenal.. Having a keeper who can command his box is an absolute merit to arsenal considering the nature of English mid table teams which rely heavily on set pieces to out do more elite teams. Leno will not command crosses from set plays.. The best thing for arsenal to do is to give Martinez a better contract say 80k a week from the current 20k and for sure he will be happy and arsenal will have two quality keepers..

  3. Tell them where to stick their £20m…If Jordan pickford cost £40 then Emi is at least worth more even in a corona virus season …

    1. Don’t mind them.. Martinez is good enough to play at Madrid.. big clubs don’t want to come in for him because we will quote them high fees.. they are waiting for us to sell to villa so they can buy him next season from them.

  4. No chance! In a world where Alisson and Kepa cost 70 mil plus then Martinez must command also a big fee! Ramsdale cost Sheffield United almost 20 mil, it would be foolish to let such a quality keeper go for 20 mil.

    1. Martinez is far better than Leno, it will be criminal to sell Leno even at £70mil because I believe that emi was by far the best keeper in England towards the the season end. Since Emi took over our no one position I stopped being jittery anytime we are under pressure. He is so good with crosses which has been one of our greatest undoing. He is not prone to errors like Leno. So in summary,he should be given a good contract and made to be our number one.

  5. Martinez is Not in the last year of his contract, he has 2 years left. Also the logic that ‘if he never played we would be happy to sell him on the cheap, so why not accept 20m’ makes no sense. Should we use the same logic with Bukayo Saka n sell him for 20m? After all if he hadn’t played this season we wouldn’t have been bothered if he went for a couple M’s.. He’s proven his quality and we should keep him

  6. Leno has always been the keeper I said he will be for us even before his first game. He is great at shot stopping but error prone. He has not improved or regressed. If it were to be for shot stopping then even at Leverkusen he was world class . Martinez in this form has given a taste of how a complete keeper would be like. He is great at shot stoppping and better in every other deparement. The question is whether it is form or class and it would be in Arsenal’s interest to continue to play him and know that. If it is form then Leno is better but if it is class than Martinez is better. It is a tricky situation but it is worth the gamble imo. It is not easy getting a complete keeper. Fans are bonding with players over the team when they should be happy we have a keeper like Martinez who is performing as he is.

    1. kev , your phrase “fans are bonding with players over the team” is so sadly and alarmingly true. I want both keepers to stay but the team is everything and NO PLAYER HOWEVER GREAT AND LONG SERVING GETS ANYWHERE NEAR THE TEAM IN IMPORTANCE. NOT TO ME ANYWAY. BUT TO SOME FANS YOU HAVE TO CONCLUDE THEY PREFER THE PLAYER.
      A certain German midfielder is a prime case in point.

    2. @Kev, very,very fantastic summary of what Emi is, so happy to have people like you who knows and understands a quality player. Emi is no doubt the real so happy we have him. Let’s never make mistake of selling him. I don’t think since I have being watching arsenal I have seen a keeper like him in arsenal shirt.

  7. No, better keeper than Leno and you actually see the team grow in confidence when he’s playing. Distribution, showstopping, coming for crosses and commanding the box all superior to Leno.
    If either had to be sold for me it would be Leno everytime.

    1. It shouldnt come down to selling either right now. Selling Leno too would be a terrible decision bevause we cant tell at this moment if what Martinez is showing is class or form. We can’t just sell Leno. If Martinez is given the chance and he fails then Leno can take back his place.

      1. Exactly my sentiment. But if it comes down to a choice between the two, I have to go for Martinez. Leno is an excellent shot stopper that has no command of his box and relatively shaky on crosses. Arsenal would be stupid to sell Martinez for 20M. If we can’t afford Partey, look elsewhere. Players like Soumare or Sangare would be available for far cheaper.

          1. He may be better than Leno. That is not yet settled. There are players who have a hot spell and that is it, fickle finger of fate and all that.

            If his form continues then the argument can be made and one of them will have to go – we can’t have two number ones. That is a discussion for next year.

            I think people are forgetting how poor the team was playing for much of Leno’s time in goal last year. He kept us around games if not in games.

            Emi has benefited from a much better system with stronger defence.

            I suspect that he starts the season and Leno will play the other games. Depending on practice and Emi’s form, he may stay in or not.

            1. Absolutely on point👍
              Will Emi not conceded the number of goals if he was there when our defence was shambolic?we need not forget that Leno was MOM in the previous match before his injury.
              I think we should trust him and invest the money from Emi.

      2. I cannot see any situation forcing a sale right now. Except if the hierarchy are bereft of quality decision- making. For me, it is a basic decision, do you want to weaken your team or strengthen it. Who is a 20m or less keeper of all his attributes that would replace him. So, it’s no brained, neither a rocket science. Just basic

  8. The point is though that Emi does not want to be the back up any more, he wants to be playing regularly as the number one goalkeeper. If Arsenal dont offer him that then all they can do is keep him for one more year and then he leaves for free next year anyway.
    As for his valuation, £20million is perhaps not that unreasonable given that whilst he is a talented goalkeeper, he is short of first team experience. (Through no fault of his own.)
    It would be good to have both keepers on the books, but I suspect that it is not going to be possible. In which case I guess Arsenal should take the money and invest elsewhere.

    1. His contract doesn’t expire in a year, it expires in June 2022. We don’t need to sell, personally I’d keep both and Martinez has to start as number 1 if Arteta is serious about playing players based on merit. We can then see if he can maintain his form. If he can then we have a world class keeper on our hands and we will be thanking our lucky stars that we didn’t sell for 20m

    2. “20M is reasonable, Emi lacks first team experience? haha DFKM the dippers got 20M for Solanke and 15M for Ibe! Sheff united re-signed a nondescript GK with nothing to his name for 19 mil! Yet Emi is worth 20 mil? C’mon man if the club sell Emi for 20 mil then I’m done with that f***** board. Absolute nuts.

  9. Emi Martinez has been loyal to Arsenal over many years, taking loan deals when offered and all at £20k per week. During his loan spell at Reading, he was highly regarded, but the so called goal keeping coaches at Arsenal appear to have ignored him. The Club didn’t even deign to give him an upgraded contract
    With the unfortunate injury to Bernd Leno, Martinelli took his opportunity with both hands (and feet). He has demonstrated his ability to perform at the highest level. A valuation of £20 million is a sick joke.

  10. We older Gooners have seen this late blossoming before in the admirable guise of no less than thr mighty Bob Wilson . Bob spent many yuears as understudy afew keepers, notably Jim Furness,who was hardly t evebn as good as Almunia. NOW we are far better off having not one but two top keepers. Mt personal view has always been thr a top keeper is thrmosy important positionof all and two top keepers is a rare and valuable position to be in. To sell one for a measly £20mill approx, or anywhere near that sum, even during this pandemic, would be foolhardy IMO. I will naturally support whatever our manager decides butI much hope both remain here.

    1. That should be Jim Furnell of course! “Fingers” Furnell, as we oldies, then still young , used to call him.

      1. Jon fox, who would you rate in order.


        I add Lukic as I always felt he was one of the most underrated players at Arsenal in GGs era and was quite pissed off when we replaced him with Seaman.🤔

        1. I thought Lukic was excellent and was upset too but Seaman and GG proved me wrong. I think Martinez looks to be a step up from the very good Leno but he may be a different player in front of a crowd.


            1. jon, I can’t disagree with your ratings. I couldn’t believe it when Tottenham Hotspurs sold Pat Jennings to Arsenal in 1977! They thought he was finished. Big mistake. He went on to play 8 seasons and make 327 appearances.

  11. I think it depends really what MA wants to do in that department.
    Emi has been in great form and i would say that on his performances all season in the cup games and then when Leno got injured was superb.
    But in 10 years with us he hasn’t done anything and there may be a reason as to why he was never given a shot.
    I rate him above Leno, as people have said previously, he’s a complete keeper, and imo excels above Leno in all areas but shot stopping but he is pretty good at that aswel.
    If MA says Leno is no 1 then Emi should move on and if we can get £20m for him then i think thats good business on the basis that its form over ability, it would be a risk either way right, we sell him and he’s top class or we keep and he ends up down the toilet. With Leno we know what we have 100% as he’s a proven and established player.
    whether one is better than the other is highly debatable, its that close. in an ideal world you would keep both and say fight it out for no1 spot but in this transfer climate, if we’re tempted by £20m for a player that is barely valued at £10m and the fact we have Leno anyway and we need reinforcements in other areas, money is tight and all that stuff so i do believe if that kind of offer came in, it will be considered and likely Emi will go

    1. if your statement is true( club barely values him at 10 mil) when Ramsdale cost 19 mil then we have real nutjobs heading our team. A look at Chelsea united and City would show them how vital it is to have two top GKs it’s the most important position in any team.,

    2. The more important question is
      Should the club take the money offered for Torreria
      This is a guy who we do not need

  12. On line 1 for you…

    Manuel Neuer
    Jan Oblak
    Alisson Becker
    Marc-Andre ter Stegen
    Thibaut Courtois
    Samir Handanovic
    Hugo Lloris

    I LOVE EM but lets pump the
    brakes on the “Worlds Best”
    hyperbole just a bit

      1. No way Hugo Lloris is top 10 not even top 15 IMHO. Drop Ederson, ter Stegen and you have a real list of top keepers.

        1. Ederson is better than Allison. So is ter Stegen. Liverpool defense makes him look far better than he really is.

    1. For me the only keeper you mentioned here better than Arsenal Kepler’s are in other:
      Manuel neur
      Jan Oblak
      Samir Handanovic
      Ederson.( A better keeper than Allison) Liverpool defence makes him look good.

      Marc-Andre ter Stegen and
      Thibaut Courtois are overhyped. I would say they are on the same level with our keepers if not lower.

  13. Emi should be give a run as no. 1. He gives me far more confidence than Leno and I think he is a better keeper all around. Arteta says he wants competition and doesn’t see GK position different to that of fullbacks when it comes to choosing who to play. If he mean that, he should stick to his word and give Emi a chance. He hasn’t put a foot wrong after Leno’s injury and if Arteta shows that he chooses with favouritism instead of match performance, what message would that give the other players?
    We need both keepers, sell Bellerin (even though I’d rather keep him) and Torreira, get Partey and maybe Aouar. How hard can it be?

    1. It’s beyond Arteta, Martinez wants assurance of first team goalie regardless of his form, by that he would have to sign an upgraded contract which will include the new term, this will mean we are jetisson Leno

      1. what he wants and what he gets are not the same thing. I agree that a new contract is in order but there comes a point where expressing desire and doing what is told becomes a real issue.

        To this point I think it is a combination of language and silly season that sometimes see’s Emi’s comments as ultimatum. Nothing wrong with saying I want to be number one and clock is ticking. If the noise continues then who stays and who goes becomes interesting.

        If both players hold form then one goes next year – not for 20M though, far more than that. If both are truly #1 quality we can’t keep them both over the longer term.

        I need to see both Martinez and Leno playing in front of the stronger team to see which one is number one but Martinez has made his case very well so far…

  14. I think we should keep him he is much more commanding in the box Leno punches more crosses and that can often give opponents more opportunities to counter or shoot .If we are determined to sell him then we should demand a much larger fee.How will we replace him with another keeper of his quality for £20m?

  15. I would want to keep Martinez as our first choice keep.
    But if he is not given that confidence by Arteta then let’s not sell for £20 million.
    Why do we always sell cheap?
    If they cannot stamp up £35-40 million then they can shove it.
    We always do this selling for peanuts.

  16. In this case we don’t have many options.
    Martinez wants assurance of first team which we cant afford, it will be difficult to keep both goalie, and the way Martinez has been vocal about his desire to leave if we could not guarantee him first team action, he might tender transfer request if arsenal refused to accept the £20m bid, worst case scenario, he may buy out his contract, which might not cost more than the 20m

    1. Personally, I would I like us sell off Leno but unfortunately there is no offer for him, so let’s keep Leno and accept villa bid. For those who is suggesting we alternate, Martinez isn’t interested, and since there is serious interest, sell off, everyone get happy

      1. why no offer for Leno? People know the team would be nuts to sell him. There really isn’t an offer for Martinez either, it is just someone taking a flyer and hoping to get a huge steal.

        If Martinez isn’t a team player he disappears for two years, he can’t afford that if he wants the massive paycheque.

        Remember he isn’t paid enough to be a real problem for the budget, Arsenal has all the power right now.

        Not suggesting they abuse the power, but Martinez has to play ball!

      2. Keep both as I see Bayern eventually coming for Leno when Neuer hangs them up in a season or 2. Martinez starts the season based on from and merit, he has been superb for us since Lenos Injury.

        Hes been loyal to us now time to give the same back, Leno has to force his way back in the team. It’s called competition for places…. he didnt win an FA Cup or Community Shield with some top saves against all the big teams in England to win these trophies, that was EMI.

        EMI has 2years on his deal left, offer him a pay rise on his 20k a week to £50k and guarantees that he will be given a fair shot at No1 along with Leno and will start season as no1.

        Simple then we have 2 top keepers and one can leave next year if they are not happy and can ask for alot more money than £20m as both are worth £40-£50m in today’s market.

        We need money then bloody get rid of;
        Papa £3m
        Chambers £12-£15m
        Elneny £8-£10m
        Torreira £30
        Guendouzi £25-£30m
        Kolasnic £15

        All gone. Buy Partey & away we go. Aoier be a treat but a last day sorta signing. Get them gone even in installments or obligation to buy after a loan deal etc….

  17. If we are to sell, we should definitely hold out for more than that!! Jeez, we’re not a charity 😂

    OT.. Has anyone seen United’s zebra-themed 3rd kit?? Talk about gross! At least they’ll see one another in it 😆

        1. Adajim and Sue, Emi Martinez is actually on £20k per week from what I understand. Surely Arsenal have messed up in not upgrading his contract earlier. He has been loyal, done everything asked of him, gone on loan (starred at Reading), yet probably rightly feels undervalued.

          1. Spot on Ozzie! 👍 I’ve read even though we’ve been in talks with him over a new deal, the contract offer is lower than Villa’s, plus he’d go straight in as their No.1…..

  18. I didn’t read the post at all.. I think I can almost guess everything that is written from the headline.. however I just want us to understand that the valuation of our players is doing my head in!!! Chelsea is not reducing their £30m valuation for Bakayoko.. Tarkowski is at £50m and we want to discuss Martinez for £20m because he is an Arsenal player.. if we were going for Martinez in the market he would be quoted at least £50m to us.. he should not be sold for less than than is all I care.

    1. You know what’s more stupid? The club actually valuing him at 20 mil! That right there is the most disturbing aspect of this farcical situation. The fact that Villa had the audacity to table that disgusting bid while valuing Grealish at 80 means they believe they could work out something with the club. Says so much about the clowns handling these transactions at the club. Seems Raul was only part of the problem.

      1. James, “disturbing” is right, regarding this valuation. In a sales (effectively an auction) situation it is easier to go down in value, than up for the seller.

  19. Knowing Arsenal and their desire to shoot themselves in the foot, they can easily let him go.

    Surprisingly all the important backup players like Kolasinac, Bellerin, Holding are also being put on the market. Not f****ing surprising.

    If he goes then I confidently predict 6th position with Everton beating us to fifth because the comedy at the back would be successfully back.

  20. Who knows what’ll happen in this window… we’re being linked with the Brentford keeper… I’m just thankful it’s not Pickford… speaking of Everton, I still can’t get my head round the fact that James Rodriguez is a toffee 😱

    1. Actually It’s simple to explain, Sue. Even James Rodriguez doesn’t know he’s a toffee yet. He was heavily drugged at the time of signing and is still out cold! 🤣🤣🤣

      1. 😂😂😂👍 drugged by Ancelotti, who then forged his signature 😂
        Just think, when he hears that accent for the first time, he’ll be on the first flight back to Spain!! 😆 I know I would be!

  21. If we sell Martinez for 20 million we might as well sell the lot at a jumble sale! It’s insane. How much is Leno worth? Surely 40 million plus!? If that’s the case, Martinez is worth slightly more in my opinion!

        1. Yes his contract situation needs to be sorted soon,if he is ready to sign a new contract very soon,keep both,if he doesn’t and wants to leave let get as much as we can, ideally I’d love to have them both,I just don’t understand players who ask for guaranteed to be first choice,if he is is confident of his ability all he has to ask for is a fair shot and fair competition no??

        2. Selling your best keeper would manifest a
          high degree of insanity. Keep Martinez and sell any other keeper

  22. Apart from Allison of Liverpool ,Martnez is the best GK I saw in the EPL last year.Given the fee paid for Kepa of Chelsea , an offer of 20m is derisory and should be treated with disdain .Any Club with ambitions needs two quality goalkeepers and in Martinez and Leno we have two of the best in the League.Despite the economic downturn from the Pandemic , I would not entertain any offer of under 35m for either keeper.

  23. I think I prefer Martinez in the goal post than Leno, except from passing aspect which Leno can handle more than Martinez, I don’t think there are other qualities he has more than Martinez as a goalkeeper. Arsenal should keep him.

  24. Keep him and I think he has proven with his performances he deserves to be ahead of Leno. For me he is number 1 at the moment, why sell some one who has been at club longer, proven his self and performing at such a high standard. If we sell him now it will also send wrong message to the other players at matter how much you improve and become the best the club will not keep you as you don’t carry a big money tag. Remember Barca let go of Ronaldinihio as they could see Messi, this is not on the same calibre example but something similar if MA thinks Martinez is going to be great for us then I would rather sell Leni next year.

  25. Ollie Watkins is on the brink of joining Villa, 28m! If they can spend that on him, surely they’ll have to cough up more for Emi!!

    Kolarov has gone to Inter. Roma need a left back….. Kola, surely?!
    And lastly, nice to see Guendouzi tweeting about his U21 games, followed by ‘Now let’s go back to work @Arsenal’ 🙂

    1. Rennes (a club owned by a french multi billionaire,one of the richest man in the world)are asking for 30M for Edouard Mendy their number one GK,who is younger and more experienced than Emi,he was recommended to Lampard by Cech who as you know played for them for years and people want 40M for Emi who has only few games as our number one,not s chance Sue.

  26. People need to take into account that Emi wants assurances that he is going to be number one which MA can’t do he has 2 years left ,if we keep him this season and he doesn’t play much,at the end of the season with one year left and little playing time his value will drop big time,and by not being guaranteed first spot he will not sign an extension and will ask to leave this summer,so with covid and a replacement already in place with the Brendford GK(much cheaper)anything around 25M is a good deal,if you consider where the money left after buying a replacement will go towards,no one could have expected anything near that amount if Leno hadn’t been injured,he would have been let go for peanuts,so sell if he doesn’t want to sign a new contract in the next few weeks.

  27. Martinez is better. This is ridiculous. And I’m not forgetting what Leno has done for us, but we have not had a GK that is this commanding in the box in AGES. And he can pull of great saves, and he can play out the back. Arsenal will be making a huge mistake!

  28. Martinez is the kind of player that Arsenal need for the rebuild. He is hungry for success. He always want to win, keep clean shit. My respect for him. If i’m Arteta i will give the first team chance to prove himself. I believe be has what it takes moving forward. But if MA insist Leno is to take the no1 spot, i’ll support him. 20m is a good deal for a keeper like Martinez considering he only started after lockdown

  29. Martinez is our keeper. He suits Arteta’s style of play. Having him back there makes the whole side play better. We’ve seen it. It’s helped bring us silverware.

    Leno is a German international who has proved himself. At this point, you’d get a lot more for him than for Emi. At the very least, keep both until the next window and play them about equally.

    1. Leno is a brilliant shot stopper but Martinez has the better all round game he commands his box excellent at taking crosses and is also a very good shot stopper for me he should start as the number 1!!

  30. I’m very comfortable watching Martinez play out from the back but watching Leno trying to do it is a nightmare. Yes Leno is an excellent keeper and both are brilliant shot stoppers but Martinez’s playing out, distribution and command of the area makes him the better keeper for me.
    If Martinez is sold and we take anything less than £30 million then we will regret it yet again.

  31. Keep both; One for the League and the other for Cups and reward Martinez on 100 000 per week for a new 5 year contract. He deserves it after 10 years of service. There is Europa too, so we definitely need 2 top class keepers!

  32. There is only one answer to the title comment…….. only if we want to be a mid table team with a mid table attitude.

  33. Sell em’ both and promote Matt Macey. Fella is absolutely humungous and can swing the goal posts around and probably tred on Andy Carroll.

    In ‘Inaki Cana Pavon’ I trust. 👍

  34. Martinez is better than Leno imo. The fact that he could catch shots with ease from opposing strikers and commands his box very well gave the the Arsenal defense and the fans a lot of relief and belief. Leno hardly does that, instead he parries the ball away and does not command his area well enough. After Martinez has helped won us the FA cup and the Community Shield you want to sell him? Leno would not have won us the FA Cup semi-final game against Man City. This is absolute madness from the Arsenal board.

  35. I am more confident with him in goal; he is a bonus worth keeping; it will be a mistake to let him go.
    Arteta should keep both keepers happy by rotating them based on match performance

  36. A big NO. Martinez is much better than Lenno in all departments of goalkeeping and we should appreciate his loyalty when he stayed on as a second choice goalkeeper for 10 years. Now he has got his chance and has grabbed it with both hands. MA should continue with Emi. More commanding than Lenno and the defence is very comfortable with him around.

  37. If we are aiming for the title and Champions league, we should keep both keepers. Ask Chelsea, Liverpool how important the 2nd keeper is

  38. Keep Emi let Vil!a bid for reading keeper. Where would we have been without him, no FA cup or shield I doubt.

  39. Emi Martinez has been given away to Aston Villa for about £20 million on a 4 year contract on a wage of £60k per week. What an absolute steal and great business by ambitious Aston Villa.
    How was Martinez’s contract not renewed at an upgraded salary? The financial and player management of this Club’s assets requires a major audit. I’m disgusted at what I am seeing.

  40. I definitely agree, Pat! As good as he has been lately, and he’s been fantastic, we need to raise money if we’re gonna get other players in. Players in positions where we actually need to strengthen, and we’re lucky enough to have a world class keeper in Leno.

  41. i think with the current situation and condition of arsenal team, it does not allow arsenal to have two or more competitive players competing for a similar position. we at-least need to lift a major trophy either the premier league or the champions league so that it can boost the morale for competitive players to settle down and fight for position in the team like man-city and liverpool have done.

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