Should Arsenal accept the invite to discuss the Super league again?

Arsenal have been invited to sit down with those still in favour of the Super League, to have a discussion to see if any compromises could be made.

It’s a change of tact from those in power of Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, who’s initial reaction towards the English ‘big 6’ withdrawing from the competition, was to threaten legal action, citing they had signed contracts promising to be founding members of the new set up.

Now A22 Sport’s Management have hired Bernd Reichert to be their spokesperson and try to broker a deal.

A video (posted on Real, Barca’s and Juve’s websites) seems harmless enough. He talks about the sport not being able to survive with the current inflation, the benefit of clubs not being governed by anybody, and that it would be harmless to at least have a discussion.

He stresses that communication is healthy and is the first step in finding a solution.

Yet it’s what the Chief executive didn’t say that stood out.

Again, he wants to chat to specific clubs, once again leaving out everyone else out.

Unless those paying him live under a rock, they must know by now what aspects make fans, players and managers uncomfortable with the idea.

He never mentioned relegation/promotion, only going as far as saying all ideas would be listened too.

UEFA are not innocent; they have their own self-interest to protect.

Yet at least they offer a system which rewards success and failure.

Arsenal for years haven’t been good enough to make the top 4 in the Prem, so rightfully have missed out on Champions League nights.

The day we return will be because we earnt it, not based on us as a brand making money.

That’s what the Super League originally would be based on, clubs paid 300 million for just competing. Even if a team lost every week there would be zero jeopardy, essentially because they are marketable around the world.

Arsenal became a club who only cared about top 4 because of the revenue that came with it.

Then the TV contracts became so lucrative that it no longer mattered where we finished in the table, we could make money just off our name.

So, imagine losing every week and being in last place but still making more than lifting the Prem!

Our owners dream….

Zero relegation/promotion is the sport our owners were brought up on in the USA.

It’s zero coincidence then that Stan Kroenke, John Henry and the Glazers were all ready to make themselves chairmen of the competition in a bid to turn our national game into one more familiar to them across the Atlantic

That would mean zero incentive for the Kroenke Family to invest in the squad.

Why build one capable of winning the trophy when you can make a fortune even if you’re at the bottom.?

The plan would have then been to transition our fixtures away from North London and rebrand us with a name change.

Anyone can make a mistake of course but in terms of mis-reading your customers, it was one of the biggest mistakes in our history.

While I have questioned Stan Kroenke’s ambition, you don’t become as wealthy as him without the ability to learn from your mistakes.

To succeed in business you can’t fear failure, you almost have to embrace it.

When you fail, you learn, it makes you better and more likely to succeed in the future.

Plans to change the football pyramid forever didn’t just see backlash from fans, players and pundits.

Critique went as high up as Parliament and Prince William, all promising to use their power to protect their national game. With the Gunners one of several franchises on their portfolio, it was the moment Stan and his son Josh realised just how important the British public found their football.

It was scary how out of touch those running the club could be, in terms of knowing what their essential customers wanted.

Even more frightening was that no one told them what the reaction would be.

While his father focuses on the sports he prefers in his homeland, Josh has been tasked with fixing things in London.

To be fair he couldn’t have done more, realistically, to fix the toxic relationship.

Wanting to be judged purely on when his family officially bought the club, he’s overseen an action plan where there’s an actual idea behind recruitment, willing to invest in youth who in theory will only get better and who’s value will increase.

As witnessed in Amazon’s All Or Nothing Series his ethos is ‘keep faith with a manager’ and give him time to grow.

It’s led to a squad who’s players are likeable and Gooners once again proud to watch their team play.

All of that would be ruined if Arsenal even thought about getting round the table to revise plans of the Super League.

If nothing else, potential punishment would be huge.

The big 6 all paid a collective fine of over 20 million but more importantly signed a Premiership document acknowledging they had flouted rules.

Essentially, they have agreed that any repeat would lead to individual fines but the biggest deterrent …. a 30-point deduction.

So, meeting Mr Reichert could lead to us going from top of the Prem to being bottom on minus 3 points.

It’s a deterrent that therefore works.

If any of the top 6 ever mention the Super League again it will be because they 100 per cent know it will happen. They can’t afford to wait again to see what the reaction is.

Do you want Arsenal to talk to Mr Reichert?



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  1. They should reject the idea, because the potential backlash could make Arsenal and the other big clubs lose their old fans

    Some kids and teenagers might still want to watch the closed league, but it’d likely take at least a decade to attract more young fans

    Unfortunately, I think Arsenal will eventually be forced to accept the invitation, because of the football brexit threat from some European clubs and the horrible economic situation

    If UEFA, Italian, Spanish and German clubs decide to exclude England from European competition due to Brexit, I bet EPL won’t be too appealing to non-English fans

      1. Adriano Galliani, a close ally of former Italian president and AC Milan owner Silvio Berlusconi, feels that the television revenues in English football make it impossible for continental clubs to compete

        The former CEO of AC Milan was suggesting that there should be a “Brexit in football”, because big Serie A clubs can’t even compete with Nottingham Forest financially

        1. Some Italian clubs are run by a bunch of myopic nutters who see things through a lens which focuses on creating pseudo-logic so they can pretend to justify… whatever’s best for them.

          What he misses in this instance is that the European clubs benefit from EPL TV money by selling players to English clubs at high prices.

          If that stopped and transfer fees dropped, many European clubs would be left with debts that they’d find difficult to pay back.

          I wouldn’t pay much attention to the ravings of Italian clubs – if they kicked us out of European competition it would be utterly devalued and their revenues would take a hit for that reason as well.

          How would it even happen? UEFA expelling a European country, while they’ve allowed Russia to play in European football all these years? Bizarre. I think they know that football governance would split – many countries would follow England into a new competition – it would be the end of UEFA and possibly FIFA.

          1. UEFA banned English clubs from European competitions in 1985 and the popularity of English football competition in the world was only recovering gradually after the ban was lifted 1990

            If ban is re-implemented, big European competitions like Serie A would likely be getting more international viewers

            1. GAI, that was disciplinary action (within the rules), because of the action of principally Liverpool fans at matches. The bar was not implemented on a political whim.
              This ban arguably stopped a strong Arsenal from winning European silverware.

            2. The fact that russia and many other countries not part of EU had been part of uefa for years blows you theory out of the waters. EU and UEFA are not the same.

      2. Don’t Admin Pat,,, I think Gotanidea is out there with the pixies at Disneyland. I really don’t know how he comes up with these things of late. One has to wonder sometimes. Lately he’s had a strange fetish towards Manchester City. It’s as though, every time he sees sky blue, he kinda goes all ga ga over them

      Fans across Europe totally rejected this monstous idea a full year ago.
      Your view on how Brexit has affected English players in Europe is laughably wrong. And HOW!!!

      Europe is besotted with English football, as is almost the entire football world.

      They may be as jealous as hell but they cannot resist watching and following it.

      NOT one of your wiser posts, old son!

      1. Jon, Serie A used to be the most watched football competition on the planet, but the Calciopoli scandal and EPL’s investment/ marketing budget ruined it

        Similar events could happen to EPL as well. Nothing lasts forever

        1. GAI after your many nonsense posts across many months, in common with other Gooners, I regard you as being of lesser intellect than almost anyone else on JA .

          Though at one time, a long while ago, I used to respect many of your posts , you seem to have regressed markedly in intelligence and you now regularly write posts that are largely out of touch with football reality. Such a shame but there we are.

          BTW, what ruined Italian football was its long lasting emphasis on tight defence, fewer goals and a lack of free flowing football, as well as the scandals we all know about.


          1. I just quoted what the former CEO of AC Milan said and nobody knows what will happen in the future

            People with low intelligence usually have poor emotional control, like you

  2. I am all for this super league provided there is a promotion relegation system to make it interesting.

    Change is inevitable, so embrace it.

    All the EPL and UEFA are doing is protecting their own pockets.

    1. ConstI+= Legend, Your weird post is like saying you like black, as long as its white!

      Its utter nonsense, as the whole concept of the malign ESL was to have NO relegation. Where have you been living this past year? In a cave perhaps!

      1. At Jon just because my black ancestors lived in a cave does not mean I do as well.

        Keep your racist opinion to yourself,or is this normal on this site?

        1. @Const I = Legend
          How was what Jon said racist towards you?
          Does he even know what race you are from youe Username?
          I swear we need to calm down a bit about our own paranoia. Just shouting racism about everything that has nothing to so do with it makes the whole fight against real racism ambiguous..

        2. I have no idea of even what nationality or ethnicity you are , and I care nothing whatever it is either! So your “chip on the shoulder” post is complete nonsense !

        3. Did Jon say anything about *people*? He just used two colours at opposite ends of the colour spectrum in his analogy, there was no reference to people or races.

              1. Stop acting like a monkey is also an expression, however, would you use this expression even online if you do not know the person’s race. I doubt any sensible human being would that has half a brain cell

        4. Humans never dwelled in caves, the neanderthal lived in caves. Scientists wouldn’t know the eternal truth if it slapped them in the bottom.

          Scientists are following breadcrumbs?

          I used to religiously watch the Scudetto, every Sunday morning like clockwork. Never watched it again after their first fixing scandal

          It’s easy to see why they (the super-league) want or even need English teams to join up. But what is in it for the English if joined up, what incentives are there? The PL is the most fruitful league all over the world of football, as is.

          It would give Real, Barca, and Bayern, an opening if you aren’t a superleague top-three side, fans might not be so loyal to Arsenal in the future, it can’t be fully calculated yet, the cost

  3. To hell with Mr. Rickets, think the emphasis should be focusing on footballers salaries spiraling out of control and forcing smaller clubs to go under.

    But super league has raised its ugly head again, seems it not going away atleast any time soon

  4. I am sure the teams involved ALL got the message last time. Football without history, tradition, local rivalry and connection is not football. It will not happen and if it does, football and fans will leave end as we know it. Parasite tournaments like in golf ( for those who dont know LIV golf have tried similar) it has thrown lots of money into a spurious money cow for all involved but it is souless and has no real support or appetite. It will fail, it did when it was first tried 25 years ago. Things take years and decades to gain any credence, it only works if it creates things and more importantly, supports the food chain, that supports it. I for one would not be watching or supporting it in any way.

  5. DAN is discussing the theoretical possibility of this horror story returning. FANS HAVE ALREADY ENSURED IT HAS NO SUCH HOPE OF EVER BEING ACCEPTED, JUST AS DAN HIMSELF CONCLUDES.
    I do not fear it at all for thr simple and obviois reason that like thr sun gong out,it will not happen I do not worry about impossibilities and content myself that fans taken collectively and that means almost(though sadly not quite all) are thoroughly moral folkand will ensure no such nightmare horror has a cat in hells chance of happening.

    And that being now said, lets move onto some topics that actually may still happen; players coming in, or out etc. Even the ghastly regular JA false rumours are preferable to this nonsense subject.

          1. “DANIEL” In case you have not noticed , this is a debate site.
            THAT IS WHY!!!

            I also notice the huge difference in quality of grammar and punctuation in your articles, which are good, but very different, in accuracy, from your posts, which are always terse and brief, unlike “your” fulsome articles under the name of DAN?

            I ask myself why this is but notice it is constantly so!

            Am I suspicious then? YOU COULD SAY EXACTLY THAT!


                1. Because I don’t want to give you the attention you crave unless it’s based on the topic I have written about

  6. I agree 100% with both Reggie and Jon.

    I also trust the word of Josh Kronkie regarding this issue and, let’s remember, it cost the kronkie’s a lot of money already.

    I don’t believe any English club would join, but it might appeal to Rangers and Celtic, if they were asked simply because of the financial implications.

    1. It is ken, being fuelled by Real and Barca, with Juve not far behind. Those teams can not generate the obscene cash they need to build their Galactico teams because they cant generate the money. This is their way of getting their hands on a competition, the money and eventually the control. They need it English clubs dont. We have our very competitive premier league and it is a far better competition than some spurious not so super league.

  7. There are issues with the Champions League as it is. It is not an open system either, as clubs/teams, who are clearly good enough are left out to make room for smaller teams in other countries.
    Arsenal would clearly beat a number of teams in the CL, but we are left out, because only 4 from the PL gets in.
    It is also a problem, that only the winner of the CL gets into next seasons competition. This means a team can lose the CL final, and not be in the competiton next year.
    So it isn’t really a league. It is more some kind of hybrid, which tries to be a competiton in itself and at the same time create extra interest in every nations national league.
    The CL does need some kind of rewamp and discussing how that can be done in a manner, which will suit all stakeholders, including fans, can’t hurt.

    1. Anders S YES IT DOES need a “revamp”. But this ESL is not a “revamp” but a horror story that fortunately was doomed from its outset. All wiser fans have long known that almost all that comes from UEFA and FIFA is corrupt to its core. But that is not reason to make things even more corrupt by endorsing this monstrously immoral ESL.


        1. A rather politician type deflection of my serious question, I see Anders! Now I need to ask myself why!

  8. No harm at all in discussing something, UEFA is already a flawed system ito CL so why not at least listen to this.

  9. No to “super league”. If anything there should be a more equitable distribution of revenue through the divisions.

  10. The suPer leaGue is being proposed again, albeit without the English teams.

    If AFC were ever to join such a league, I am out, and I have been a fan since the mid 70’s, but the team would not care in the least if fans of my type left anyway.

  11. While the super league format that is banded around to all the elite in European football is on the nose to many.. UEFA does have a problem with the CL in that it is rewarding the same dominant clubs in lesser leagues. Most of which would struggle to make the top six in the EPL.

  12. I have said this before when this nonsense was being proposed. If we join the super league my association with AFC will conclude. It is disrespectful to other teams in the league. I have been supporting since 1979. Will support the local school team or pub team.

    1. Well said! Football and Arsenal is massively important to almost all of us, BUT the moment it becomes meaningless, as no promotion and relgation would be, my interest and support for it stops in that same instant!

  13. Good article and fair to say few of us are fans of ESL. I disagree though that lack of relegation will make owners unlikely to invest in their teams. One needs to only look at the money North American owners pour into their vanity projects to know that this is, by and large, untrue.

  14. So talk of the Super League rears its ugly head again. As someone who doesn’t even agree with the CL, I find the Super League idea disgusting. It’s just down to pure greed from those Spanish and Italian clubs.

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