Should Arsenal adopt Chelsea’s policy to win trophies?

Thierry Henry spoke just what I’m thinking! By SK

The Arsenal legend-turned-pundit Thierry Henry believes Chelsea’s shrewd hire-and-fire policy is the key to success for his former side. The Gunners are yet to make a decision on Arsene Wenger’s future, but ‘King Henry’ himself insists that they should move on from their long-standing manager.

Blues owner Roman Abramovich has implemented a lot of changes to his management over the years, and Antonio Conte is the seventh head coach in charge of the club since he took over in 2003. The west London giants have enjoyed immense success under their owner with four Premier League titles, four FA Cups, three League Cups, the Champions League and Europa League to add to their trophy cabinet.

In the same period, Arsene Wenger’s side have won the Premier League just once – back in 2003/04, while there have lifted three FA Cups – the last of two have come between 2013 and 2015. The Blues are, for now, cruising at the top of the league to yet another title, but Arsenal, in comparison, find themselves in a heap to secure their annual top-four position. While speaking to The Sun, Henry said that the blame must be put on the Gunners’ board, which have been silent through the criticism aimed at their head coach this season.
“The only people who can answer questions about the club’s future are the board. Words beat silence in this situation.

“There is no set formula. Chelsea win titles by chopping and changing manager when everyone says consistency is key.

“The only right formula is the winning one. I’ve been in these situations when the confidence goes. It is so hard when you are in the middle of it to sort it out. But they must – and quickly.” he told The Sun.

He adds that he does have some sympathy for Wenger, but the club should move forward with the ‘winning formula’ deployed by their fierce rivals.

Maybe the board needs a former player to speak truth to them before they act. Everybody knows it is time for Wenger to leave! The board needs to act fast before the fans start calling for a sack of all the board members. Who else needs to talk before the owner acts?



  1. sonix says:

    Lots of talking have been made. Just relax guys, everyone knows if Arsene is leaving then that would be on his own accord. It’s plain simple he won’t get sacked.

  2. legend Henry says:

    No !!!
    The fans should put pressure on the tactically inept manager.
    Basically,Henry is saying Wenger must be sacked.
    Everybody knows including Ramsey,Giroud,mert and Theo that Wenger must be sacked.
    He wants to completely ruin our beloved club before he leaves for France where he will manage his village club.
    Wenger out !!!!

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    The next manager needs time to clear up the mess that Wenger has created, but ultimately, our managers in the future need to be judged on results. There has been no accountability under Wenger’s reign, and that drastically needs to change.

  4. tweety says:

    its all rubbish when mr. stubborn says that arsenal is his beloved club. if so pls leave us in peace, you showed that after 20+ years your tactics have not changed. thank you for the past, and the board should not listen only but act. gooner = forever

  5. N4NICOLAS says:

    Wenger isn’t going Anywhere anytime soon. He’s not ashamed n has no conscience , how can a new coach come to a club that struggled last season n is now looking like winning the league, it happened last season n some of us felt it was a mistake now it’s happening again.. the only thing that’s constant in Arsenal is Wengers excuses for his failures, it’s either the referee, the lines man, the pitch, the players not getting enough rest or too much rest, Injuries, International break, the pressure from Fans, the weather, the color of the jersey n so many other excuses… how can u loan Campbell n keep Sanogo? Between Iwobi n Campbell who’s a better winger?

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    A year ago or two years ago if Wenger had signed a Top DM and a Top Forward, we would not be in the situation we are now.

    Wenger has spent over £30 million each on Xhaka, Alexis and Mustafi and over £40 million on Ozil. So its not entirely the boards fault. Wenger had the chance to sign Kondogbia, Schneidelin, Krychowiak etc and could have tried to sign Lacazette or other top forwards but we signed Welbeck and Lucas (the latter was hardly used)

    Loyalty and Gratefulness are not reasons to cling on to Wenger
    If something goes bad you throw it way.
    At the end of the day it should be about Arsenal winning trophies and being able to challenge in Champions League not just entering the competition

  7. bran99 says:

    Henry should make a stand, today he criticize the specialist in failure, tomorrow he changes the tune. He is spot on at the moment but I won’t be suprised if he comes out and clear up the already dusted air

    Mr. Bean should leave, the article is well written, nothing to add. spot on

  8. Fab says:

    Money poorly apent:

    1. Xhaka 30no
    2. Lucas 20ml
    3. Yokohama 12mil

    That is 62mil? A good manager could have easily tempted Atletico to sell Grizman.

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