Should Arsenal agree to this defender transfer?

It remains to be seen which of the Arsenal players will be the regular first team starter in the role of right back next season, with Arsene Wenger having no shortage of options. Mathieu Debuchy was the player that we expected to fill the boots of Bacary Sagna and he still might but last season was ruined for the Frenchman by a couple of injuries.

Then we have the two 20-year old defenders Calum Chambers and Hector Bellerin, although I think that Wenger might be planning a future in the centre of defence for the England international. Even so, that still leaves poor Carl Jenkinson out in the cold.

The 23-year old Gooner has just capped a very good season on loan with West Ham by being the best player for England in the under 21 Euro championships, but that does not appear to be enough to get Jenkinson what he wants; a place in the Arsenal first team.

It was looking like he would be going out on loan again this year, with West Ham once again thought to be one of his Premier League options, but now The Mirror is reporting that the Hammers are after Jenkinson on a permanent deal.

I understand that Wenger is still thinking about Carl making it with the Gunners and the experience he gains from his loan spells helping with that, but Debuchy is still only 29-years old and should have at least three more years at the top of his game, so is it time for the boss to accept that he should just let Jenkinson go for good?

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    1. Jenks is a player with huge potential, we should never consider selling him.but at the moment we have two classy rb in debuchy and bellerin. Maybe jenks will have a big part to play in the near future. Selling him would be a mistake.

  1. If jenkinson really turns out to be a very good and consistent right back then y not sell debuchy and keep him?

    1. Honestly I’ve never felt entirely comfortable with Debuchy. He gets forward so much it seems he’s more of a right winger that can defend as opposed to a right back that can attack. Could say the same thing about Hector though, and Debuchy is much more experienced.

        1. We are currently stuck with two quality rb in debuchy and bellerin. We have a option of using each of them in different matches.let’s say we are playing Chelsea then debuchy and his experience combined with defending could be used.good headache to have

  2. I really want to keep him, he will soon become a very good rb. Loaning him for 2 years or selling him with a buy back clause within 3 years are some options

    ot – cant wait to see how ainsley niles turns out for ipswich

  3. This yar another loan. Maybe next. Then two as a sub. Why not. Debuchy can still give and Jenks can still improve for when the time is right to make the switch.
    Status quo.
    No rush.

  4. No. Absolutely not. Loan Jenkinson out there this year, with a view of selling Debuchey next summer when he hits 30. Jenkinson and Bellerin are our RBs of the future.

    1. Debuchy was out with injury most of last season but when he played you must admit he was class. I rate him as a great rb, he has experience and can get physical when needed.I think we should use debuchy in matches that we excpect to be under pressure. Debuchy defends much better than bellerin and jenks.

  5. I think he should be loaned out, he could still turn out to be a consistent performer. But if we’re looking to sell then we should at least insert a buy-back clause

  6. Keep Jenkinson. Loan him out again. He’s really grown as a player this past year. Hector seems the better player but Jenko is a solid backup option, plus he’s Arsenal through and through. Definitely worth keeping.

  7. Off topic: i just want to express my happiness again for alexis sanchez and his teams lifting the copa america title for the first time! Take a bow alexis for your hard work and winning penalty!

    1. Maybe we should be looking into buying some Chilean players.
      To win the copa, playing against all of south Americas best well you
      ..need to have more than two great players.
      I love Uruguayan defenders… and Argentinian defenders also their attackers
      ..then we have le Brazilianos. I do hope Wenger was watching or we had some scouting am sure we did i also hope we pick up a couple of gems from the u21 tournament.

      I see Schneiderlin is supposed to have informed someone that he prefers Arsenal as the football suits his style better, then he mentioned how he would love the opportunity to work with our French boss.
      This makes sense to me, working with Arsene as you see players making moves for reasons like this all the time.

      Benzema, i believe less. Benitez is one of the men who was said to chase this player often and now that he has him he wants to sell before the season even kicks off.

      Rudiger, che are said to be inquiring along with ourselves and utd. He is said to be a big fan of Arsenal and wears the Alexis shirt. He has good taste.

      Raymond Domenech (ex france manager) has said that Loris should not go to utd as they are no longer a big club.
      He said Arsenal and Che are the only big clubs in England today and that city is becoming a big club. He also mentions that Arsenal will always be a big club, and are the only team left that has always been a big club. Three cheers for Rambo.

  8. Keep Debuchy for now and re-assess next year. I think Jenko needs another year at West Ham.

    To me Bellerin is number one but Debuchy is a solid alternative until Jenko is ready. Chambers should be used centrally with Kos until he is ready to challenge Mert or paired with Gabriel in the league cup.

    1. Debuchy didn’t have the chance vto prove his worth. Hit by injuries last season, if he stays injury free we will know what a classy rb he is.we should use debuchy for at least another 2 years.jenks can be loaned out.jenks is not on the same level as debuchy or even bellerin yet

  9. Loan Jenkinson keep Debuchy look again next summer.
    Also, thoughts on Alex Song for DM? Cheaper than Schneiderlin and no less of a player. As we are only looking for cover id rather not spend £25M. Song already knows the club and manager and can speak English and Spanish so can link up with everyone. For everyone that says Song isn’t a DM, you might be right but neither is Schneiderlin and Song comes cheaper with more top level experience. Song could do a job as back up to Coquelin or next to him to shut games down. Just an idea.

  10. OT…according to sources today, Arsenal appears to be favourites again to sign the french international Morgan Schneiderlin after clearly expressing his reluctance to join Man U but preferring the gunners!

    1. Why Wenger is not making a move for morgan.??I don’t get it. It’s definitely a part where we need to improve. His price tag is not that high either. Man I wish he would be our second signing.I hope we do our business early this year. Morgan and benzema would complete us

  11. Carl Jenkinson should absolutely be part of Wenger’s long term plan…Debuchy has been injured (bad luck) a lot last season and he’s going to be 30 in a a couple of weeks. Could he still get injured? Possibly! Also Bellerin has grown a lot from it and will he be able to retake his place…that remains to be seen and Bellerin will have a lot to say in that in my opinion. Jenkinson compared to Debuchy is 1 younger, 2 bleeds Arsenal form a young age, 3 has a lot of room to keep growing. Jenkinson should be loaned out and come back next season to challenge Bellerin in my opinion.

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