Should Arsenal aim big and target Kylian Mbappe?

Last season, Arsenal had Aubameyang, Lacazette, Nketiah and Balogun starting the season as recognised Number 9s, but one year on we have started the new campaign with just Eddie Nketiah and the Brazilian Gabriel Jesus competing for the centre-forward spot. It certainly hasn’t held us back though and we are clear at the top of the League, but with all our forwards and midfielders contributing to our goal tally.

But of course it is a big worry that Gabriel Jesus, after an explosive start, has not been banging in the goals as we expected him to carry on doing, and even Nketiah has been barren since getting a couple of strikes in our early Europa League games.

This is why Arsenal fans have been clamouring for Arteta and Edu to find us an out and out goalscorer to partner Jesus, who is just missing that clinical edge in front of goal.

So when i saw this headlne this morning saying Mercato Mercato – PSG: an English big gun targets Mbappé in January! I thought that maybe Arsenal had finally decided to pull out all the stops and add the one thing we need to make sure we can compete on level terms with the biggest clubs in Europe.

According to topmercato, the “English big gun” is Liverpool, with the rumours that they are joining Man United in trying to tempt Mbappe to move to the Premier League, but in my opinion, the only ‘Big Guns’ in the Premier League right now are Arsenal and Manchester City, with Liverpool and Man United looking like spent forces. I can think of no reason why he would choose to go to Liverpool or Man United if Arsenal were to join the bidding.

It’s hard to believe that Mbappe is still only 23 years old, but has amazingly scored 19 goals in 20 games in all competitions since the season started, including 12 goals in 14 Ligue Un matches.

His age makes him perfect to join Arteta’s project, and although his price may be enormous he undoubtedly has an incredible knack of putting the ball in the back of the net, and if he can carry his goalscoring form into the Premier League, like Erling Haaland, then I can see us recouping any transfer fee we pay now, when we sell him again in three or four years time.

But just think what we will get back in return, in the form of trophies and prestige galore. With Mbappe we would even challenge for the Champions League next season….

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  1. 400 million price tag and 750 grand a week ,can’t see that happening .
    Only club he joins would be Real Madrid

    1. Aside from that, I don’t think any club will spend that amount of money to take him from us and they will also not want to breach the FFP

      I’d prefer Endrick, because he:

      – Can be a homegrown in England
      – Is relatively cheap for his potential
      – Could build a good connection with our Brazil
      – Can compete with Jesus and Saka

        1. FFP is a myth when it comes to big clubs.
          Apparently they are being relaxed soon so the smaller clubs have no chance to catch up .

          1. Joan Laporta said Barcelona can’t sign any player in January, because of FFP. He’ll try to persuade La Liga, but I doubt he can convince them

            1. La Liga also have their own specific rules regarding wage budgets which Barca have been struggling with separate from ffp.

              1. As of 21/22 Barca’s wage limit was 7th in the league due to their financial issues. Not sure how it is now. Your wage budget can be no more than 70% of your entire income. Also after that debt is factored in which why Barca dropped to 7th in the league last year.

                1. If that happened in the prem City would not have been able to run a 90%+ wage bill compared to income which they did at some point haven’t seen any recent figures. Similarly United would of got hammered for their debt since the Glaziers took over.

                2. Re FFP…

                  It’s been replaced by the new Financial Stability Rules which came into effect in June 2022, although they will be phased in over three years to allow clubs time to adjust to the changes.

                  The 70% Squad Cost Rule ceiling will be phased in over a three-year period. In 2023/24, the limit will be 90%, in 2024/25, it will be 80%, and in 2025/26, it will be 70%.

  2. 1. He is a diva. Can’t have Ozil and Aubameyang situations all over again.

    2. The prohibitive fee and wages can be used to bolster the current squad and make us formidable for at least half a decade.

  3. For me, Mbappe is over rated. I don’t know whether because he’s black or French or PSG player for the over hype to sell his unwarranted global image. He is rude, obnoxious and a total toxic. He is not gonna last in the first Arsenal training.

    1. @Mike Ram
      RealTalk. I never understood everyone fawning over him. He’s fast, but doesn’t always beat his man. He’s not good at dribbling, or in the air and gets frustrated easily. To me, he’s a very expensive Eddie Nketiah…IJS

    2. Overrated?!

      We’re talking about a guy that’s already scored 250 goals in his career, is world champion and was the first teenager to score in a WC final since Pele in 1958!
      He’s not even 24 yet.

      I don’t feel any particular sympathy for this player but on the pitch he looks like he comes from another planet….

      1. 250 goals in France’s Ligue 1, playing for a very expensive team which has very little serious competition.

        I agree with the overrated assessment.

        1. Ridiculous.
          Great players are great players, doesn’t matter what league they play in.
          Saliba played in Ligue 1 last season too and he’s adapted to English football instantly.
          Same would happen with Mbappé, he’s way better than Thierry Henry was.

          1. Errr, no, that’s ridiculous.

            You think a guy who scores 250 goals playing for the local pub team is automatically “a great player”?

            For every player who does well coming from Ligue 1 there’s a bunch that don’t – think Pepe perhaps? Even Lacazette. That’s just a couple of recent Arsenal players who spring to mind.

            1. How many players do you know that have scored 250 professional goals by the age of 24?

              Doesn’t matter if they play in Mexico, Portugal or Greece. That’s special.

              Lacazette got 16 caps and 3 goals for France in his entire career. Mbappé will probably break Henry’s France goal scoring record by the time he’s 26 or 27.

              Was Henry a pub league player?

              Mbappé’s got the CR7 / Zlatan type of mentality. Perfect hygiene, works hard, is obsessed with improving and being the best.

              I’ll say it again, he’s way better than Henry.

              1. Another who states his opinion as if it were fact.

                And of course it matters where he plays. For the reasons I already gave – I produce evidence by looking at other players coming form Ligue 1, you… simply re-assert what you said before with no justification provided.

                You cannot compare players from different eras. France were a very different side in Henry’s era. Mbappe is not “way better then Henry” just because you say so.

                Character matters and Mbappe’s character is flawed, if the reports are correct.

                No point in going round in circles any further – this is already a waste of my time.

  4. Overrated? Funny! Show me a young dude under 25 that is better than Mbappe. PSG ruined Mbappe and Neymar just like Roman Abramovic ruined EPL with sugar daddy cash influx. You can’t give a boy that money and power and expect him to be the same.

      1. Angelo is speaking on the impact of that much money that young as opposed to anything PSG did directly. In Mbappes case it wasn’t even insane money for a youngster it was top drawer money for a to player. It’s one of the issues the prem youth teams have that with the English tax they earn more than European counterparts and more still outside that. Having that much and the power it affords you/hangers on/bad influences that flock to you/gold diggers etc. Not easy to deal with at that age and stay focused on your football.

  5. Some people get fun by dreaming. Others prefer sober minded reality. I am in that latter group.

    Which is why I ignore fantasy articles, except to expose them as being fantasy, so that others do not get fooled by nonsensical rumours and invented stories.

  6. It was reported at the start of the last ransfer window that he handed the PSG management a list of players he expected them to sign…

    Not exactly the material wer’e looking for character-wise.

        1. Who decides who is better than who? Which aspects of a person/player do you wish to include?

          Aubameyang scores more goals than Saliba – does that mean he’s better?

          Aubameyang creates issue with squad harmony – how do you include that factor in your analysis?

          All the subjective pseudo-analysis in the world will not get you very far. My assessment of players includes aspects of character. Mbappe’s is flawed, the rest makes no difference to me, he’s an undesirable *for that reason alone*. It overrides *everything* else.

          If you look at the mangement ethos at Arsenal now, you’d notice that they think the same way – and we can see how well that works.

          1. No , I said no one in Arsenal team is better
            You said that is an opinion you don’t share
            So who in your opinion in our team is better then Mbappe

  7. Arsenal can still aim big without signing Mbappe.

    Though his skills sets is of a very high standard he’s different from what we are trying to build here.
    We dosen’t need Mbappe.

    Last week Brentford beat Man city, .maybe Haaland salary alone could cover the entire Brentford team pay package.

    That didn’t stop city from the lost

  8. Mbappe is not ready to play as a proper center forward right now, he is not yet willing to play as a target man doing the dirty jobs and hold on plays….. We don’t need him yet.

    We must rather keep the faith in properly integrating Folarin Balogun as competition for Jesus and Eddie. These 3 together in the Arsenal’s CF role are good enough for the next 4-7years.


  9. Easy guys. We are not talking about Nicolas Pepe here, someone who we squandered a lot of money for. The problem with Mbappe is that his ego doesn’t match PSG’s asking price and what he would demand in wages. I can’t see him getting on with Arteta either. This represents poor value for money. The same amount of money would be better spent on two seperate players filling key positions.

    1. One criticism that can never be made about Nicholas Pepe at Arsenal is that he did not conduct himself well. He always tried, apparently trained hard and never slagged the Club off in the media. He was a model professional, who unfortunately did not meet the requirements of Mikel Arteta’s style of play.
      It was not his fault that Arsenal overpaid for his services due to “dodgy” transfer dealings.

  10. So just so I have this in my head ……
    In the summer , someone waves a magic wand and says you can have Mbappe and your answer is I rather have Eddie Nketiah and Balogun ?

    1. As usual, you don’t have it straight in your head.

      No-one said that, you made it up – also, as usual.

      You fail to account for cost, character, FFP… just 3 things off the top of my head which, let’s be fair, you could and should have thought of for yourself. But you were too busy making up a pseudo-argument – as usual.

  11. Why was this post submitted? For clicks?

    It is no secret that Mbappe will not come to Arsenal as long as Arteta is the manager, and rightly so.


    1. He won’t come to Arsenal because he will want to move to a bigger club who can compete for the CL
      How arrogant for us to be in the Europa League and saying that one of the best players in the world wouldn’t walk into our 11

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