Should Arsenal allow Balogun to join West Ham in part-ex for Declan Rice?

Declan Rice is the one player all eyes are on this summer. The Englishman is set to leave West Ham, but where he moves to is a mystery at the moment, with both Arsenal and Manchester City making Rice a priority.

Arsenal has been given an easier route to close Rice’s deal by West Ham, but they’ve opted not to use it as per Football Transfers.

As per the publication, the Hammers admire Balogun and have hinted that Arsenal sending them a transfer offer that includes the 21-year-old could be favoured, but the Gunners don’t want to do so.

Arteta is yet to decide on the future of Balogun. He wants him to be part of his pre-season squad so that he can assess him and determine if he should stay or leave.

To some Gooners, Arsenal are right not to be tempted to lose one of their finest young stars, but to others, they can’t believe the club didn’t consider that transfer request. If I were Arteta, Balogun, who is sure not to be the first-choice striker next season, would be a Hammer by now. Hopefully, Rice will be waiting to link up with Bukayo Saka and Aaron Ramsdale in July for Arsenal’s US pre-season.

Where Arsenal are, they ought to do everything in their power to ensure Rice doesn’t move to Manchester City. A Rice-to-Man City transfer could dwindle the Gunners chances of beating the Citizens to the 2023–24 PL title.

Should Arteta give Balogun to West Ham?

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  1. I’m afraid we’d be trading in the wrong Hale End product, but a move for Balogan appears to be inevitable.

    1. It seems the new contract Eddie got has made him less attractive in the trade market.

      Gotta give up something of value, and if they have to give up ‘potential’ for the proven product, then that’s what they gotta do

  2. Apparently, City have asked Rice For assurances he wants to join them before launching a new £100m bid. If he agrees, it won’t matter who we offer. I wouldn’t want someone at the club who doesn’t want be there anyway. If Balugan doesn’t want to be there either then he should be sold for the £35m the club thinks he’s worth.

    1. GunneRay
      There is a report from West Ham chairman ‘(Sullivan) that despite the intrest from Man city Rice preferred choice is Arsenal.

      1. Gunsmoke, I truly hope he tells City that then. If so, we’re likely to pull it off! Time will tell.

        1. It’s business, and Rice will know wherever he goes, he will have a contract that will mean he’s made for life, his kids, grand-kids and great-grand-kids will be made for life!

          Like most professionals, we don’t really care who we work for, so long as they pay me and allow me to do my job. and facilitate reaching career goals.

  3. Just live Rice and keep Balogun. Sign an alternative. Rice coming is not a guarantee of winning epl and loosing a player capable of scoring 22goals a season will be an unforgettable Arteta sin

    1. Balogun is ‘potential’ Vs Rice the ‘more complete atrticle’.
      IF Rice doesn’t sign for Arsenal, he goes to one of City, Utd or Chelsea, and helps them win EPL and probably more.

  4. West Ham have long standing intrest in Eddie Nketiah, we should offer him first, he’s more season in the league.

    We should prepare to give him to West Ham for peanuts as a direct result of his salary.

    1. Would be a great deal!
      Eddie was about to leave on a free, by signing him and trading him, Arsenal won’t have to pay his £100k pw and actually get something in return.

      So £75mil. + £15mil. add-ons and Eddie ….?

  5. This should never be a complicated issue, get a deal done for rice, release nketiah whether on loan or a permanent deal and retain balogun to fight for a spot in the starting eleven.

  6. Generally speaking I have supported Arteta and Edu and the executive level but the ‘reported’ EN salary baffled me as I couldn’t understand how that wouldn’t affect the salary structure or put off potential suitors. I certainly don’t think Nketiah is bad but I haven’t as yet seen him stake his claim beyond that of a decent squad player
    Balogun is yet to show his worth at home even though reports are favourable. I’m on the fence. Stick with Eddie as we know his level pretty much or take more of a risk with FB rising to the occasion next season.

    1. With Jesus, Martinelli, Saka, Trossard, Nketiah, Nelson and Odegard, with Havertz coming onboard, (Not to mention Viera) how many minutes will Balogun get?

  7. If we allow Balogun go, either as part payment for Rice or a straight sale, then what? What do we do for a striker? Go out and pay another million for an untested one. Why don’t we put Nketia in that position since we know his full potential at his best, which is not where we would like our main striker to be.

  8. Why sell a 21 goal scorer and retain an overhyped overpaid player like Nketiah?

    Balogun scores goals, even if it’s the French league. Nketiah got benched in championship and never showed prowess in the PL.

    Jesus also underwhelmed in terms of goals, so we need a striker that scores.

    Lastly, we should vastly overcharge West Ham if they are interested in Balogun; 50 million to be paid within 2 years. Turnabout is fair play and we should stick to our high valuation like West Ham

    1. Agree that ideally send Nketiah and his fat new contract, as he now has virtually Zero transfer value.
      Unfortunately, I doubt West Ham would pay £50mil (Or any other plucked out of the air figure) for Balogun

  9. Balogun for Rice in our first bid; include Odegaard, Martinelli and Saka in the second; and add White and Ramsdale to sign the one-man squad!!

  10. IF the price for Rice is to send Balogum the other way, then it’s a ‘no-brainer’ …

    £80mil. + Balogun pretty much matches West Ham’s valuation.

    Do it before Citeh come in with their dirty oil £cash

    1. Brian
      Am not happy doing a blind bidding with the Citizens in the context.
      As man city can always join in after with a better deal.

      Maybe we should find out the lowest possible bid acceptable to the West Ham then make that lodgement

  11. I have a feeling Arteta would prefer to sell Balogun rather than Nketiah. The former rates himself highly and he does have the potential to be a star player, while the latter is content being a back up/squad player. As we all know, Saka is the jewel on Arsenal’s crown and Arteta likes it like that. I don’t think he would want Balogun to take that shine off Saka. This scenario is similar to when Messi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic played for Barca and we all know how it played out.
    It’s how I see it, I might be wrong though.

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