Should Arsenal allow Ospina to play against us?

There is no rule set by UEFA to stop David Ospina from playing against Arsenal in the Europa League, it depends on the agreement he has with his parent club. Knowing how we are managed off the field at times, it would be like Arsenal not to have given the situation any thought. If the Colombian asks the question though, it should be quite a straightforward answer.

At the moment the keeper isn’t first choice in Italy but that’s not based on anything he has done. In fact, it’s a simple case of Napoli trying to buy on the cheap. If the player features in a certain amount of games, it activates a clause where they have to buy him. The fact that clause is only 4 million again highlights how we need to get better at getting the correct valuation for those we sell. That those in Naples think they can go even cheaper highlights either that they have no money or believe we are mugs.

With the emergence of Alex Meret, Carlo Ancelotti clearly feels there’s no need rush to activate any clause unless he has to. They’re comfortably 2nd In Serie A, miles off Juventus but with a healthy gap between them and 5th. In other words, there’s no reason to play Ospina domestically, as he can’t alter the title race. If there were a couple of fixtures his services might be required it would be a two-legged European tie.

As impressive as Meret has been, I’d rather face someone with little experience at this stage, compared to a man who has won FA Cup Finals and shone at World Cups. What if Meret gets injured in the next two weeks and suddenly his deputy is also unavailable? It’s this ruthless thinking we need to use, give yourself as much advantage as possible.

I can’t think the positives of letting Ospina play. He’s either motivated to earn a move or to prove to Emery he can be Cech’s replacement. He’s only conceded 14 goals in 17 games so far this season so is good enough to be a difference maker.

Opinions Gooners?

Dan Smith


  1. As what you said, he would want to prove a point

    But he also made many wrong decisions, therefore he is loaned

    Ancelotti would most likely make him start though, hence Arsenal could take advantage of his erratic behaviour

  2. Firstly i would wish ospina a speedy recovery – and secondly i would advise him to STAY as far as humanly possible from the guaranteed MOTHER of all onslaughts coming to the napoli goalmouth for the sake of saving what’s left of his career. My advice Mr Ospina is its best you elect to stay out the way.

  3. Ospina is one of us so I hope he has a speedy recovery. Actually even if he wasn’t one of us I would still wish him a speedy recovery

    If we have the authority to stop him playing, then we should. That’s just my opinion

    If we don’t then, why didn’t we put a clause in his contract?

  4. You play your best for whatever team you’re in. He will want his team to win…… that’s the way to impress Emery, no matter being on loan , you are where you are at the time…..

  5. We are talikng about a current Arsenal player, someone who has always given his best and never complained whilst being understudy to Cech.

    Once again, if this is true, we are finding out that another transfer/loan has been mis-handled by the club.

    If it isn’t true, then someone is mischief making.

    If it is true, who will the fanbase blame over this latest nonsence?

    The same things have happened year after year and it was always put at AW’s door because he was “in total control and a control freak”, conveniently forgetting the man who actually did the negotiations…a certain ivan gazidis!!!

    Now, of course, this accusation has started to unravel following Ramsey’s exit and this latest scenario coming to light.

    When gazidis brought in the three musketeers, it was proclaimed nothing like this would ever happen again…leaving the impression that it was down to AW and gave gazidis a way out of owning his own shortcomings.

    However, it seems the man he actually brought in to “take over” transfers and contracts is making a mockery of it yet again.
    Where is Hussy, what is he doing, why do we never hear his name mentioned in any of the contract negotiations?

    It seems that whoever is in charge of transfers/contracts/loans never seems to get it right…at least not since David Dein left and gazidis moved in, that’s for sure.

    As for letting Ospina play, my heart says YES, my head says NO…that means NO then, just as any of our opponents would say in a similar position.

    1. Sue, he probably realises exactly the mess this side of the club is in after gazidis did his dirty work.
      It’s so obvious that fellow professionals know exactly what he did to the club and just aren’t prepared to try and sort it out.
      I was always convinced that the truth would come out one day regarding gazidis and his part as CEO being a disaster…drip by drip it’s being proved so.

      O.T. Have you read Monreal’s piece on the importance of Ozil as he and the other players see it?
      I am so convinced thay Ozil will stay, if only for the fact that every single player, it seems, wants to come out and support him.

      1. Yes I reckon you’re right Ken… I wonder who will take the job??
        I did indeed Ken… was nice to read what the players think of him & I’m hoping he will be here next season… be crazy if he isn’t

      2. Ozil is world class talent….not many playmaker at his level….

        just that sometimes he gives up too easily

        but when he wants to play…hes unstoppable

    1. Well leo, that’s your point of view as a fan, compared to a team mate and fellow professional footballer who actually knows the guy and plays alongside him.

      Did you actually read what Monreal said, or does that figure in your assesment?

      It seems that all the players who have commented on Ozil, along with UE I should add, seem to value him more than you, but everyone’s entitled to their opinion…I’m with the professionals!!!

  6. Monchi said and I quote “I’ve evaluated all of this. I’m here not because I’m a Sevilla fan, not to save someone’s skin, but because in the conversations I’ve had with the club president and other club executives, they have transmitted to me an idea of what Sevilla’s future could be that coincides with what I believe Sevilla’s future should be. In another news I read he said he spoke to some from Leeds I can’t remember his name and he told him God Father l is better than God Father ll. It makes me wonder what sort of power tussle is going with the administrative part of my club. What exactly is in the future of our club that makes us lose talented football men to team like Sevilla the last minute and not enabling us to lure Edu back to England from SA. We let Sven slipped out our hands because we set our sight on Monchi only for him to snorb us at the last miunte and we quickly turned our attention to Overmass to save faces and quickly Ajax extended his contract. Raul better put the well being of the club before his personal ego. If l were Josh or his father I will be ringing Sven right away with promise of him having free hand to do his job.

    1. Still better i would sack Raul and Hussy, bring back Arsene as DoF, retain Vinay. Ivan was the root cause of all the rot, not even Stan or Josh.Emery and Arsene are footballing brains and would work together to get us back to glory days.Enough of failed experiments in club management.And Arsene was spotted in North London this weekend.

  7. OT watching Harry’s Heroes… rather amusing! Seaman, Parlour & Merson in it…. although I’m scarred for life now…. seeing Ruddock semi naked ?

    1. I read about Merson, he’s apparently back on the sauce and gambling his socks off and turned his ex teetotal wife into an alcoholic! Personally I don’t feel sorry for him one bit he has a lot more money than me, I work hard and get paid peanuts he sits on his arse talking sh*t and gets paid well for it! Other than that hope you don’t have nightmares ?

        1. There’s alcoholism in my family Sue killed my gran my gramps was also an alcoholic there’s alcoholism in my mum’s side too so I’ve seen some bad times with it wouldn’t wish it on anyone but there’s help out there for addictions. Haha might be too late Sue you’ll dream of razor Tonight ?

          1. I know he talks a lot of crap, but I do sympathise with him… he has an addiction.. not only with booze, but gambling & drugs.. yes I know no one forced him to take them/gamble/drink… but he has a problem that’ll be with him for the rest of his life… probably affected his kids lives & definitely has his ex wife… he needs help, who knows if it’ll work.. I wouldn’t want it, I’ve seen some dark days & wouldn’t wish anything like that on anyone…. just goes to show you can have all the money in the world & it doesn’t bring you happiness…..
            Oh John that is one image I need to get out of my head ?? or I’ll wake in the middle of the night in a cold sweat ??

            1. He should do it for his children, they should be his strength to give up his demons, I would never put my own child through what I seen when I was growing up and yes of course it’s a terrible addiction and it’s easier said than done! Well I hope you’ve bounced back Sue and your in a better place now ? haha you’ll be having night terrors Sue might need therapy from seeing that ?

              1. Yes I totally agree… I’d never put mine through anything like that! Thanks John but I didn’t mean myself ?
                Haha maybe I shouldn’t watch the next instalment tomorrow just in case there’s more flesh on show ?? and when I say more.. I mean plenty ??

                1. No I mean you saying you’ve seen some dark days. That’s just a horrible thought Sue ? I didn’t know flamini played for getafe haha just saw his interview ? so overmars and Monchi not coming I say we go for Tim Sherwood just because he loves the club ?

                  1. Oh ok ? no neither did I… he’s still going strong then!! Loved his brace against the spuds ?
                    So I read earlier if Sokratis is booked v Newcastle, he’ll receive a 2 match ban, as that’ll be his 10th yellow. What’s the betting we have Mike Dean & he’d love nothing more than to get that yellow out!!
                    Haha his Dad still goes to the Emirates, so I bet he’d love nothing more than his son to become an employee ?

                    1. I liked flamini he wasn’t the most technically gifted but he was a work horse and yes he was like Messi that night ? oh nothing to worry about Mustafi will be on hand ? haha Dean was at it again at the weekend ? haha Tim and his father must get on really well I don’t know why he doesn’t accompany daddy to the Emirates ?

                    2. When isn’t Dean at it? ? He’d get it ripped out of him if he did, that’s for sure!! It’d be hilarious, he may even make it on to AFTV ?
                      2 weeks today John… 2 whole weeks ?
                      That Kodi thing sounds good btw… you’ll be sorted for these 2 weeks!!

                    3. Haha he reminds me of my old headmaster he was a grumpy old git I think he loved when you got in trouble ? id pay to see that ? I know it’s too long bloody internationals ? oh I’ve had it years Sue probably when it first came out I’m all over anything Sat/cable tech etc lol anyone who has a problem with it, they come to me ?

                    4. He does come across that way… back in the days John, so far back, did he have a ruler to smack you ???
                      Ah ha so you’re a techno geek?! ??

                    5. That would have been back in your day Sue and some older heads on here they probably received the cane ? kinda yeah, I wasn’t always just something I got into in the last 10 years I was clueless before that ?

                    6. ?? no ruler for me (bloody cheek ?)
                      That’s another thing added to your list then ??
                      Right John… need sleep, went on a long dog walk earlier – worn out ?
                      Goodnight & try your hardest not to dream about Ruddock ???

                    7. Oh yeah my list angler tech geek and whatever else ? amateur astronomer ? ? Kidding I don’t even have a telescope but I would love one ? you miss it by a year or two ?? good Coco keeping you busy ? hahaha I haven’t seen him in his birthday suit, you have unfortunately lol.. Goodnight Sue ? ?

  8. OT

    Monchi snubbed us in favor of Sevilla.

    So who’s it gonna be? Some yes man? Should’ve never got rid of Mislintat.

  9. Perhaps we aren’t offering the right salary to attract the right person?

    After all, it seems that some on here expect UE to succeed by offering peanuts for players and then expect those players to play for peanuts.

    That’s the reason we always get gerzumped by the likes of city, pool, utd and chelsea.

    I believe that’s four people who have now turned the position down, maybe Bouldy could do it as he needs to get out of that seat of his before inertia finally takes hold…then we could get a real assistant to help out Unai.
    With his charisma, anyone would want to come and play for ten bob a week, just to be inspired by the outgoing of excitement when watching him chew his gum produces.

  10. I just wonder why Ospina was not subbed straight away and later collapse no doubt terrifying his teammates and fans

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