Should Arsenal allow Ozil to join Bayern Munich?

There is an interesting Arsenal rumour in todays Express saying that the Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola is looking to poach Mesut Ozil next summer if the World Cup winner continues to be played out of position and fails to impress when forced to play as a winger.

Ozil had a fantastic game against Aston Villa last weekend when Wenger finally allowed him to play in his free-roaming Number 10 role, but after the game, the manager made it clear that Ozil will not be given that role permanently. Wenger said: “He played very well and had a good understanding with Danny Welbeck.

“It was a good partnership because they gave each other balls to score.

“It is tempting to keep Ozil in that central role but I maintain again that he will play where he is needed for the balance of the team and that can change game by game.”

I’m not sure I understand Mr Wenger’s thinking (who does!) but I CAN see Ozil himself becoming very frustrated if continually used in less effective positions, and maybe looking to work for a different manager that recognises his strengths. Likewise Wenger himself may consider selling our record-breaking arrival if he continues to act like a “one-trick pony” for the rest of the season, or if Ozil starts sulking when he doesn’t get his wish to play in his favoured position.

Wenger demands versatility in all his players and if Ozil doesn’t fit the bill he may seriously consider selling him to the German giants. It may be a little early to speculate on this possibility, but on his performances so far would you be happy to let Ozil move to Munich?

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  1. I thought Ozil played well with Wilshere interchanging yesterday, good passes and crosses. maybe many think otherwise. oh well, everyone’s own impressions i guess…

    PS: I am really sick and tired of articles asking if players need to be shipped. How much attention does Ozil require like this?

    1. all of us know that our problem is not Ozil or any midfielder, we have best midfielders in EPL..
      our problem in 2 positions DM & ST

    2. I agree this is a silly article especially when it is obvious that it is the manager who should be shipped out.

  2. If wenger decides to make a foolish decision like selling mesut ozil to bayern munich, that would be suicide! Because he keeps playing mesut out of position,thats why we are not getting the full potential out of him! Coyg!

  3. Any new spuds joke today..?? I love the spirit before game.. We gonna beat spuds. Easily win 3-0.. Spuds have no chances.. Pang pung pang pung..

    1. Exactly…the same was said last season against Chelsea, City, fool and Utd….

      the results…..we got hammered badly…

    1. i love the way W says “i am tempted to play him in the middle”.

      as if “i’m tempted to put my best lineup out there”
      “i’m tempted to field my strongest team”.
      “i’m tempted to play for the win”

  4. Yes Ozil must be sold.
    Although he was outstanding
    against Spurs we must sell him
    to Accrington Stanley for a
    1992 Ford Mondeo.
    Sanchez is top scorer for the club but
    admin at justarsena.con have authorized
    his sale to Bulgarian side Lokomotiv Plovdiv.
    And of course justarsenal.con admin has also
    completed the sale of Laurent Koscielny
    who misplaced one pass in last weeks practise.
    Koscielny will join B68 Toftir in the
    Faroe islands league on Tuesday.
    Theo Walcott was released by justarsenal.con admin
    because he has not scored enough goals this season.
    But seriously admin thanks awfully for the 175th Ozil article
    since last Wednesday We sooo appreciate your efforts.
    Changing the site name to justozil.con sums it all up I reckon 🙁

  5. Arteta Wilshere and Ramsay injuries could be a blessing in disguise….

    Wenger will now have to play players in their natural position and not force all Wilshere Ramsay and Ozil in the same line up…..

  6. No way, keep Ozil sack Wenger now!
    Seriously almost anyone could do a better job.
    We have some good players, too many kids and some OAP’s that need to go.
    Wenger out today and anyone as caretaker.
    Shit let Bould take over as caretaker until we poach a good manager.
    Can anyone hand on heart tell me that he would be more inept tactically than Wenger?
    Of course not, make it happen!
    FFS stick George Graham in as caretaker, even he talks more sense than Wenger!
    An ex Arsenal player recently said “playing for George Graham at Arsenal was like living in Iraq under Saddam
    OK give the players some of that for they do need a kick in the arse sometimes instead of kisses and tucked into bed!
    Bored of the apathy of this manager, 1,000 games under his belt and he gets raped by a manager in his 1st season at a club, lost it amateur manager.

  7. I say no, do not sell him, but,if an immediate replacement is sorted before he is sold and a good percentage of the £42 mil is recuperated, which I can’t. see,that decision is what Wenger gets paid to make.Remember bad buys like Torres,Carroll, Veron..Big fees big mistakes. my opinion, no replacement. NO SALE.

  8. I think we should either play Ozil permanently as the no. 10 or sell him. My preference would be to sell Willshere. The only reason Ozil is being played out of position is to accommodate Wilshere, which is stupid because Wilshere is the lessor talent. If Wenger had guts, Wilshere would not be a regular member of the starting 11.

    1. That move only makes sense if we are going to change tactics. Wenger rarely plays 2 pure wingers at the same time (instead forcing a CAM to play LW). Walcott returns, Reus joins the team and suddenly we have an abundance of quality Wingers sitting on our bench. Which might be OK if we had a manager who believed in squad rotation and playing the players in the best form. But we don’t.

  9. It would only make sense if Bayern were offering an incredibly ridiculous amount of cash. Other wise, what is the point.

  10. It hurts me to say this.but is arsene wants play him out of position jist like this.yhen its better selling him to bayern and buy 3-4 players who c are of the fighting kind.the alexis,ox welbexk kind

  11. Can’t he go now so AW can buy a CD to play as a striker or a LB to play as as DM? Honest to god AW needs to go

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