Should Arsenal and the EPL help bail out Bury FC?

Should The Prem Help Bury? By Dan Smith

As I write this Bury are trying to find financing to not go into liquidation. They are trying to get a deadline to prove to the EFL that any solution can clear outstanding debts, pay staff salaries and clear stadium regulations to be able to fulfil their fixture obligations, and have been given until tomorrow to find the fix.
When your best-case scenario is being bottom of League one with a points deduction you know its dark times. Owen Stewart Day say debts are over 8 million, not all caused by him, but when he brought them for a pound the assumption was that he had the pockets to deal with those problems.

That he may be not as wealthy as he thinks, he is again calling into question the process of how anyone, it seems, can gamble with a club with such a history. It’s not a good advertisement for the English game that a former FA Cup winner can go bust when so much money is in the game.

You can’t help but look at the Premiership and not see the irony. Don’t get me wrong; in the ruthless world of business Bury have made mistakes and an Asda wouldn’t rescue Tesco, or Costa help Starbucks. I’m naive for thinking someone becomes a millionaire by giving handouts. Yet you can’t help but think 8 million, life changing to us, is peanuts divided by 20 Premiership Clubs. Clubs who share a contract worth billions for TV rights.

Don’t we make 3 million a matchday? Didn’t we just give approx 8 million to Pepe agent? I’m just saying if the Prem wanted to do a whip round, they quickly raise that total. Not all owners are ogres, nor players, they will recognise the only people getting hurt here are the fans. Businessmen will find other work, players will find clubs, football will carry on.

It’s those who every other Saturday gone to Gigg Lane for decades, passed on through generations whose town might not have a club. Maybe there is a rule where it’s not as simple as Arsenal writing a cheque. It could be seen as an unfair advantage as then all lower League sides will want help. I just feel there is enough resources where something could have been done in the summer, a friendly or something.

Looking at the wages and fees, how in 2019 can English Football, when It’s got more money than ever before, let this happen?

Dan Smith


  1. T Smudge says:

    Yes, it would be in the interests of these prima donna’s to put some cash into one of the league’s most historic of teams.

  2. Ackshay says:

    The problem with helping out clubs in difficulty or any person in real life is that it attracts low life piece of shit who try to profit from it. sure the epl can easily help out bury then all clubs who tried to go big and went boom will be whining, all the glazers like owner who buy club and dump the debt on them will be on epl doorsteps. E.g Charity started out a benevolent action then SOBs came about with schemes to trick people.Owners will use clubs then leave them in financial distress knowing the epl will be cleaning the mess.

    1. Impenia says:

      Moral Hazard

  3. kev says:

    Sorry guys should have brought you this news a week or two ago.I kinda forgot players could still be sold so I didn’t focus much on transfers since the window was closed.

    Nacho Monreal will join Real Sociedad.
    A bid has also been made for Elneny.

    1. gotanidea says:

      Monreal should leave at the end of this season, not now

      But I guess it’s a good news for both Arsenal and Elneny

      How about Ozil? I suspect Arsenal are working on his transfer, because he disappears for too long

      1. Break-on-through says:

        You look at the pecking order right now and Monreal is obv our second choice, why are we using him in important games if he’s the one being sold. Kolasinac didn’t need that time off, maybe it’s mandatory or something but I’d rather Monreal over Kolasinac.

        Kol can play further forward but he is not ideal for that, he looks good when he has no marker because his runs are late and nobody marks a fullback, if he plays higher up that won’t be the case too often. He can dribble past players but it’s usually just a straight kick and run.

        Monreal is not what he used to be, his engine in particular is dwindling, that was arguably his biggest attribute, but I’d still take him over Kolasinac.

        Do we not have an academy fullbacks, Wenger used nail these areas down, we always looked to have some promising hopefuls in our academy when he steered the ship.

  4. gotanidea says:

    Bury is a very old football club with a long history and they competed in EPL before, so the EPL clubs have to unite and loan Bury some funds to survive

    Shouldn’t let a club like Bury extinct

    1. Phil says:

      Then what happens when the next Club in trouble comes along?

      1. gotanidea says:

        Then the English clubs have to loan them some money as well

        1. Phil says:

          And where will it all stop-what your saying is that each and every can get themselves into financial difficulties knowing they will be bailed out by the richer Clubs.It won’t happen PAL.

    2. Declan says:

      Gotanidea…. Bury never played in the EPL and I don’t believe they ever played in the old First Division either but am happy to be corrected on that one.

      1. Bob Pendriss says:

        Arsenal wins 15 Bury wins 12, 7 draws most in the old division 1

      2. Nitsram says:

        They did indeed play in the old first division (albeit around 1900), but like you said they’ve never played in the premier league, obviously. Given the geographic location, wouldn’t it make more sense to ask whether man City/man utd should be helping them?

  5. Phil says:

    It’s a dog eat dog world out there.There will always be a number of clubs who are struggling financially so what happens when the next one turns up?Do we bail them out as well?If the Club are not viable then they have no right to expect bail outs from the Premiere League big clubs.If you couldn’t afford your seat for the game would you expect someone to bail you out?
    It’s the reality of owning a football Club.Read Simon Jordan’s book on his time owning Palace.You need very deep pockets to own a Football Club.He spent millions every year propping up a fairly big Club that had far greater revenue streams than Bury.Its simple.You cannot spend what you have not got.Its the players and staff that are hit the hardest if the Club do go out of the League.With the transfer window all but closed how do these players get to rescue their careers?

  6. N9 says:

    Use Bury to give game time for the U23s

  7. Ingleby says:

    Big clubs like Arsenal are happy to hoover up young prospects from clubs like Bury and Bolton.
    In the Victorian era it was those ‘town’ clubs that made football possible as a national game – so, yes, the big clubs should help when they hit troubled times.

  8. brian says:

    cap should be put on transfer sales to help all clubs, too much money is ruining the game. it will all end in tears for smaller clubs at this rate. The efl needs a re-shape too. how can Bolton play and not Bury when they are worse off and no manager. Bury played 4 pre season games–won 2-drew 1 and lost one with some Youth players. The wages of PL players are a disgrace–all because of Sky money==says it all!

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