Should Arsenal be a little more realistic over Ramsdale’s asking price to revive Newcastle’s interest?

Should Arsenal maybe consider being a bit more realistic when it comes to their asking price for Aaron Ramsdale? I guess that could be the case if the rumors are true that Newcastle were interested in signing Ramsdale and giving him a fresh start.

Initially, reports suggested they were prepared to spend £15 million on the Englishman. A few Gooners were quick to caution the club against accepting such an offer. Luckily for them, it turns out that Arsenal are asking for £30 million for Ramsdale.

The Gooners were hoping to begin the potential negotiations with Newcastle to find a middle ground, but it seems that the Magpies may have lost some interest due to the asking price.

Maybe Arsenal should be a little more realistic about what they are asking for in order to sell the Englishman. According to the Mail, Newcastle United are considering a £20 million bid for Burnley’s James Trafford.

It also appears that the club is still considering Nick Pope as their top choice for next season, but they’re also looking for a younger goalkeeper to give him some real competition. They think Ramsdale is too expensive right now, so they’re reportedly not going to go for him.

It’s unfortunate that every summer, Arsenal end up overestimating the value of our players, leading to frustration when they fail to secure the desired price. Ramsdale is earning a starting keeper’s wage, which puts the North Londoners in a bit of a bind. The goalie’s lack of playing time and apparent desire to leave further exacerbate the situation. If Arsenal were to receive £20-£25 million, it would be a good idea to accept it.

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  1. WE are being realistic. The prices quoted as what Newcastle are willing to pay, are what we’ll spend on a 2nd choice keeper to replace him. In that case, we’d be mad not to keep him.
    If we keep selling for peanuts, we’ll continue to be low-balled, time after time.

  2. Having replaced him with Raya, I would have thought that, for his play for the team over the previous season, that Arteta owes him a move to get on with his career!

    But, it seems that Arteta is showing his vindictive side again by seemingly pricing him out of the market, forcing him to languish on the Bench for another season.

    Mikel, let him go to Newcastle, why don’t you?

    Perhaps you can use him in a trade for Guimaraes!!

  3. Use him in a swap deal. If Newcastle inflate their price for their player then we inflate the price of Ramsdale proportionally. eg If Isak is worth £70 million and Newcastle add another £20 million and ask for £90 million then do the same in the swap deal by adding an extra £20 million on the value of Ramsdale. Eg Ramsdale worth saying £40 million because of his young age and internation status, then add £20 million, so in acswap deal with over priced Isak at £90 million to swap for overpriced Ramsdale at £60 million. It’s only fare, if they overpriced then we overpriced. Anyway, I think Arsenal should keep Ramsdale for another year, until the right bid comes in for him.

    1. Isak is 150 million
      Ramsdale is no better than Trafford who can be bought for 20 million
      Newcastle already have two top keepers
      Isak is a talent which is why Man City Utd and Arsenal all want him
      Your talking about a keeper who can’t displace Raya
      He is 20 million at best

  4. Darren, I find your statement that The Arsenal overestimate their players every summer transfer window very surprising.
    If anything, we’ve been saying how the club has done the opposite.
    Does anyone believe that Isak is worth £100 million? Newcastle have put this price on his head, simply because they don’t want to sell him.

    Aaron is a current England international and is under contract to The Arsenal.
    Why should we not also play hardball and put forward what we see as a realistic price?

  5. By keeping Ramsdale hanging on for a season Arsenal have devalued him. He’s worth less now than when Raya was signed, he should have been sold straight away to maximise the sale price. Reading the comments people don’t seem to understand how buying and selling works. You can’t sell a player for more than someone is willing to pay, demand too much and they just walk away. Fine if you want to keep the player but otherwise counter productive. I’m not sure if the club over value players but the fans certainly do.

  6. Arsenal are under no pressure to sell Ramsdale. We all know how good Ramsdale is and he has the potential to be a legendary keeper. Personally I would love us to keep him but he simply should not be sold for peanuts especially when you consider that he is an English international, has got good reflexes, young with his better days ahead, still got years on his contract and will definitely want to prove that he is a top goal keeper in the premier league. Fifteen million pounds for a goalkeeper of this ilk is derisory. If Newcastle United or any football club wants him, they should up their offer significantly (nothing less than £30 Million) or NO DEAL.

  7. What a situation the club and Ramsdale find themselves in. Ramsdale obviously wants out, but will remain stuck until a club makes an offer that appeases Arsenal.

    Arteta continues to devalue players, and it hurts the club financially. His false statements about “competition” was smoke and mirrors, and the value Ramsdale had in the Summer has decreased.

    Everyone knows Ramsdale is on his way out, so why would a club pay our full asking price? Perhaps if we were Chelsea selling Havertz and Mount, we could get our full asking price.

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