Should Arsenal be able to buy ANY player in the world?

Wenger said about the Paulista transfer: “It’s 50-50 at this moment, yes. We respect the rules in England. When you buy a player who does not fulfil the criteria and needs a work permit, you go in front of a commission and they tell you yes or no.

“We will accept that, we have to respect the rules that are in this country. After, are the rules right or not, that can be discussed. At the moment the rules are like that, you have to go in front of a committee for a work permit.

Although Arsene Wenger has identified Gabriel Paulista as the answer to our defensive problems this January, Arsenal will have to throw themselves at the mercy of Britain’s strict work permit regulations before they can confirm the signing of the Brazilian defender from Villarreal.

Wenger is unhappy with the difference between the UK rules and those of other European countries like Spain or Portugal, and wants the rules changed accordingly. “Ideally I would want to open it completely. Anyone can come in,” he said on “At the moment, we are in a position where they force you to spend money on a player who sometimes you have identified.

“We had identified Angel di Maria when he was 17. We wanted him to come here. So he goes to Portugal, from Portugal he goes to Spain. Why? Because he could not get a work permit.

“Let’s open it completely. We live in a world where artificial protection is negative. If you want to be the best league in the world, you have to accept that you have to produce the best players in the world. The question is, ‘How can you produce the best players?’

“There’s two ways to approach the solution of the academies. The first is you completely close the borders of the country and you play only with English players. The second is to say, ‘Look we have the best league in the world, let’s produce the best players in the world’.

“One thing is for sure, if you put a young player with top-level players he has more chance to develop. If you put him with average players he has more chances to remain average. We have to accept that.

“Indian people watch Arsenal v Manchester United and you have more chances to do that if you have an Indian player in one of the two teams. That is the target of the Premier League, to be the best league in the world. So you have to open it completely.”

So Wenger has made his point, but he also raises the issue of home-grown English players. If we completely open the borders to let any promising young footballer from anywhere in the world join our academy, then will that stop us from developing more young English players to the detriment of our national team?

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  1. According to marca, Arsenal are “hours” away from completing the signing of Gabriel with Campbell possibly joining Villarreal on loan

  2. I like looking at things both ways personally:

    Advantages of Britain’s strict work permit regulations:
    – Better chance of British player development
    – EPL only signs the cream dela cream of players outside Europe there maintaining the “best” league tag
    – Clubs are forced to have more home grown players therefore aiding the national team
    – etc

    Disadvantages of Britain’s strict work permit regulations:
    – EPL teams miss out on great young talent
    – Potential to increase more average British players in the league
    – Risks dropping its world dominance in tv coverage
    – etc

    A balance has to be striked. I feel its the British culture which has a problem (some teams I must insist). Others feel its there duty to promote local talent while others don’t simply care. Though closing its doors will not help especially with the price tag that British players have, what chance does small teams have at buying the best British players. Even 16year olds cost 16mil in Britain these days, will teams like Burnley manage this and remain floating?

    1. He does not say that Twig. Arsene is saying if Either one of the teams can play an Indian player, Indian people will start watching that match and thus in turn start following EPL.

      Believe me, I am an Indian and after the recent inaugral football league so many people have started following football. In terms of pure commercial view imagine tapping into Indian market with so much viewing and fan following. Although I know the difficulties India faces, from lack of High quality players to domination of cricket.

      Do note that there are some states that are football lovers rather than cricket. Prime examples include West Bengal, North Eastern States and Goa.

  3. Football is an evolving game a game on the move with a moving ball every game is different the knowing opposing players trade run skill is the key all 11 most play with the same key on the same key exactly like an orchestra else it will not sound any good you can have messie and renaldo and zidan on your team but trust me if they are not in tune and well-tuned a street team from Rochdale would give them a good hiding the question here is why would you sign a player for 100 million while you can develop 100 players for the same money and bring your players to dominate football rather than club dominating football with non-national’s

  4. i think there needs to be rule changes and more of a compromise. It shouldnt be that clubs miss out on talents because of a work permit, so they go elsewhere instead. Maybe clubs should have limits, or a certain number of requests they can make in a given period for a player outside the continent to come. But I see the reason against abolishing the work permit. English talent is pretty thin as it, and it wouldnt help if they were disregarded even more.

  5. Ideally or rather in my dreams I would like Arsenal to get
    1. Cavani
    2. Reus
    3. Kondogbia
    4. Howedes
    5. Diego Lopez or similar quality Goalkeeper

    We could get all of them for around £170 million. We can sell some players like Podolski, Campbell, Jenkison, Mertsacker, etc. Maybe bring the total down £40 million from sale of players.

    To be greedy a top LB and RB
    Sergio Ramos
    Jordi Alba

    If we deduct players we can sell we could get all players for around £200 million (but that doesn’t include salaries obviously- so it’s not easy)

    GK: Lopez, Ospina, Martinez
    CB: Howedes, Koscielny, Paulista, Chambers
    LB: Alba, Gibbs, Monreal
    RB: Ramos, Debuchy, Bellerin
    DM/b2b:Kondogbia, Ramsey, Coquelin, Wilshere
    AM: Ozil, Cazorla, Rosicky, Sanchez
    Forwards: Reus, Sanchez, Walcott, Welbeck, Oxlade
    Strikers: Cavani, Giroud, Welbeck,

    Again, not even close to realistic but don’t be surprised by United spending big this summereirh their £750 million Nike deal. Also, City and Chelski will as usual spend big.

    We only have 3 WC Players in my opinion
    1. Sanchez
    2. Ozil
    3. Koscielny

    We need a few more (at least 2-3) to compete for number 1 next season. Or just a DM to compete for 4th place again

    1. Add Santi to that list. We’re also a few seasons away from having a few more – I think Ramsey (don’t forget what he did for us last season) – if he’s able to reproduce that and improve over the next few years why wouldn’t he be considered WC? I think the ox is 2/3 years away also.

      Pretty sure we will buy another WC player this summer following on the trend of the last few years. Why this complete reshuffling of the team, meaning we have to start fresh again waiting for the whole team to gel before we can win honours. Look at soton, AM, the dortmund of a few years ago – all teams that kept their backbone for a long team meaning they could play like a team.

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