Should Arsenal wait or unleash Reiss Nelson ASAP?

With everything that has been going on around Arsenal Football Club so far this season, apart from the good performance and result against Chelsea at Wembley that saw us lift another community Shield trophy, there has not been too much for the Arsenal fans to cheer about.

One bright spark, however, and big ray of hope for the future of the Gunners, has been the emergence of young Reiss Nelson from the Arsenal academy. The 17-year old has been with the young Gunners since he was nine years old and has been impressing his coaches and playing above his natural age group ever since, so it is no surprise that he is now a regular with the under 23s rather than our under 18 side.

It may be that he soon leaves that under 23 team behind as well because he is one of the brightest and best to come through for some time and has already made his competitive debut when coming off the bench in the Community Shield victory over Chelsea at Wembley last month.

That came after an impressive pre-season which he has carried on with five goals from just three academy games and it is not just at club level where Nelson has shone either. This week he scored the only goal for the England under 19s as they lost to Germany, but the Arsenal starlet’s performance was the main talking point.

Nelson also bagged nine goals in 10 games for ther three lions at under 17 level and looks set to play a part in our domestic cup and Europa League games, but should Arsene Wenger go a step further and start using him in the Premier League as well.

We do not want to push him too hard and too fast or ruin his burgeoning confidence, but there is that old adage about if you are good enough you are old enough, so do you think Wenger should unleash Reiss on the Premier League?

Watch Reiss Nelson’s super skills at this link



  1. Nothing changed says:

    I am all for unleashing him under normal conditions. However, I am worried about Wenger getting his hands on him. It seems every young player that gets trained by Wenger either falls back or plateaus.

    Bellerin was very promising until he had been under Wenger’s coaching for a season. Chambers who came from the well coached Southampton Academy also started brightly but after a season with Wenger, his career was also derailed.

    I think Wenger, not unlike SAF did, should stay away from running training sessions and coaching sessions. He should find a trainer capable of developing young players. It is not Wenger’s strong suit.

    But is it clear as I have said before, as long as we are financially restricted as a result of Kroenke’s ownership our only way back to the top is through developing our own talent? We will not be able to rebuild by buying ready-made players. They are now above our budget.

    If you have the right manager and or coach it is very possible to develop a top team with largely home self-developed or finished players. Hate to say it but Spurs have not done too bad in this regard.

    We fail to further develop undoubdetly talented players like Bellerin, Chambers, Ox even the likes of promessing Ramsey seem not to have added much to their game during recent years.

    So, on the one hand I would love to see Nelson fast tracked on the other hand I worry if we have the talent needed to develop a player of that potential.

    1. Shai says:

      Monaco did with Maple, Ajax with Kluidvet Seedorf
      Yes, unleash him

      1. Nothing changed says:

        agreed we have to take the risk. Just don’t over play them at that age. Maybe not more than 60 minutes a game for a while.

        1. andydale says:

          Yes But play him in right position ie not CB. LOL

        2. san says:

          manu did it recently – Rashford – why not him ? just imagine a new germ. i think he can do it or i wish so

      2. Kostafi says:

        Unleash him in the Cups- he was fantastic in preseason at wing back. Let him have a go at Europa and and the League Cups. We don’t need PL defenders aiming to break his legs before they are fully developed.

      3. John says:

        He has the potential to be as good as Mbape…….if not better…..

    2. Terry Garratt says:

      Exactly. Good posting. In itself, what you say should be reason to get rid of Wenger. Add to that – ridiculous substitutions, lack of team organisation (particularly defence), constant misrepresentation of facts, an apparent distrust of English players, chaotic transfer attempts, u-turns on just about everything (except signing a lucrative extension to his own contract) etc. etc. etc. I know of no other set of fans who would put up with this for more than a couple of seasons at most. I can not understand how he stays.

      1. Kenny Rolfe says:

        Because 90% of the Emirates crowd are newcomers. Don’t even know “Come on you Reds”

    3. Remember Resource? says:

      Yes he will be “unleashed this season” as a teaser and sold in 2020 along with iwobi. next market bellerin and wilshere will be sold for a combined total in the range of 70-90m for both. Alexis will also leave for around 40-50m. We will make signings worth 50m. And net above 50m in profits for the window. The next two transfer windows will be about cashing in on Nelson, Iwobi and ramsey.. These are assets to kroenke that must be monetised at the right time. He can use the cash to grow his other sports franchises and buy a few more ranches. “true” and “loyal” arsenal fans will keep spending and buying more merchandise. They can go for a small stadium expansion as well maybe around 10,000 seats. And this will enable more “true” and “loyal” fans to come and “support the club no matter what” withput realising that they are literally sheep giving away cash to kroenke..

      1. GunnerJack says:

        What’s it like living in cloud cuckoo land? Many times it has been pointed out here that the true fact is that Kroenke DOES NOT TAKE MONEY FROM ARSENAL. It’s a complete fallacy. A lie! Not the truth! All made up! Do you get it now? Or will you need to be told another few hundred times for it to sink in? If so have a nice journey on your trip back to fantasy island.

        1. Nothing changed says:

          Dreamer, you’re nothing but a dreamer (imagine Supertramp melody) 😉

          If the owners don’t benefit from the profits (be it from dividend distributions or share value appreciation (or in Kroenke’s case also an “advisory fee”) then who gets the value created by paying (gate and TV) and merchandise buying fans?

          All “money (profit)” as you call it, goes to the owners in one way or an other.

          1. GunnerJack says:

            Here we go again. . . Kroenke long ago forfeited his advisory fee. As for the rest please give me a list of businesses which are designed NOT to try to make money. And where did I say I call money profit? Making things up (a.k.a lying) to try and prove your point is pretty pathetic don’t you think? Maybe you could investigate and find the true facts rather than just jumping on some emotional bandwagon fairy tale along with the likes of ‘Remember Resource’.

  2. arsenal4life says:

    Yes give him a go against Doncaster.

  3. stubill says:

    The young man obviously oozes talent and confidence, however, what Arsenal must not do is overplay him in Europe, domestic cups or PL.

    His body is still developing, so too many games in too short a time frame could cause major physical damage for years to come. Yes, by all means use him in the first team, but this has to be done gradually.

  4. GunnerJack says:

    If we play him I hope we revert to 4-2-3-1 as that would give him the best chance to shine. With Lacazette up front and Nelson, Ozil and Sanchez as the 3 just behind that would certainly give the opposiition defenders something to think about. Just hope we don’t leak goals at the other end!

  5. xhaka16 says:

    chamberlain really giving arsene wenger a reason to quit………….praising klopp as if he is an alex ferguson “i do tink klopp is the one that can take me to the next level”……….dat just rubbing salt on wengers wound……probably sanchez will say the same very soon bout city boss

    1. tas says:

      i remember when RVPrat scored against us and jumped in the arms of Sir Alex Ferguson like he won the lottery, first i felt relay bad for AW then us, we put up with his Sh*t injury for six and a half years and he had one good season and he left that peace of S**t

      OX is becoming close second peace of S**t, he was the 12th man for Liverpool when we played them, i lay most of the blame for our pore performance to him and at the end of the season if Liverpool are ahead of us by just one or two points then i will think differently

      1. tas says:

        and really are we any different just because AW had a bad 13 years and are we quick to jump on his case 🙂

        1. Nothing changed says:

          I lay the full blame at Wenger’s feet. Which moron plays a player against the team he wants to join?

          Ox should have never played against Liverpool.

    2. John says:

      Chamberlain ……..coaches don’t take you further………your talent and hardwork does………..deluded dude………..klopp will give him some opportunity……because of what they paid for him……….and if he plays like he did at Arsenal…….he will not even make the bench……….

  6. Kenya 001 Ars fan says:

    We didnt sign ox replacement so yeh y not he has fantastic cameos

  7. tas says:

    You have to unleash him now because his young and no fear,

    he will be grateful for the early chance which he will remember in the future and before he gets restless and thoughts of playing for other teams,

    football has changed these days other clubs mind F**k players to unsettle them, unfortunately it’s part of the modern game now

  8. Antony Douglas says:

    Pele was playing in the world cup at 17. Tervor Francis was playing for Birmingham City at 16. If he is good enough play him.

    1. Admin says:

      Football was not quite so intense in those days, and you need to be much stronger and fitter to survive…

  9. Peter says:

    How old is Messi when he started playing for Barcelona? How old is Mbappe and Lemar that we are dying to buy? Are they not in age bracket with Nelson? Pls play the young chap but don’t overwork him.

    1. san says:

      rightly so – give the chance – he will shine – we need to be pro-active and take the risk – or we will never know his potential – he is probably one of our bright future – who know – give the break and cheers

  10. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Play him with caution, ox departure has opened way for him

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