Should Arsenal be punished for struggling to handle Cologne encounter?

Arsenal’s match against Cologne in the Europa League opening group game was marred by trouble and disruption last week, and UEFA have now tasked somebody with investigating the issues.

The encounter was delayed by an hour following the unexpected arrival of 20,000 Cologne fans to London and mass number of fans who travelled to the stadium also. It is also believed that a number of Gunners fans also sold their tickets to away fans, meaning the travelling support gained way over their 2,900 allowance.

There was clashes in the stands between various supporters and stewards, while there was limited charges brought for infractions inside and out of the arena, but the handling of the matter is deemed to have been unsatisfactory.

UEFA have now took it upon themselves to task a representative to look into the handling of the affairs, and there could well be charges brought on the club.

In a statement Uefa confirmed: “The Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Board has decided to appoint an Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector to initiate the appropriate disciplinary investigations.

“The Ethics and Disciplinary Inspector will contact both clubs in order to evaluate the scope of their respective responsibility as regards the incidents connected to this match.”

Should Arsenal be blamed for their handling of the match? Was there enough communication between all parties (police, Arsenal Football Club, European travel authorities and Cologne FC) to deal with any prospective problems? Will a harsh penalty be brought upon the club?

Pat J

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  1. Sue says:

    It was a nightmare! Glad I didn’t go to that match! Someone didn’t do their job properly as fireworks were set off

  2. big g says:

    I don’t know how much of the story i read is true, after all we have to take what we read with a pinch of salt. Arsenal are being punished for blocking the stairways to the away supporters stands and or seats which if true is similar to the same thing that happened at Hillborough all those years ago when lives were lost. If this is proved to be the case then Arsenal will be in a lot of trouble and rightly so, as for the punishment, well it could be a huge fine, a ban from european football or we may have to play behind closed doors. The worst for us fans would be a ban from european football leading to the demise of our team
    as our best players will leave while lesser quality players will join.
    These really are sad days for our club and more so us fans.

  3. Declan says:

    The gangway was blocked with Cologne fans. We will get a slap on the wrist and a 30 grand fine. It’s no big deal.

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