Should Arsenal be spending big like Liverpool and Man United?

Is Money the key to Arsenal’s title ambitions? ED

I’ve seen a lot of people write about how “all we need is a CDM and Striker” and if those players were “World Class” that all our problems would be solved, perhaps not to that extent but there is an insinuation by most that we would all of a sudden be capable of challenging for greater honours other than the FA cup, talks of title ambitions and European glory seem to be synonymous amongst these individuals. There is a huge flaming ‘but’ in this whole situation, which is that in order to procure these ‘World Class Players’ you’ve got to spend the money. It’s not simply a question of paying an astronomical fee. I mean you’d expect that if you’re looking for any high end product, there is also the issue of wages. Good players don’t come cheap and they don’t simply take what you give them, more often than not they’ll demand whatever the hell they can.

Having experienced austerity measures before pretty much the rest of the entire world, in terms of ticket prices being raised, our best players being sold and not really having much of that money being put back into the club…to pay off the massive stadium debt we owed. We all grew frustrated with the lack of success that had come arguably due to a lack of investment in new players during that period. Fast forward to 2013 – the debt had been significantly reduced, and basically had allowed us that extra leeway in investing in players, not just the ‘league 2 French player’. We started getting proper players, people who had started to produce performances that mimicked that of successful squads that we had in the past. Arsene spending £30+ Million on a player, if you had told me 5 years ago I would have told you, ‘you’re full of it’ and I’m sure most would have had a similar opinion.

With us winning effectively 3 pieces of major silverware in the last 2 seasons as a direct result of investment in the squad, logic would dictate that spending even more would lead to greater success. Of course it does, but what worries me is the extent to which people believe we should be investing… It’s not ideal but I’m quite content with Wenger’s strategy, finding that one player – your Ozil or Sanchez – rather than what United or City are doing having a constant £150 million ‘trial and error’ transfer fund, whereby if it doesn’t work, who gives a crap they’ll do it all over again next window. If we had spent £32 million on Luke Shaw or £26 Million on someone like Soldado, I would be a pretty pissed off man.

We’re never going to be able to compete with the lavish spending habits of City and PSG, we may have the financial capabilities of competing with United and Liverpool, but if collectively £360 million spent in the last 2 Seasons (not counting this year) hasn’t produced a single thing between them, why fall into that trap of reckless spending potentially crippling the clubs finances?

Eddie D

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    1. this is 2015, wenger, get your check out and sign a top striker, 3yrs are long enough for us …

  1. Every transfer window Wenger just assumes that we have a strong enough squad to challenge for the title despite glaring deficiencies. And even if our squad is strong, our rivals are getting stronger while we stagnate.Am afraid but come the end of the season we will be here talking about how close we came to winning the league but just came short due to injuries and lack of a good Center forward. Mark my words

    1. here is my expectation based on current status:
      1. Chelsea
      2. ManUtd
      3. City
      4. Arsenal and Liverpool
      I think liverpool did a good job till now, signing Benteke is really a good move, this guy is far better than Giroud given that him playing for big clubs …

      1. @FCA-TB.. Barca are the European champions, I’m pretty sure everyone went home crying. Bayern are an awesome team, we went out on goal difference, no shame in losing to Bayern.

        1. @YINGYANG69

          1. we left the UCL at least three times on goal difference to excellent teams.
            10 years…debt…ring any bells?

            1. I don’t think there is shame in losing to those heavy weights. And Bayern only became a force once more from about five years ago. Lets face it, Barca created in many opinions the greatest club team in the world and allot of there players are still there. Like i said, I’m sure Barca sent allot of people home crying, they did when even we had a better team and should have won final WTF@crazyLehman.

              We still have allot to learn about European football, granted.

  2. Football is a result business. The more you win , the more your stock goes up.
    The lack of investment in the club and the drought of trophies also mean the club is also probably losing out on more money if they had invested in players

    1. True.. So we should invest in the team heavily. Just signing 1 good player each season is not going to get us anywhere, we will keep struggling for 4th-3rd and be a domestic cup team… Lets identify 2-3 positions we are lacking in each season and then try to sign those players in a single window. 1 player each season is lame, the other clubs will keep strengthening so we will always be a step behind them..

      If we invest the more our stock rises, the more we challenge for trophies, the more other class players would be desperate to join us and the more money we will start accumulating due to bigger commercial deals etc..

  3. Dont worry Wenger, no one will take away your economics degree if you spend on a quality striker and DM…

  4. We just need 2 or 3 players at a maximum.. But as always we are going to go into the season short of those players, it’s frustrating.

    I know people are going to say the window just opened, but what are we waiting for when others are going for the players they need? It’s just frustrating, we should do our business early and then concentrate on integrating the players into the team..

    Wenger just leaves us hanging each an every season, we always need 2 or 3 players in crucial positions but he ignores then and goes for non crucial position and ignores the majority’s opinion..

  5. We conceded 36 goals last season when Chelsea conceded 32. Four goals fewer even though we had that horrendous start. The reason why I believed over these last seasons that the title was beyond our reach had been due to our defensive capabilities compared to Chelsea and Mancs.

    You must be capable of some staunch defending as times will demand nothing less. I think we can do this now so I truly believe we can have a real go at the crown. Goals, we have all types of goals and from more different players than any other side, goals are not a problem. The defending was, but as I’ve said, I believe we’ve curtailed that problem.

    1. We lost 6 points against Swansea. 6 points in two games we had in hand at the interval. Defensively we were $hit and also not motivated. Bould and Wenger to blame because they have to make sure the work and motivation should be there, in the game.

    2. @ YingYang69….What are you smoking over there? You’re clueless…very clueless.
      We conceeded 4 more goals than Chelsea but finished 12 points below them. I don’t think that has anything to do with defending. For you to say goals are not a problem shows you are extraordinarily clueless. Both areas can be further improved especially the attack and more specifically, the ST.

    3. The people who thumbed you up are even more clueless. They don’t read and certainly aren’t analytical.

      1. I don’t know why Arsenal fans tend to ignore the school boy errors we make in defense once every month but go super critical when we fail to score once or twice in 6 months. Both need work agreed but I think we need to defend better and concentration up at all times.

  6. Yes and No

    Top Quality players rarely come cheap, but we only need two more top Quality players. So we won’t break the bank on two players but should spend top money on top players

    A top DM and Top striker

    So- 50-75 millon should do it.
    ie. Carvalho and Benzema or Krychowiak and Lacazette etc.

  7. Mario Götze has been told he can leave if the right offer comes in rejected a move to Juve. could be waiting for another club ??????????

  8. we dont really need to spend the way manutd n liverpool have spent or are spending.. all we need do is buy players in positions we ned em.. and right now, all we need is a striker n dm which may cost us 60m pounds.

    1. You’re spot on Olis – Manure and Liverfool have had to spend big and bring in lots of players because they didn’t buy well last year. De Gea won the 4th place for Manure, and without Suarez, Brenda proved he’s not as great a manager as he thinks he is.
      In both cases it will take time for all those new faces to settle in and deliver.
      We have a settled squad, all fit – and it’s critical that we don’t lose players to injury.
      This year we need to increase our scoring rate, so an additional quality ST is a must, and another DM to back up Le Coq would be good.
      There are still 5 weeks to go in the window, and seems to me that our rumoured buys (e.g. Benzema etc) are dependent on other deals (e.g. Madrid getting Reus). Why do so many people get the knives out on AW before they ACTUALLY know what’s happening!!

      1. And without sanchez we would have been out of top 4. So let us not act as if we are seom genius team and others are one man team

  9. i would imagine that gotze is the back up, just in case the benz deal derails but just imagine if we got both this window. we would be massive title contenders, how much would that cost do you think £40 million a piece does anyone think this is doable deals and would wenger take the chance to get both in one window hat does anyone think?

      1. The back up deal in case the deal for Benzema falls through, not a back up player at Arsenal. At least that’s what I think goonerwineverything means.

  10. Damned. Juventus are seriously after Draxler. If you dont spend, someone else will do it, simpe as that.

    Better quality better chances to win.

    1. yeah his agent roger wittmann has come and said he is now available for about £17.5 million(his buyout clause of £31 million expired in june) that would be a bargain. wenger should look to steal the march on juve, and step in and get this deal done now it could be a cheaper alternative to gotze if it comes down to prices paid.

  11. I aid this in anoher comment section. I dot think wenger is that dumb.

    But I dont think its that easy to sign a top striker and a top DM.

    a striker because (we failed to do so when Agüero and Lewandoski were not in big teams but well..) of all of the top (people ant worldclass, no less) available are ok at their clubs, earning good money…its not that maybe they dont rate us, they are maybe gooners, but hey…you dont leave a place where you feel good , earn ood and win trophies right?

    DM is slightly different. First…the position à la Makelele is being forgotten (even if it gave Real so many good moments with the galácticos) and the ones available might want first team action. Arsenal cant guarantee, not to them nor to Coq, first team action unless proven worthy of. And in hat case Coq has an advantage.

    Reality bites…

    1. Gigi mate. Atletcio and Bvb are pretty big. The thing abour striker and dm in our situation is that we cant rely on a average striker in Giroud and force Coquelin to play the full season all by himsels. Wenger of course is thinking of using Wilsher and Ramsey as a back up plan, but such plans will bring us nowhere.

  12. Just thinking? What if we do a deal with Liverpool for BALOTELLI. I still rate the guy above definitely what we have and above some of those we’ve been linked with. If his temperaments can be worked on, I’m sure a jewel will be unveiled.

  13. Sky Italia say Llorente’s transfer to Madrid is ‘almost certain’. Could be crucial in Arsenal’s Benzema chase

    1. Benzema and Semper coming in. Cech-Semper-Benzema. not a bad transfer season for Arsenal.

  14. Roma had been interested in signing Szczesny permanently, but that did not suit the player or Arsenal at this stage

  15. cech+ semper+ benz and maybe a last minute surprise of draxler would definitely make this window one to remember, draxler could make up for missing out on gotze and hazard, if he gets over come the injuries and plays to full potential, could a real steal for £17.5million, and could be corzola replacement in the long term when he calls it a day.

  16. Manchester United are spending more effectively unlike last season. 76 million on 4 players is what you call effective business , buy offcourse its done by other team so it is overspending when we do it becomes good. Cant say much to some shallow minded fans here

    1. No, this season they are spending well…but they’ve literally bought players to replace the players they just bought. While the business is good, it’s not been cost effective in the grand scheme. We’re not just looking at one window where the result of said transfers is yet to be clear, we’re looking at the past season’s business too.

  17. Spend as much maybe not but spend we should to a certain extent the way we did the last 2 windows and we shouldn’t wait till we ship all the players we don’t need and get close to deadline day to make business where there will be either short supply of the quality of players we require or reluctance from clubs to let go there big/marquee player without a replacement for it when the season is so close! Unlike some I don’t believe we are 4 players away or that some players don’t deserve to be in the squad like Giroud or that Wilshere hasn’t come good and should be shipped out! It is clear that this team has a lot of quality and only QUALITY can upgrade this team and with those teams overpaying they don’t come cheap!!

  18. Chill out boys.. I really doubt that we are getting Benzema, or a world class DM and ST. I believe Wenger is going to play this year with two FC, picking between Giroud, Walcott, Sanchez, Akpom and at DM we have Le Coq and also Wilshere/Ramsey and Bielik.
    Our major transfer this window was Petr Cech, a “world class” player, although aged 33, who we only got because he costed 11mil.
    Wenger and the Board be like:
    -What else do you want Arsenal fans? You ‘ve got your world class player: Cech!….

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