Should Arsenal be thinking of upgrading from Aaron Ramsdale?

Arsenal is doing everything it can to compete with the best in the Premier League and the Champions League and emerge victorious.

In his quest for his team to be the best, Arteta has taken advantage of this transfer window. He’s already completed three impactful signings: Declan Rice, Jurrien Timber, and Kai Havertz. There’s talk of other signings being completed.

Of these other signings to be closed before September 1, Mark Goldbridge has said Arteta needs to get himself a modern-day goalie, which he says Ramsdale is not.

Even though the Englishman is considered the most valuable goalie and, in Gooners’ eyes, was arguably the top shot-stopper in the Premier League last season, Goldbridge says Arsenal needs to learn from Man United’s acquisition of Andre Onana and replace Ramsdale.

Listen to Goldbridge below, who advocates for Arsenal to move on from Ramsdale.

I’m afraid I have to disagree with Goldbridge, and I bet watching the Arsenal shot-stopper fail to save Bruno Fernandes shot in the Arsenal vs. Man United friendly may have invited him to make such comments.

Anyone who watched Ramsdale last season knows he is still maturing in the game, and he is not just the present and future of Arsenal; soon, he will take over the reins as the Three Lions’ first-choice goalie and lead the Three Lions for years.

Sam P


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  1. Arsenal should not necessarily be looking for a new goalie, just ways to keep Ramsdale honest.

    1. He is vulnerable at the near post and at times he seems to lack coordination and composure.I thought Turner did very well for USA at the World Cup,but like others in our squad, he has not really been given a chance to compete.One keeper who impressed me last season was the German at Fulham.A better stopper than Ramsdale imo.

  2. He got beaten by Firmino/ Jota/ Grealish/ Sancho from tight angles and he’s not good in penalty situations. He’s good for a long marathon like EPL, but I don’t think we’d win any major knockout competition with him as our main GK

    I believe he’s got too comfortable with his role at Arsenal. Arteta had better let him know that his position isn’t guaranteed anymore and Turner should be able to compete with Ramsdale

    1. Gai, I honestly wish Arteta sees that there is a need for Ramsdale not to be too comfortable he can be easily challenged by Turner who is good one vs one. Turner also need to gather epl experience to be more assured. There are areas Ramsdale need to improve he can’t be too lethargic in some games .

    2. What’s with the obsession with penalties? You are aware that there hasn’t been a single penalty shootout in the Champions League since the 2015/16 season?
      Aside from that he faced 5 penalties and conceded 3, putting him in the top 7 of all premier League keepers for save percentage, or top 5 if you only include keepers who faced 3 penalties or more.

  3. Ramsdale is brilliant on his day but naive when the heat is on. If Turner is not up to challenging him, we need Turner out. Like many other positions, is he an Arteta favourite or does he need to be given a kick up the butt. All these players need to be changed and challenged at times.

  4. theres a lad at villa from argentina i think, just won them the world cup but arteta knows best

  5. Mark Goldbridge, the well known Manchester United fan that runs several of their fan channels? Yeah, he’s trolling us.

  6. Ramsdale doesn’t need to be replaced, but Rather challenged. I was disappointed when Turner was dropped 2nd leg against Sporting, and knew it was trouble with Ramsdale in the shootout.

    Give Turner opportunities, drop Ramsdale when he dips or gets complacent, it should be open competition.

    Emi wasn’t guaranteed starts, neither should Ramsdale walk into the lineup.

  7. He’s solid enough ,great shot stopper with fast reflexes,very vocal and can organise a defence.
    Mistakes get highlighted more as a keeper and every top keeper as a blunder in them ,if his form drops This season then obviously you look to replace same as any other position at the club .

  8. Onana is the quintessential modern goalkeeper who’s extremely comfortable with his feet – ramsdale is not *as* good with the ball at his feet but he’s still an awful lot better than the vast majority of gks.
    Agree with the comments about him possibly becoming too comfortable – he needs to push himself to keep getting better, but he is a good gk. I don’t think we need to be thinking about replacing him currently

  9. Ramsdale doesn’t fill me with confidence when he tries to play the ball with his feet but he is far from being the worst in the league and for me he still does the most important job of being a goalkeeper well: he saves goals.

    He is among the best shot-stoppers in the league and whilst not brilliant with his feet he is far from being a liability. Plus he seems to be a popular lad and is still young so should be able to improve those aspects of his game that need refinement.

  10. Ramsdale is by no means world class. He is an improvement on his predecessor, is better than his No. 2 but not even close to Martinez. We need to be brutally honest that while he’s brave and self confident, his handling, positioning, temperament and overall maturity level are below par for a No.1 GK.

  11. Ramsdale seems to have a little ADHD and impulsiveness. Against Southampton he gave away a goal that really damaged our campaign. . Ramsdale is a top goalkeeper but needs to calm his impulsiveness, which can lead to very difficult situations. Overall though he is a top goalkeeper.

  12. SamP. Ramsey’s not a good shot-stopper, in fact, that’s his big weakness, especially shots from distance which regularly get passed him. He’s very good at saves from close in, recovers quickly to make second saves, is good on corners & crosses, excellent with his feet and distribution, but shot stopping needs to be worked on.
    For me, he’s a six out of ten keeper who needs to move up a couple of notches.

  13. You cant talk about Ramsdale’s deficiencies without addressing the elephant in the room: Inaki Cana (a real joke of a coach). How many times has Ramsdale been beaten at the near post? Three years in, and we are still talking about his positioning! Ramsdale’s on-the-ball skills have stagnated compared to the likes of Gabi, White, and Nelson. That’s down to lack of coaching. A vast majority of Ramsdale’s howlers are soo basic you would want to look away! The goalkeeping coach is a joke. He’s clearly stealing a living at Arsenal.

  14. let’s face the truth.. Ramsdale falls on the category with D Gea and Leno;Good shot stoppers but would often wobble when it matters. Surprised we won nothing with Leno but with Martinez? Same with Rams.

  15. He has no competition, that is the problem, he still can’t kick a ball well enough, a good shot-stopper, but he needs to know he can be dropped at any time and that is the problem. I do like him, but he is prone to gaffs

  16. He is NOT a Great goalkeeper.
    Last season, he ridiculously let in easy goals from Ollie Watkins, Kevin de Bryne, and several others.😕
    I don’t see him as a Title-Winning GK at all. 😒
    We should have gone for Emi Martinez, Bonou or Yann Sommer of Switzerland/Bayern Munich.
    These GKs have a Formidable reputation and Strikers fear them alot.

    1. Interesting choice of words VB but I cannot think of any circumstances where a striker would “fear” a GK.Interesting subject, so who is the best stopper ever?Arsenal have had some very good ones,but the Russian Lev Yashin was possibly the best I have seen.

      1. Got to believe it.
        Some Strikers actually fear some GoalKeepers. E.g Lacazette vs David De Gea.
        For your Question on our Best GK, I will pick Emiliano Martinez.
        The little time he spent as Number One, he was Bold, Assuring, never made any Blunder and won us an FA Cup and Community shield against Liverpool on Penalties.🤔🙂
        Lehmann, Almunia, Sczenny, Peter Cech, etc were Good but weren’t all that Great! 😕

        1. Martínez was Arsenal’s best ever keeper? Better than Seaman, Jennings, Wilson and Lehmann? OK then…..

        2. Lehmann’s unbeaten season, Seaman FA Cups, Titles, Martinez one FA cup, you must be on a wind-up

    1. Agreed.. looks like he’ll be a great gk if being given more chance. Might be too good to be a backup gk. Good personality and mentality too.

  17. I am not totally convinced by Ramsdale, but I am not jumping on this bandwagon just yet. Let see how he goes this season and then go from there.

    1. Another thought, would City have won the title if they had the same injury problems that Arsenal had?

      Imagine if Haaland missed around 4 months like Jesus.

  18. Ramsdale has been excellent since joining us, and just the right type of character as well.

    People have mentioned a few wobbles here and there, but the same could be said with some of our other so called “key players”.

    Gabriel has a fair few mistakes directly leading to goals, but otherwise brilliant, especially with Saliba next to him.

    Saka went missing at the back end of last season, and missed that crucial pen at West Ham, which proved to be the beginning of the end, but otherwise brilliant!

    Partey bossed last season, before form went at a crucial point.

    And so on…

    Ramsdale is still young, especially for a keeper, so I would expect a few iffy moments here and there, but he has shown huge potential, so I wouldn’t think of replacing him just yet.

  19. All keepers concede goals. That said; Ramsdale, for the most part, keeps out the ones he should and a fair number of attempts that should get by him. Looking around the league, there are, perhaps, four keepers better than he is.

    Ederson, Allison, Martinez, Onana.

    Arsenal have not been very good judges of goal keeper quality of late. The club let Fabianski go and he’s been very good for Swansea and then West Ham. Szczesny was sent packing for having a poor attitude, and has been world class for Juventus. Emi Martinez was terrific for Arsenal, but Arteta stuck with Leno, and Martinez has been one of the top keepers in the league since joining Aston Villa.

    Matt Turner has not done much to distinguish himself, but has had few chances. Given Arsenal’s aspirations, a keeper capable of pushing Ramsdale, not a career journeyman like Turner should be second choice. Ilan Meslier, from Leeds, would make a terrific back up and might take the gloves away from Ramsdale, given half a chance.

  20. I’m stunned by the replies to the ridiculous notion that Ramsdale needs replacing. He was consistently responsible for making vital saves at integral junctures in games throughout the season. Several responses highlight some situations where he could have done better. The unfortunate fate of goalkeepers is that if a goal is scored their part in it comes under intense scrutiny. However their crucial role in preventing a certain goal consistently is overlooked. I am one Gooner who loves Ramsdale. Both his goalkeeping brilliance and his effervescent personality. I rate him as our best keeper since Lehmann and expect him to be the guardian of our goal for the next decade.

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