Should Arsenal be wary of Sunderland backlash?

Next up for Arsenal is the trip north to face Sunderland at the Stadium of Light. And you could be forgiven for thinking that this is the perfect time to face Gus Poyet and his team, as they are still reeling from their worst ever defeat in the Premier League, an 8-0 battering at the hands of high flying Southampton.

But it would be dangerous to assume that the Black Cats are going to be just as bad against the Gunners on Saturday. For one thing, they are at home and will surely put on a better show in front of their own fans. And you can bet that their outspoken manager Gus Poyet has had plenty to say to his players during the week, after describing their defeat last weekend as the most embarrassing day of his football career.

But I still think that Sunderland will be there for the taking by Arsenal. After shipping eight goals they will surely focus on defending, working hard and staying compact. That actually plays into our hands because we want to take as much pressure off our own struggling back four.

But with Laurent Koscielny due to return, that defence should be stronger and so Wenger should be able to start with the more creative Mikel Arteta in the centre. So it should really be a matter of us finding a way through, and we surely have the players to do that. As long as the Gunners remember that Sunderland have had some good results as well this season, including home draws with Man United and Tottenham, and we don’t take the game for granted, I expect us to pile on more misery for Poyet. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Greg says:

    We should not take them for granted, but still be confident going to the stadium of light with victory high on the gunners agenda, and 3 precious points! Coyg!

  2. fred cowardly says:

    Sunderland will defend for their lives

  3. SaveArsenal says:

    They have a better chance of getting a point or a result against us because Southampton break and attack and use on pitch tactics, Wenger doesn’t.
    Also Poyet knows exactly how we will play, one dimensional chuckle brothers to me – to you football with no incisive runs or breaks, that can be closed out.

    The time has come for change, Wenger should have went at the end of the season, now he will damage the teams chances, his own reputation or be sacked.
    Everyone should quit when they are ahead!

  4. abishek says:

    if u can take something good this season then it is the fact that we are scoring in the FERGI time.

  5. cheeterspotter says:

    Win lose or draw, good bad or indifferent performance against Sunderland sat I want Wenger out ASAP. Common sense says next summer, That will do.

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    Sunderland is expected to park the bus and play physical….no excuse for Wenger if he doesnt know…

  7. Jimbeam says:

    I can guarantee one thing – after we beat Sunderland and then Burnley, and Theo comes back we will all feel a sense of relief, that the team is back on track, hey, maybe we can win this! Things are looking up, we are playing good football etc….

    Do not delude yourselves – as long as we have Arsene at the helm the best we can do is scrape an FA cup from such illustrious teams as Hull or (any of the dozen sh*t teams in the EPL)

    And if we do start winning from he might not even buy anyone in January.

    At the end of the window, Arsene:

    We couldnt find ze top,top,top player, you know in dis windo is ard to find top,top, top player.
    But we got Kim Kallstrom on loan – he is a little bit not totally fit – as he has not played in a year but he is quality you know has 100 caps for Sweden so its good cover for us in midfield when his broken leg completely healz in 8 weeks, but he is almost there.

    Ofcourse Ajayi iz ready and we have Monreal who iz now used to plying in the middle so no need to buy in defense – you know Koscielny should be ready in 6 weeks – and Kallstrom can alzo cover defense.

  8. Demwan Jones says:

    First of all Wack Wheelshare needs to be benched, and the central defenders are just terrible to watch at d moment. they need to sort themselves out

  9. Sango says:

    Why worry about Sunderland? Be very worried of Aserne Wenger on Suturday!

  10. jamescadar says:

    We should not expect too much from the team aganist sunderland in the weekend, the team is not playing like a top class team so so disappointed. For me wenger should just go he has tried before he cost us damage.

  11. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Arsenal 2014 – the Wack Wilshere era…….

  12. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    Arsenal 2014 – the Wack Wilshere era…….

  13. Thando says:

    @Robin vanpayslip lol

  14. GoonerG1 says:

    We have played poorly against a number of weak teams this year. We cannot take any PL team for granted. Yes, we could lose or draw this game. I predict a win but am about 60% confident with that prediction.

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