Should Arsenal be worried about losing Bukayo Saka to injury?

The Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta must be breathing a sigh of relief as he caught sight of England’s starting XI in Glasgow. Despite emerging as one of Gareth Southgate’s key players, Bukayo Saka found himself named as a substitute against Scotland after a playing a full game in the bruising encounter with Ukraine.

However, Saka’s omission wasn’t solely due to the aftermath of Saturday’s clash. Mail Sport reveals that the young talent continues to grapple with an Achilles problem that has plagued him since last season.

Saka, a pivotal figure at both club and international level, remains a regular starter for England. The lingering Achilles issue is indeed a cause for concern. His 20-minute appearance at Hampden Park last night only compounds the issue for Arteta, who can ill afford to lose another key player, especially Saka.

The 22-year-old stands as one of Arsenal’s brightest talents, consistently delivering standout performances. For the Gunners to mount a serious title challenge this season, Saka’s influence is indispensable.

As Arsenal prepares to face Everton next, Saka is expected to take the field. The question remains: will Arteta risk keeping him on for the full 90 minutes?

Last season saw Arteta strategically fielding Saka in Europa League fixtures, a move aimed at gearing up for Champions League contention. However, it’s clear that the Achilles injury picked up months ago still lingers, hindering the player’s full recovery.

Undoubtedly, Saka ranks among the Premier League’s finest players. His remarkable contributions for both Arsenal and England have been consistent over the past few years. With little rest in between, it appears that this demanding schedule has taken a toll on his recovery.

In light of these concerns, it’s imperative for Arsenal to monitor Saka’s condition closely. Arteta and the coaching staff must strike a balance between harnessing his immense talent and ensuring his long-term well-being. The Gunners’ fortunes this season may very well hinge on Saka’s form and fitness.

Please stay fit, Bukayo, we need you?

Jack Anderson

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    1. Yea Gai,
      Even Trossard played right wing for Belgium and even scored in Euro qualifier last week. Even Nelson has played there before. It’s time Arteta start trying other players there.

  1. A heartfelt plea for reliable fitness for player who for , even understandable reasons (in one respect, as he is a superb talent) is regularly way OVERUSED AND NOT GIVEN THE REST THAT ALL PLAYERS NEED, BEING FLESH AND BLOOD ONLY.

    You play any player into the ground and you then reap the consequences, as sure as night follows day!

  2. Its a recurring story in the premier league. Last season Son played for Spurs carrying an injury for pretty much the entire season. Not surprisingly he wasn’t the player who shared the golden boot the season before. He finally had an operation in the summer and has come back a different player. If you or I had an ongoing problem we’d rest up and have whatever treatment was necessary to put it right. A footballer often just keeps playing, no matter what that does to him. Hopefully Arsenal manage Saka properly, but I wouldn’t count on it.

  3. If there are concerns why did the club allow the call up to the England squad AND allow Saka time on the pitch?
    Sounds like the no nothing press might have put 2 and 2 together but, as usual, came up with 34.

  4. He needs a break, he has been pretty mediocre the last three games for us, we now have decent cover so rest him

    1. Spot on. The manager needs to play other players there as I feel defenders have figured out how to snuff him out of the game.

  5. I’d be gutted if this leads to something serious cos i don’t understand why either Mikel will disregard precaution or Bukayo refuse to open up on what he’s feeling, a similar scenario with Emile and Jurrien that had them out for long spells. I just hope the same does’nt happen to anyother player especially the important ones. If it requires surgery or not the club should figure out and do the right thing or ignore and risk regretting it later.

    1. Unfortunately we have seen Arteta overplay his players, and even after returning from injury.

      Tierney, Partey, Tomiyasu, Zinchenko, will it be the same with Jesus?

      These injury prone players should be rotated or rested more, we have the depth and don’t have to select them for so many matches.

      Tierney is loaned, let’s see if he can stay healthy. Hopefully Tomiyasu, Jesus, & Zinchenko can stay fit, otherwise we should reconsider their roles and presence in the squad.

      We need to rely on our top players when chasing titles and trophies; can the team depend on Jesus, Zinchenko, & Tomiyasu? We know we can’t count on Partey and rightfully are looking to replace him. The others should prove their fitness or face similar consequences.

  6. Not getting cover for Bukayo was the most stupid thing this club could do. It’s abusing Saka and lacking respect for his body. All humans are finite. It will cost us for sure. Arteta’s insistence on buying Havertz instead of Kudus will haunt us. We have ****** up big time.

  7. We do have cover for Bukayo – Nelson, Trossard, Gabriel (with Nketiah in the middle).
    The problem is, he is world class in his position and just having him on the team sheet causes problems for opponents.
    It’s interesting to see him surrounded by three players every time he gets the ball and this, of course, gives openings for the rest of the attack.

    If his injury is as bad as its being suggested, wouldn’t our medical staff take action?

    What about resting him for the Everton and CL games, then bring him back for the spuds, if there is a concern?

    1. Ken

      Saka is way overused. The human body has to respected or it will give problems. 100% certain. If as you say Trossard can be used…why the hell does Arteta not use him there. I would love that. For whatever reasons Arteta seems to be leaving Trossard out in the cold, along with ESR. Such a waste of top level players.

      1. I agree with you Sean, but it seems that the club (at least until now) are happy for him to continue playing in every game.

        I was always told “listen to your body” and, perhaps, Saka needs to be the one to say enough is enough, put me on the bench.

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