Should Arsenal boss try to end Mourinho feud?

After the latest meeting between Arsenal and Chelsea, which saw Arsene Wenger finally end his long wait for a win over his rival Jose Mourinho, it came as no surprise to anyone that the feud between the two managers came to the surface once more.

It is pretty clear that the two really do not like each other and it appears to be more than the usual rivalry between two people competing for the same thing, which we have seen between Wenger and Ferguson and between Mourinho and just about everyone.

But after the latest episode, in which Wenger seemed to deliberately avoid shaking the hand of the Portuguese coach, there have been calls for the two to put this all behind them, in public at least, for the good of the game. In a Daily Star report, the former Gunner Martin Keown has called for the League Managers Association to step in and have a word.

He said, “At the end of the day it is about respect.

“I hope the LMA chairman Richard Bevan gets these two guys together and they shake hands.

“We had a good game and at the end it was spoilt because they didn’t shake hands.”

But Mourinho has already upped the stakes and had another couple of digs, firstly trying to say that Wenger had abandoned his football principles at Wembley and now trying to suggest that it is the Arsenal boss that was in the wrong and that he would never show the same lack of respect by refusing a hand shake, as reported by The Guardian.

Jose said, “I think the person is one thing, the manager is one thing; it is one thing on the streets, one thing in the football stadium. In a stadium I never refused a handshake with a rival. Out of respect for my club, respect for football, I never refused a handshake with a manager in a football stadium.

“Last season I had fantastic behaviour on the touchline … I was never sent to the stand. I was [even] pushed in the technical area by another manager and it was a good experience – I kept my emotional control.”

He does have a point but then again, there are other ways of showing disrespect and he has certainly used some of them against the Arsenal boss. Even after leaving Chelsea after his first spell in charge he did not stop aiming barbs at the Frenchman. He did, however, say that there was mutual respect when he first returned to Stamford Bridge but as we know that did not last long.

So is this an important issue and should Wenger try to build bridges with Mourinho like Keown suggests? Is it a distraction that Arsenal do not need or does it add spice to the fight for success at the two clubs?

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    1. End what in the first place? What’s the big deal here??? I’d rather u do an article on Roy, I mean mad man roy instead of sissy Maureen.

      1. Personally, I think Wenger snubbing him was priceless. See, if Wenger had gone over to shake Moron, what makes u think he’d have taken Wenger’s hand? Long may this last…

        Can’t wait for Arsene’s new book: HOw I Beat Maureenho

        1. Wenger not shaking Mou’s
          hand is utterly childish.
          Wenger is so bitter about
          Mou’s success.
          To be fair most Arsenal fans are bitter
          about Chelsea’s success too and City’s and Utd’s.
          These cry baby fans live in a world of delusion hiding behind pathetic excuses for 11 years with out the EPL title.
          They condemn the successful clubs
          managers players and fans.
          Immature bitter losers all 🙁

          1. Don’t agree with you. Wenger had to build and top players deserted him for money. Eduardo, Ramsey, Diaby had their legs broken and the bone shattering tactics were planned by rival managers and the media. Referees cheated us more than the teams you mentioned for many seasons ( check untold arsenal), and turned a blind eye to the rough stuff dished out to our young lads. Wenger could not afford those expensive lamborghini and ferrari type players like those spoilt managers thriving on building teams on their rich owners wealth. When we showed an interest in players ( Mata, Hazard come to mind), we were outbid.
            And Wenger without provoking Mourinho, had to endure the most disgusting and insulting gloating ( Specialist in failure and stuff like that) from the likes of Mourinho, who enjoys his success like a lazy man thriving on his wealthy bosses
            Nobody would put up with the kind of public humilation and insulting jibes that Mourinho dishes out time and again to Wenger. Did you listen to his awards evening speech, and how he mocked the other teams? Wenger did the right thing, and you telling us that we hide behind pathetic excuses for 11 years is not any different to Mou, condemning Arsenal fans and blinded by the artificial success achieved by Chelsea and Man City, both teams with a poor history of titles.

  1. So it seems like Wenger has spoken, its benzema or nothing.I really hope we can land benzema, it would be a big step towards championship. Benzema you are wanted so badly, just move to the Emirates where you will be appreciated.

    1. I hope that isn’t Wenger’s thinking. Even if we can’t Benzema, surely Wenger doesn’t honestly believe there’s no other strikers on planet Earth that are better than Giroud. Giroud’s been our main CF for three seasons now, we all know he isn’t world class and won’t become world class. I pray Wenger can see this.

    1. Yes I don’t get it, José is a dick and nothing more. Why do we have to spend our time reading crap about him. To be honest I read one third of the article. Stop this José thingy its starting to get boring

    2. @fred cowardley
      I agree all we need to do is not comment on a Mourinho post and maybe admin might get the message. I don’t care about Chelsea or Mourinho all

  2. Wenger is not someone that loves to get @ other managers. He respects them. I know He is not perfect either just like every other human being (we all have our bad side). Mourinho should just keep his mouth shut and we’ll be fine. He should learn how to address Wenger. I wonder when their banter will be over…

  3. Handshake??? How does that bring Benzema to the Emirates? mehn! There aware a lot to perfect in the squad than crying for handshake with a bigot.

  4. Handshake??? How does that bring Benzema to the Emirates? mehn! There are a lot to perfect in the squad than crying for handshake with a bigot.

  5. If someone continuously insults you would you feel like shaking his hand. Shaking hands is a sign of respect. Does Mourinho deserve respect the way he acts

    Called Wenger a “voyeur”, ‘success at failure”, last week he accused Wenger of buying the PL Title which is a tad bit hypocritical.

    Mourinho is one of the least gentlemanly and decent managers in football. Wenger is the opposite. He is much more gentlemanly than Wenger

    1. I think it was “specialist in failure” he dared to call Mr Wenger. We were all ashamed of this little piece of poo called Jose. As they say, “silence is the best answer for a fool” and as there’s been so much silence from our Manager, this has further enraged little poo that he’s probably now on a warpath. Ignore him and he’ll soon be falling on his own sword!!!!

  6. If there’s nothing to write about, try writing about the Emirate stadium. It will be more informing than these countless articles about a disrespectful Mou. Is there any league he has coached and he did not have problem with his manners? Real sack him partly because oh his uncultured manners. Please enough of these article. Am looking forward to Sunday. See you then if you continue with this type of article.

    1. @Godswill: I don’t quite get what it is that is irking you so much about this article or what you are trying to get at. You’ve ended up throwing a tantrum like Mou at the end of your comments. Haha!

  7. Mourinho claims he always shakes the manager’s hand?! I have seen him half way down the tunnel in many games before the ref has even blown time. Mou knew exactly what he was doing on Sunday and he know exactly what would happen – he wanted to look like the victim. His secondary aim was to remove his team from the media spotlight afterwards – “handshake-gate” and the medal toss was mission accomplished and ensured no-one even mentioned that Chelsea lost.

    1. @jonestown1: you are spot on, however I feel you have somehow made Mourhino come out more intelligent than he really is! Let’s just remember him for what he truly is- an interpreter to Sir Robson! Interpreter now made good and he thinks he can insult those far more intelligent than him and thinks he can get away with it. That’s a typical BULLY tactics and Jose Mourhino is a BULLY end of!!!!!

  8. Screw mourinho, what a slimy guy !!! what happened to when he left early on wenger’s 1000 to tell the misses the score cause she was worried about him ???
    The chelsea encounters should be tasty this year, would be priceless to gut mourinho in a champs league semi final, maybe then I would be interested in what he has to say !!!

    The anticipation of the “signing” is killing me …

  9. Yes; but keep him at arms length treating him as a child that he acts to be!
    He’s used his good looks in the past to curry favour from some idiots in the media and every of his words magnified but now that he’s losing his looks as he ages, he is looking more and more forlorn, isolated and lonely. Throwing up tantrums and acting stupidly, like waiting for our team to shake hands with them in full view of all so the finger of accusation could be pointed at Wenger for ignoring him when in actual fact he had no intention of shaking hands with Wenger. He’ll soon be found out by everyone else.

  10. Who gives a f*** seriously … Just want the idiot frog to go out and put 40m on table for griezman … The guy is a quality aguerro type attacker .. Can throw in the whippet flamini mertesakher as well for good measure

    1. @rkw: Per is a good player and a good guy and the team love having him around the place. We used to concede a lot of goals via free kicks pre-Per, not anymore now as he towers above most of the opposition and deals effectively with these balls flying into our area. I liked the way Petr Cech hugged him after the Charity Shield win. It says more than words can! So leave Per Mertasacker be; all you distractors and critics!!!

      1. Per might be a good defender but i still wonder what if we had a world class defender to partner Koscielny.Look say it as it is and be truthful so as to know where to improve i will remember his great or world class performances and i will also remember his average performances.It is good to criticize a player for the right reason so that he can improve but the criticism should be constructive not destructive.To me i would have sold him if we could get another far better player i still feel Gabriel is much better than him.I can see him making the same old mistakes this season.However give a player credit where it is due.

      2. He was a decent defender when at his best … Which was some time ago … He is also the worst distributor of the ball out of defence I know amongst top defenders … Aerially ok I guess though no attacking threat … So there is no way he should be starting in a team that hopes to compete for Bpl and cl … No way it’s not even an argument

  11. Disappointed in both managers to be honest.

    Both knew media were waiting in a huddled mass for that fued to start, and both gave media exactly what they wanted.

    Instead of being about Arsenal and a trophy winning performance, it was about two bickering managers.

    Very unprofessional, and bush league stuff really. It wasn’t about the club it was personal, and managers should know better.

  12. The way I see it the battle should be on the field, not off it. If you want to question another manager’s tactics or their choice of players in the media, that is one thing, but to be openly insulting and derogatory about a person’s character is just another thing entirely. Mourinho has consistently seeked to enrage, insult and belittle Wenger over the years and each time it makes Wenger less inclined to the man.

    Over the last week we’ve seen Mourinho insult Wenger several times AND ultimately disregard the match in all ways shapes and forms. He couldn’t even be bothered to show up in decent attire – he clearly tried to give as little respect as possible. Even the handshakes to our players seemed to me like a process of saying “well done, you FINALLY beat us”. You don’t normally see managers doing that there.

    Wenger has no obligation to be respectful to a man who shows no respect. Why shake a man’s hand who you know will go back to the media and insult you afterwards? If the LMA is to step in then the first thing they have to do is get an apology from Mourinho for being deliberately inflammatory. There is NO need to respect a man who is using personal attacks as a weapon in a game of football.

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