Should Arsenal break the bank for Aubameyang?

Arsenal were snubbed by Jamie Vardy yesterday after a longly awaited decision in which Arsenal fans had begun to anticipate rejection. With that transfer target gone, the club turns its attention elsewhere, with several strikers being on Arsene Wenger’s wanted list. The issue is, could another target be about to sign a new contract with his current side?

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is a transfer target for many top European clubs this summer, notably of which include Manchester City and Atletico Madrid. It’s not going to be easy for Arsenal to compete against some of the biggest resources in European football, because even though funds are available, it would be very unlike Wenger to spend £60m plus all on one player. If anyone is worth such a cost, it is arguably Aubameyang however, with the Gabon international striker scoring an impressive 36 goals for Borussia Dortmund last season.

Aubameyang’s performances have been so impressive, his tally has put him up with the likes of Messi, Suarez and Ronaldo in goalscoring terms for last season. With this in mind he could be looking towards pastures new, away from Borrusia Dortmund and apparently Arsenal are one of the club’s interested. Aubameyang was supposedly talking to Man City about a move, but with talks stalling, could Arsenal be ready to make a bid?

His current club won’t obviously want their main man to leave the club and so if the 27 year old is to wave goodbye to Dortmund this summer, then it won’t be on the cheap. However that won’t stop Dortmund from trying to keep hold of Aubameyang and according to TalkSport, the German side have offered him a new deal until 2020 with a bumper new wage package.

It’s going to take a lot of money to prise Aubameyang away from Dortmund this summer and personally I cannot see Arsenal doing so. In fact I’d be surprised if he leaves at all, unless either Man City or Real Madrid cough up a sizeable fee. Perhaps Arsenal should just focus on his club teammate Henrikh Mkhitaryan? Or shouldthey sign Aubameyang whatever the cost?


  1. We should have got him last season itself when his price was lot less and he would have helped us in winning the title.
    Anyways, I think he is one of the best available options which we have right now and we should sign him but I don’t think so he will come to us.

    1. The probable prices:

      Higuain: 60 mil
      Lewandowski: 80 mil
      Aubameyang: 60 mil
      Lukaku: 50 mil
      Morata: 60 mil
      Benzema: 60 mil
      Lacazette: 35 mil

      I really think that all of them have severely inflated prices atm due to lack of quality strikers available. I guess the safest and affordable bet would be Lukaku as he is PL proven, although inconsistent slightly, but he is young and has room and time for improvement.

      Although i highly doubt AW will spend 50 mil on one player already spent good cash to get Xhaka and the dire need of a CB also looming upon us. So i think he will probably by 2 players for 50 mil. Hence, maybe Lacazette and a decent CB like Benatia.

  2. He wants to go to Spain
    I dont see Wenger spending more than £40 million on a forward anyway

  3. After a quiet spell on the transfer rumours front, we are now linked with every striker, is it a coincidence that all this happens straight after Vardy’s snub was made official?
    It all smells like Billy Bull? to me ?

    There’s more chance of wenger breaking into a sweat than him breaking the bank!

  4. The top striker target of the season costs much more than just the transfer fee.

    He will also demand a top salary knowing he is the hot property. That would trigger a cascade of team mates also demanding higher salaries. This does not sound good.

    The only way this would work out well is if Aubameyang stated he definitely wanted to go to Arsenal.

  5. I just read an article about Kane where he claims he is not tired – he just has not had any good chances to score.

    Sorry Harry – I am not buying it. We have seen you play recently and regardless of goal scoring opportunities the entire planet can see you are worn out.

    So is it just an optical illusion that you look exhausted and Sturridge looks the opposite? This is just reality talking.

  6. Noo!!! If we gonna buy world class striker and break a bank for him for me that would be Gonzalo Higuain.. We need that tricky player in the box becouse all of our play is in opposition box, so aubameyang is good player upgrade on giroud anyway but for me I couldn’t see him scoring like he score in B.Dortmund… I would say that Higuain would have immediate success becouse Bpl and Seria A are similar lot of tackles breaking legs and somehow he managed to score 30 goals… Lesser option would be Icardi… Ps. our greatest legends came form Seria A.

    1. Business my friend. If we spend top dollar we will definitely want to have resale value. Auba after next 2 years can probably go to real- Higuain cannot. For Arsenal resale value matters. We are in business!

  7. Arsenal does not buy stars
    we make them…
    well that’s what Wenger
    and the AKB’s keep telling me.
    Ok so we bought Ozil Sanchez + Xhaka
    for a few bob but may be we can make
    another super star striker like we did with
    Arshavin Ryo Bendtner Park Chamakh,
    Walcott Ox Wellbeck Sanogo Podolski
    Then again… Akpom?

    1. Really? Where’s the AKB’s? I look around then I found that you were the only one who keep telling this thing mate, every single time we talk about our main striker targets. BTW if this some kind of your satire, then I could understand. My vice, you should reduce the consistency a bit. It sounds that you are trapping yourself, because even an AKB will suggest names of the target.

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