Should Arsenal `Break the Bank´to sign Lewandowski?

I think that almost every Arsenal fan was hoping that Arsene Wenger could somehow pull off a massive transfer coup and beat the German Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich to the signature of the Poland international star Robert Lewandowski when his contract with Borussia Dortmund ran out last summer.

It did not happen, but after the striker has appeared to be falling out of favour with the Bayern coach Pep Guardiola in recent weeks, Dietmaar Hamann has suggested in a Sky Sports report that the striker could be moving on at the end of this season and suggested that he would be the perfect transfer for three Premier League clubs; Arsenal, Liverpool and Man United.

He said, “At the moment United, Liverpool and even Arsenal… Lewandowski is tailor-made for them.

“He came to Bayern Munich on a free last year but if there was an opportunity to get him out I’d break the bank for him because I think he’s the best No 9 in the world.

“It’s a big question mark. There’s a question mark about the manager. There are still no assurances that he will be there, even though he’s got a contract.

““I think the same goes for Lewandowski because the way the team plays under Guardiola I don’t think it suits him.

“He was tailor-made for Dortmund and I think he’s tailor-made for two or three English teams where he can play on the counter attack on big pitches where he can run in behind.

“He needs to be involved in the game. In Bayern Munich he simply doesn’t get enough balls with the way they play. You need a poacher in Bayern Munich, somebody who scores his goals in the box, rather than a Lewandowski who does everything.

“I can only imagine his head is not in the right place at the moment because if you go to Shakhtar in a knockout game he’s the only recognised striker in the team and you sit on the bench.

“He played for 65 to 70 minutes on the wing against Hamburg on Saturday. The manager may think it proved him right because they won 8-0 but I think if you want to be successful against the best team in the knockout stages – when you come up against a Barcelona or a Real Madrid – you need Lewandowski.

“I’m not quite sure how much he will be on side with the manager because I think he’s been treated pretty harshly in recent weeks.”

So the former Bayern star reckons we should all be thinking about breaking the bank to get him, but is he right?

When you look at the stats, Lewandowski has played 26 games under Guardiola this season and only the defender Juan Bernat and keeper Neuer have played more. But he was left out of the Champions League line-up last night and is also played out of position. Hamann thinks that their playing style is not suited to Lewandowski and that is backed up by the fact that all three of the attacking midfielders, Robben, Gotze and Muller, have scored more goals than the Pole.

So there is a real chance that Lewandowski could be unhappy and keen to move on, but should Wenger pull out all the stops for him? I am not so sure. He is a great player but with our own Giroud in great form and still improving at centre forward and with great options up front in Alexis, Walcott and Welbeck, as well as promising young strikers like Akpom, Campbell and Sanogo trying to break through, I don’t see a striker as a big transfer priority for the summer, especially if it is going to use up the lion’s share of our budget.

What do you think?

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  1. saying we dont need lewandowski cos we have giroud is like saying i dont need a porsche 911 cos my skateboard has cool stickers on it.

    if pep is dumb enough to let him go, bid, an bid big
    if not – damn u dietmaar, and the sauerkraut u overdosed on to get here

    1. totally agree…top team have 4 world class strikers while we only have 3 average strikers

      Giroud, Welbeck and Sanago…..only 2 are out and out striker

      1. honestly think its bullsh*t,

        why would bayern let him go after 1 season? they know hes world class-hes 26
        unless that had suitable replacement an got mad offer like 60 million +

        has to be total an utter bs- more i think about it- its actually laughable rumour.

        get pre contract with dybala or that beast at lyon

      2. There is not one team in the world that has ‘4 world class strikers’, that includes the best team in the world Madrid. So, you’re delusional and need to stop playing FIFA so much.

      1. 8 goals this yr to date in 19 apps, many as a sub, 20 goals last year, 24 year before, for arsenal giroud has 34 goals in 84 apps. lew had 74 goals at dortmund in 131 apps, thus giroud at 0.4 goals per match, lewandowski at 0.64 gpm. this yr lewandowski is having a tough year at 0.43 gpm, still higher than giroud…

        1. Ok so u get Giroud’s goal overall goal ratio n compare it to lewy’s overall too. Which is ok but then u lose ur mind and compare Giroud’s overall to lewy’s ratio for this season and that’s just shitty if u tryna make giroud look bad. Cause Giroud’s goal ratio for thiis season is better than lewy’s…..

  2. I missed you Muffs. But I would spend the millions on Cavani.
    If Lewandowski was goal machine, Pep would have used him.

    So put a lightning sticker on my Giroud skateboard until Cavani is avaliable

    1. ahaha- i used to have a go faster stripe on my crappy bauer skates!
      im hearing that alot now, why is cavani flavour of the month again?
      i hear u about pep, but his system is somewhat diff from dortmunds style.

    2. Lewandowski>Cavani no doubt. Lewy has been struggling to adapt to Pep’s tactics this season, but he’s an all around striker that can play any role upfront, and is far more reliable than Cavani. And Lewandowski not a goal machine? 20+ league goals per season the past 3 years.

        1. wasn’t saying Cavani wasn’t a goal machine either, just arguing for Lewy, who I still think is the better striker overall easily.

  3. I think we had the opportunity to get him already, before he got to Bayern, so lets stop wishing far the stars and see how far the forwads we have presently carry us for the rest of the season

    1. Absolutely no1 had a chance to sign him before bayern. His mind was made up and that was that. If he really is unhappy then we might have a chance now but we never “had” one

  4. All these delusional so called ‘fans’ saying we should go for this average striker. This site has seriously degraded with delusional people.

    1. lewandowski average?

      hat tricks against bayern, 4 goals against real madrid in a champions league semi final
      more than 20 league goals every year for dortmund
      spearheaded a dortmund team than dominated the bundesliga several times.

      pretty much viewed by coaches an pundits alike as in the worlds top 5 strikers for years now

      u sound like the delusional fans ur crying like a b*tch about-

      1. Muff,

        Its borderline criminal that many self appointed board experts possess the futbol intellects of snot nosed, tit craving infants. I will never be nominated for a Nobel Prize, but Lewandowski an “AVERAGE” striker….WTF

        1. But but but, did you(plural) not wail that we did not get Balotelli?
          You were all months ago wishing on a star that Wenger get rid of Santi?

          Arsenal fans are all football intellects. 256.7 IQ football experts

          1. I do enjoy a cold beverage or (plural) from time to time but I honestly dont recall pining for Arsenal to sign Balotelli this past summer, and have always been a huge Santi fan. I am a stand up dude though. Lol

  5. I dont think Bayern will let him go after just after one average season. Am sure both parties will want to give it a go for an extra season. I think we should go for Cavani and Lacazette. Am sure we can get Cavani for 45 million pounds and Lacazette’s buy-out clause is 15 mil pounds that’s a total of 60 million pounds. I dont think that’s too steep for the quality and goals they will bring to our side!

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