Should Arsenal bring Aaron Ramsey back into the fold?

We will get Rambo back?

After a less than impressive two and a half years in Italy, it seems as though Aaron Ramsey is headed for the exit door!

A little later than Juventus would have liked, but now it seems the time has come!

As per Sky Sports, Massimiliano Allegri has confirmed that Juventus are willing to let Ramsey leave as soon as is possible.

He has never really settled in to the team, after a mix of both injuries and appearing only “five (times) in all competitions for Juventus this season, playing only 97 minutes in Serie A” it seems as though he would have fared better staying at Arsenal!

Speaking on Ramsey, Allegri said: “Ramsey, he returned today after we had given him a few days off to work, to train separately, in England. In any case, he’s an outgoing player.”

But the question here is, would you take him back?

Personally I say, why not!

1; because he can finally make something of himself at the club after leaving too soon and 2; with the absences of Thomas Partey due to AFCON and the not knowing whether Granit Xhaka will finish games due to something called red cards, it is always good to have someone like Ramsey on the bench if not starting!

Although he is not worth the £325,000 a week fee that Juventus was giving him. No player is worth that much!

Aaron made just 70 appearances for The Old Lady and scored only six goals in two and a half years. Surely, he would have fared better at the Emirates where the fans love him and the majority hated seeing him leave.

Really, I feel that he never should have left and had he stayed he would have no doubt been somewhat of a legend! But this just goes to show that the grass is not always greener on the other side.

Gooners would you take him back?

Shenel Osman




    1. Partey/Ramsey midfield combo will be a blast given that Ramsey can stay fit. He’s a tireless worker, we know his qualities. Juve didn’t work out doesn’t mean he’s past it, take his Wales performances for example. And he loves the club

      1. He’s a headless chicken, massive engine no doubt but runs himself out of position all the time just for the sake of running.

  1. FFS people are acting like the AFCON has a duration of 6 months and also like we just found out it’s happening.

    We signed our African players years ago, there should’ve been a plan in place months ago already!

    No we don’t need Ramsey and we certainty don’t need another article on this exact topic thats probably been covered more than 8 times.

    1. Trust the process – if MA wants him, who are we to argue?
      Just imagine the uproar it would cause though 😂😂
      As a fan of Rambo I loved his commitment to the club and his goals that won us fa cups are part of our history and I loved the way he turned down Fergie’s pleas to join united and joined us instead.

      If only his injury list wasn’t so bad, I’d take him back tomorrow, but he will always be part of our DNA.

      Now, can we have another article about Martinez, just to keep the pot boiling???

  2. Meanwhile Fiorentina about sign Krystoff Piatek from Hertha Berlin. Seems like Vlahovic is off but to us? 👀

    1. No hes going to join a big club that can play champions league and challenge for trophies so definitely not us then!!

  3. After the Ozil Sanchez Mustafi Socritis Willian sagas which cost the club mega millions we desperately need to sign another overpaid underperforming over 30 year old plodder to add to our retiree numbers.
    Aubameyang 60mill 18mill salary.
    Lacazette 50m 10 mill salary.
    Don’t forget Ramsey honoured the club by running down his contract so as to secure a massive 300k plus weekly wage at Juve.
    Lets show our grattitude by providing a new Ramsey wing in our retirement village.
    Logically we should also give Saka ESR and Martinelli free to Juve in exchange for the Welsh wizard.

    1. Our club allowed Ramsey to run down his contract, after renaging on a contract previously agreed by both parties (the fact that gazidis went crazy with the offer doesn’t alter the facts).
      Logically, that means that Ramsey had every right to pursue a similar contract, as he saw what his potential was and Juve came calling.

      I believe he did what everyone but a Saint would do and ensured his future.

      Well done Rambo and thanks for those Wembley goals.

  4. Never was convinced by his ability. He promised to be someone along the the lines of Bryan Robson, Roy Keane, Paul Once etc but was instead proved a light weight and his combination in midfield with Xhaka was a disaster for the club. Definitely unlucky with the bad leg break which then made him injury prone. A case of what might have been. If he couldn’t cut it with Juventus in a league which has so many poor teams and players winding down their careers, then he has nothing to offer Arsenal. Good luck to Newcastle. They may need him in the Championship.

    1. @Joe. S
      Got tired of seeing him get too high up the pitch and couldn’t get back to help out his midfield partner. Always running into others space in search for a goal, then walking back with that “ish” eating grin on his face while opponents ran through us…

      1. @NY_Gunner
        Facts. He was a selfish player. Often asked to play box to box or defensive mid but only ever interested in scoring goals.

        He only survived as long as he did because Wenger loved him inexplicably. I remember he even played him RW and RB just to shoe-horn him into the lineup…at the cost of the rest of the team and results.

        For every cracker goal he scored, there were about 10 stupid flicks and missed passes, losing possession in our own half and putting our fragile defence under more pressure.

        If we sign him again I’ll be shocked and appalled.

        1. I remember a short period at the end of the season before his “big” year “the one where he scored 16 goals or thereabouts), where he was running down teams with incredible ferocity – basically not allowing teams to keep the ball for more than a few passes all on his own, then progressing the ball up the pitch to put us on the attack before inevitably missing a chance. That little patch basically got us into the CL that season imo, but his attitude changed after he started converting chances and it ruined him as a player

    2. He was quality but after one brilliant season where he scored a lot of goals and was overall a complete midfielder (playing alongside arteta, I believe), he decided he only cared about flashy skills and scoring goals and seemingly didn’t feel the need to put the defensive work in. This was to the detriment of the team and his own performances.
      If he’d focused on the simple things, he could have been really special as he had a great engine to go with some brilliant passing, shooting and close control abilities, but his one good season went to his head imo and it prevented him from reaching his potential.

  5. Personally I am hoping these links to coutinho, wijnaldum, Ramsey and Wilshire are all red herrings and that arteta has better younger fitter players in mind.

    Something is surely going to happen as letting AMN leave whilst losing 2 to the AFCON would surely be suicidal without at least 1 replacement.

  6. NO — get a top 4 quality player only, make that the rule, top 4 quality, no maybes, and in 10 yrs there will be no lower and mid table players. Only the home grown players will need to be sorted out (wisely I hope)!

  7. Time and tide has passed, chapter closed when he refused to sign the thing when it was in front of him, and well done by Emery for refusing to sign when he wanted to later. Average player, running around in circles, slowed down play – in terms of skill. Good attitude, hardworking and scored some amazing goals, the question to ask is where will Ramsey be in the next 3-4 years and what would he achieve in terms of professionalism?I’ll put my money on Gordon Ramsey, not Aaron. Over to the next non starter article.

  8. Headless chicken of a player .. ran around tirelessly with little clue as to why or with other players in mind both ours and opponents … one good season and occasional flashes of brilliance… alongside xhaka in a thoroughly mediocre and uncreative midfield part of reason wenger’s final years were ones of decline … juve very quickly realized they weren’t getting much for their 400k a week … so absolutely not

  9. I have never rates Ramsey for some reason.
    Very average type in my opinion, I have been and still remain in the minority regarding this Ramsey issue.

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