Should Arsenal bring back Fabregas to replace Cazorla?

The Curious case of Cesc Fabregas by Sam P

We all know that Cesc Fabregas left us under a cloud to go and rejoin his boyhood club Barcelona, but he has rarely been considered a ‘traitor’ like so many other stars that we won’t mention here.

But Cesc’s time at Barcelona didn’t work out to his liking, and the subsequent birth of his child in London perhaps made him realise that your ‘home is where your heart is’ rather than your birthplace. So he was sold by Barca, and went and joined our London rivals Chelsea although Arsenal were given first refusal. Wenger said that we didn’t need him as he had already splashed all his cash on Mesut Ozil, so Captain Fab instead went to our London rivals, where he is now yet again out of favour since the departure of Jose Mourino.
Last week was Fab’s first start of the season for Chelsea and that was only because of an injury to Nemanja Matic, and he was put back on the bench for yesterday’s game against West Brom. There have been rumours that he is unhappy and is looking for a way out of Stamford Bridge.

This all happened just as we found out that Santi Cazorla needed another operation on his Achilles, a problem that kept him out of the side for over four months last season, and looks to be doing the same again in this campaign. When you also consider that the Little Spaniard is hardly a spring chicken any more, we will need to replace him soon anyway, but do we have anyone with the skill of Fabregas to take his place? And I am nearly certain that he will want to stay in London.

So who would have Fabregas back? Or more importantly, who thinks Wenger would have him back now he’s grown up a bit?

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  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    Arsenal and Fabregas. .not again.. .hell No!

  2. summerbreez says:

    I would take fabergas but where would you deploy him? What would happen to elneny xhaka ramsey ox ozil coquelin do we have ample space for him? I dont think so and then we have wilshire and iwobi its already well congested but yes fabergas was a legend at Arsenal and should have remind at arsenal but to destabilize our squad at the moment for the sake of fabergas would be no good he should go back to barcalona

  3. Twig says:

    My issue with Fabregas is he’s not good defensively, and he’s not fast. Furthermore, he has aged. I will only deploy him as a CAM, where Mesut Ozil currently plays. We can’t keep both players happy definitely. I think Fabregas is surplus to requirement at Arsenal. However, if Ozil won’t extend his contract, then it might be a good idea to bring Fabregas back. I have no grievances against him.

  4. citrenoogeht says:

    The word on the street is that Cazorla won’t be back until February. We all know that that really means that he is out for the rest of the season. There are a few players that can really play his role 1) Wilshere 2) Fabregas 3) Draxler. With Wilshere practically unavailable, I think it is high time to consider either a serious bid for Draxler or bring Fabregas back home. Think about it; both of them are out of favour at their current clubs, they are not cup tied and play the Arsenal way. It’s a no brainer!

  5. Trudeau says:

    Spot on. Fabregas doesn’t have Santi’s defensive game in his locker. Besides Xhaka Coquelin axis looking promising. Moot point anyway, Conte wouldn’t sell him to potentially their biggest tival.

  6. HairyCustard says:

    Fabregas is not as good as Cazorla and he himself is about to turn 30. No thanks – Cazorla is a rare kind of player, not many in the world can perform his role as well as he does and it will be very difficult to find like-for-like replacement. Xhaka has been playing well so i don’t see the problem with a Xhaka-Coquelin pivot midfield.

  7. N.A.T says:

    Silly article. Why would we want him back

  8. Break-on-through says:

    This rumour is a complete non starter. Chelsea and Conte in particular is not going to give us his spit if he thought it could help us. I’d nearly go as far to say it’s a farce of a rumour. Even if the lad had six months left on his contract, they still wouldn’t give him to us, they’d be right not to. Personally, I wouldn’t want him back. He has similar issues to Ramsey, that’s why Chelsea don’t rely on him. He’s an excellent passer as we all know, but his positioning is in question. We are getting much better with players knowing their jobs, even our wingers are much better at it. We don’t need FabregasmanforleavingArsenal..doh!

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Xhaka is doing well. He is the long term replacement for Cazorla.
    He is 24 and not too old to improve

  10. Taiwo says:

    Arsenal is not the only club in London so if he needs to move from Chelshit there are club options and next article please!

  11. sAMa says:

    We don’t need to buy any more midfielders we already have enough let’s make use of what we have at hand. Cazorla is absent, fine, but we still have Xhaka, Elneny and Ramsey to cover for him. Xhaka is doing well at the moment helping us win games so we don’t miss Cazorla much. Going by this logic of signing Cazorla’s replacement, that means for every player in our team who is out injured we have to sign a replacement not minding the players we have at hand that can step in and do a job? I think Cazorla’s injury is just an opportunity for Xhaka to get into the team and establish himself as a regular.

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