Should Arsenal bring back fans favourite after release from club?

Santi Cazorla and Villareal have parted ways this weekend, with the midfielder keen to continue playing next term.

The Spaniard has returned to the top of his game since returning to Spain, and even earned a recall to his international playing squad.

The 35 year-old is being linked in the Metro with a possible return to North London, whether that be as a player or coach, and it wouldn’t be the worst idea to try and lure him back for one season as a bit-part player whilst he starts his coaching badges.

Cazorla finished the current season with 15 goals and 11 assists in his 40 appearances in all competitions, whilst our entire crop of Bukayo Saka, Granit Xhaka, Dani Ceballos, Mesut Ozil, Matteo Guendouzi, Lucas Torreira and Joe Willock scored a combined five league goals this season, whilst adding 14 assists combined. These stats (found on Soccerway) are boosted somewhat by the five assists by Saka alone, who has only just been given a role in midfield, having featured at left-back, left wing-back and on the wing for most of the season.

When you look at these numbers, you understand how badly our midfield has lacked in numbers, and partly why our side has struggled so much this season, and how important it could be to bring a goalscoring midfielder back into the fold.

Knowing that our finances are likely to be tight this summer, Cazorla should well be considered, despite the fact that he wouldn’t be a long-term option for the role.

Signing Santi back to our side wouldn’t only allow us to use our funds elsewhere given he is available on a free transfer, but his knowledge in and around the young players would be great for all those concerned, and more leaders being in and around a squad with such potential would work wonders.

Does Cazorla deserve another shot at the Emirates after injuries ruined his previous spell? Would his influence be just as important to our squad as his potential goal-threat?


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  1. At his age and his injury record i think the prem will be to much for him now. However having him around the squad and helping the midfielders, especially the youngsters would be a good idea. Maybe a coaching role. How we have missed santi and what he brought to the team.

  2. To think that some fans wanted him out vec of his injuries, all received while playing for our club.

    Deemed a waste of time and money, they got their wish and he left for nothing.

    I believe the vast majority of fans would welcome him back with open arms and reflect on the seasons we lost out on him, simply because he was deemed to be costing us money.

    1. Totally off the mark ken, Cazorla was released by Arsenal because wenger had never seen such a bad injury, his ankle after his operation was half the size it was before, he was told he may never walk again, let alone run by specialists. The guy has defied all logic and i cant remember especially fans beying for him to go, far from it, most fans i know cared for cazorla. He was released by Arsenal, not the fans.

      1. My post is absolutely on the mark Reggie.

        I didn’t say why our club released him, as I never mentioned the club.
        I also didn’t say that most fans didn’t care for Santi either.

        What I did say was certain fans were moaning because AW offered him a one year extension to his contract, while he recovered and Santi has been quoted as one of the players that AW kept on, but who should have been shipped out, once the extent of the injury was known.

        That was why I included him in my article about players who had recovered from long injuries, that said fans were insistent Wenger should have got rid of and used these players as an example of his weakness and favourites.

        No one disputed that article then, so why you are now, I don’t understand – to me we acted in The Arsenal way under AW and when he left, one of the first things that the new regime, did was to send Santi packing,, despite his near return to full fitness…just as those fans wanted.
        He was playing football in La Liga the next season.

        His career since then, proved they were wrong and AW’s perseverance with this great player was correct – I believe he would never had let him go, at least until he had been given the opportunity to prove himslef.

        The fact that it has come back to embarrass them, is not a reason to forget what was said is it?

        1. Ok ken, i thought you would twist it to suit. I really dont get you and your jibe at fans you have invented that wanted cazorla out and got their wish. It was a purely footballing decision made by the club, with wenger involved. That isnt a jibe at wenger, it was the correct decision at that time. Everyone except cazorla thought he was finished, except cazorla, he proved all wrong and good on him. I know no fans who fit your description, far from it. If fans wanted him gone, it was with deep regret and a heavy heart.

          1. Reggie, Wenger wasn’t involved as he had left the club when Santi’s contract was up for renewal and it was huss fahmy who was in charge of contracts.

            We all loved Santi Cazorla, why wouldn’t we as he was Arsenal through and through and you have missed the point completely.

            Where have I said that any fan didn’t like him?
            It was the alleged time and money that was spent, while he was recuperating from that injury that was being questioned – not if anyone did or didn’t like him.
            I do wish you would read what I say and not add or distort it.

            I can’t believe you haven’t read the article on JA, that cited Santi as one of the players who the club spent too much time and money on – it was this article that made me write a response and quote another two of his team mates who had also overcome terrible injuries and, with the help of their club, had returned to full fitness.
            I also cited other Arsenal players who were given time to recover and continued to play professionally – ramsey and eduardo were two of them.

            There is no twisting anything, except by you.
            One just needs to remember what is said and written by others – it’s not hard to do.

            Look back to previous article and you will find those I refer to, read the comments and then tell me I “invented fans”.

            There is no question that we let one of our most influential players since DB, leave too early and for nothing and it was patently the wrong decision.
            After spending time and money getting Santi to the point where he was up and running, he was not offered a new contract… now try and twist that statement and invent things I haven’t said.

          2. Quote ken ” to think some fans wanted him out” clear enough to me that you said fans wanted him out quote ” deemed a waste of money by some fans” news to me ken.

          3. Some fans wanted him out…. because of the time and money it cost during his injury – that was why it was, supposedly, a waste of money… suggest you read the complete post in context and not cherry pick and/or make things up to twist it around?

            The article I wrote was entitled :
            Is it the correct decision to end a players career due to long term or consistent injuries – who pays for these long term or consistent injuries? :

            Seems clear enough to me, as I have it right in front of me and my thoughts on Santi are as clear as day.
            It was posted on the JA site on the 29th June and in a reply to another article, from a regular contributor on JA a few days earlier, who cited, amongst others, Santi as examples of our club wasting time and money on players who were long term injuries.

            As I said, my post was absolutely on the mark, go back and read the comments in both articles – then see if I “invent” fans… no apology necessary.

      2. Peter, i dont get you, who is rewriting history. The fact is cazorla was loved by everyone and it was at that time tragic what happened to him but he went to prove all wrong.

        1. You are not rewriting history Reggie. What you said is 100% how it was. It is “others” that try to rewrite history.

  3. Sorry Peter, i read it not how it was meant, my apologies for that.
    Sue what is your sons first born called is it “Santi” ? Or was it his full name Santiago.

  4. Santiago is the name he was Christened with but is always called Santi. She wanted a name that could cross over between his British and her Mexican heritage, but my son was adamant on Santi who is now just 4😍

    1. There are names that work in English and Spanish such as Danny or Sebastian which was an option. There hasn’t been a Danny Cazorla

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