Should Arsenal bring Cazorla back for crucial Man City clash?

There are not many Arsenal fans that would deny that the loss of Santi Cazorla to injury was one of the biggest reasons for our drop in form this season, and ultimately cost us the League title. But now the super little Spaniard is back in contention for a place after managing an hour for the U21s against Blackburn last night.

Wenger must have thought Cazorla was ready last week after putting him on the bench for the Norwich match, but now Santi thinks he is ready to be back involved in the crucial game against Man City this weekend. He said: “I’m very happy to be back,”

“It is a great feeling after five months. I need to keep up the hard work with my team-mates in the first team and I want to play the last two games.

“I would like to help the first team at the weekend against Manchester City. [Arsene Wenger] has the decision, but I will try to play at the weekend.

“We need to win the last two games as we want to finish in the top four.

“We need to fight until the end to try to get second place. If we win the last two games, we can do that. I want to help my team-mates.”

So Cazorla seems desperate to play, so if you were Wenger would you start with him at the weekend? And if so, who gets dropped?

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  1. Thought there was an Article bout “Cazorla to fire Arsenal to strong EPL finish ” …

    funny that a few days later, we are now having a debate on if Cazorla should be brought back for the Citeh clash! L()L


    1. You are funny Soopa but I thought even you would know that there are many different writers on this site. They even have different opinions. How crazy is that? ???

      1. @ Admin
        Isn’t there going to be an Article regarding Gazidis’s recent coments?

        I’m sure that would be worth debating on here, Sir.

        1. FB are you talking about Gazidis mention of 250 million pounds in the kitty AW had transfer money for the past three years and didn’t use,

          and i have been saying this for three years now and i had to take abuse from some of our friends on Justarsenal

          it is simple economics our out going is around 250m our incom is 350m a year

          1. Arsenal chief executive Ivan Gazidis has apparently promised an end of season review and understands fans’ frustrations that the side have fallen short.

            The Gunners again missed out in the race for the Premier League title this campaign and many supporters have blamed manager Arsene Wenger for the team’s failures since the turn of the year.

            Tim Payton, a spokesperson for the Arsenal Supporters Trust, was in attendance at a Q&A with Gazidis and claims the 51-year-old CEO shared the same frustrations as supporters.

            Gazidis is understood to have promised a review into what went wrong for the north London outfit in the second half of the season.

            Ivan Gazidis saying he shares fans frustrations that Arsenal have fallen short and Club will step back and review why at end of season.

            — tim payton (@timpayton) May 3, 2016

            Gazidis also saying Wenger has had £250 million in transfer fees in past 4 seasons, fewer sales & significantly increased wage bill

            — tim payton (@timpayton) May 3, 2016

            The claim that Wenger has also had £250million to spend on transfer fees over the past four seasons may also anger fans who have been desperate for the French boss to splash the cash.

            Last weekend, three major supporters groups planned a stadium-wide protest for the match with Norwich but only a small proportion of fans took part in the ‘Time For Change’ campaign.

            However, there is a feeling among a section of the Emirates faithful that a reshaping within the club’s hierarchy is now a necessity.

  2. Knowing wenger, he definitely won’t be dropping Ramsey for Cazorla, no doubt he would rather drop our player of the month winner. .. Elneny! ? ?

    It’s funny how Wenger is so discreet and secretive regarding all aspects in and around the club but when it comes to matchday… he is so predictable, to the point where we even struggle against the so called weaker teams! ?

  3. Santi for Ramsey
    Welbeck for Giroud.
    If not Santi then I rather see Jack than Ramsey, at least on shows passion.

  4. I think it’s too soon to start him in such a big game, he couldn’t even finish the u21 match. Id go with Coq and Elneny, I think Wenger will too. Wonder if Giroud is going to start again, I doubt that he will after hearing Wenger give his reason for not playing him. City looked good up until the last PL game, it should be a good match all the same. Am looking forward to it, seeing as we didn’t have too much to look forward to lately. Arsenal v City are usually good on the eye ..usually.

  5. Will be great to have him back we have missed him. Before he got injured, he was defending much better and working harder. I prefer him over Ramsey to be honest especially since Elneny can be our new engine.

  6. Its a position we need to fight for for sure
    We got the players Mr wenger got to utilize the squad to its full potential
    I am as frustrated as any one of you and i feel that Mr wenger didn’t manege our resources well having said that I don’t think bringing billboards to games do any good because at games the most important thing is the support as i strongly believe that the squad feed on that support the 13 man there for i strongly recommend we sign a petition outlining exactly our concern per point and live it at the bored
    For now let us concentrate on wining our next match and be loud with doing so

  7. I don’t see how I as a mere fan could have a view on this. Of course Cazorla was brilliant and his loss was part of our slide. But that doesn’t mean he’ll be brilliant as soon as he comes back. Sanchez wasn’t, he was a liability.The abiding memory of Cazorla is as consistently brilliant but I remember he’s had sub-par performances in the past too.

    Just pick the team that are going to win, Arsene.

  8. Nah let’s bring him in as a sub depending how the match goes. This is still a very important game for our pride (or what’s left of it) and to cement 3rd place/ possibly still challenge for 2nd place. He hasn’t played in a top flight game for months and there’s no point rushing him at the end of the season. Depending how this game ends he could actually start against Aston Villa.

    Concerning Gazidis comments i really don’t even care much anymore. We’ve been hearing about our fat transfer piggy bank funds for years and year after year we take out a penny or two from it.

  9. It will be great to see Santi back providing he’s physicaly up for it as I still feel we can finish above the spuds so the trend can continue. Good luck to Villarreal tonight.

  10. I watched Carzola in the U21’s game – he had a great game. So I for one would be happy if he played.

    For what it’s worth – Rosicky was also excellent. If he does leave before next season some team is going to gain an excellent player. He had more energy on the pitch than anyone – should be offered another years contract!

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