Should Arsenal bring in Manolas to play alongside Sokratis?

There are very few Arsenal fans that haven’t been impressed with the Greek defender Sokratis this season. He may be a bit aggressive sometimes, but he is desperate to win at all costs in every single game he plays in. So how would you like to see his partner in the Greece national team to join him in the Arsenal defence?

According to Calciomercato the Gunners are challenging Juventus to bring Kostas Manolas in from Roma to join his countryman at the Emirates. They report: “…. Both Premier League giants Arsenal and Serie A champions Juventus on the trail of the talented defender.

Manolas has a release clause in his contract that both clubs are reportedly prepared to meet and it will be a matter of who makes the most convincing offer to the Greek star. On one hand, a move to Arsenal would see Manolas line up alongside international partner Sokratis and play a major role in Arsenal’s defence and likely playing many games.

At Juventus, however, Manolas may be forced into rotation more and would face a competitive starting line-up of defenders – and a new manager to contend with too.”

So that surely makes Arsenal favourites to sign the Greek international. If he is as committed as Sokratis, would you like to see him in the Arsenal defence?



  1. His release clause is high and his performance is declining due to aging process

    But he might be a perfect partner for Sokratis, because both play for Greece national football team. They could make a great CB tandem, if Emery gives them full authority to command the whole defense in the game

    I’d prefer a more dominant CB like Zouma though. Hopefully Chelsea sell him in this transfer window

    1. To say that his performances will decline because of his age, is a bit ridiculous. He’s only 27 (28 next month), and that is the peak years for most players, especially a CB. I personally would love him, and he’d be a massive upgrade on what we have.

      Although I do agree with you on Zouma. He has been outstanding this season, and I really feel he’s finally living up to his potential. Only 24, plenty of EPL experience as well, so we know he can cope in this league. I would definitely sign him. Can’t see Chelsea selling him though, now that he’s finally performing consistently. They have a transfer ban, Luiz is ageing, Rudiger out long-term, Cahill going, and Christensen may leave due to a lack of playing time. So I would be very surprised if they sold him, especially to a rival.

    2. Manolas is a great defender but we have defenders who are in his mould at arsenal in koscienly and holding,that is quick defenders but less physically imposing.

      What we need is a big,physically imposing defender comfortable on the ball.City had kompany,Liverpool have vvd,barcelona have pique,madrid have varane,juventus chiellini

      we should be looking at
      MAGUIRE,KOULIBALY, LASCELLAS(cheaper option).

  2. That sounds fine as long as we get rid of Mustafi, Lichtsteiner and Jenkinson.

    Manolas, Sokratis, Koscielny, Holding, Monreal, Kolsanic, Mavrapanos would be fine for a season

    Manolas is only 27 and solid CB

    But we will have a problem on the right side. Bellerin won’t be back until November
    We will need to play 3 at the back again with Niles as RWB.

    Saliba is SEVENTEEN YEARS OLD IS HE NOT? Where is Emery going to him for his experience?In the Under 11’s?
    Can’t wait for the midfielders to come tomorrow.Maybe Prince Archie up front with Auba and Laca

  4. Honestly, not too hot on him. Roma have been poor this season, and Manolas has not been one of the exceptions. From what ppl have told me about him, he also has a mistake in him every few games. Same as all our other defenders so I really don’t see the point in trying to go all out for him when the truth is he’s only better than Mustafi. Need to find a consistently great defender like Laporte, who City didn’t even break the bank for.

      1. don’t put words in my mouth just because you don’t know how to articulate a reasonable response.

  5. I am one of the large minority of fans according to you, who does not rate Socratis, so I don,t want to see him paired with anyone in the Arsenal shirt next season.He lacks height,pace and composure and has to resort to fouling due to his lack of ability to win the ball within the rules of the game.In my opinion he is not much better than Mustafi .As for Manolas, he was a very good centre back but apparently his form has dropped off this season which perhaps explains why Roma have shipped so many goals .I would not go for Manolas but would be delighted to acquire Saliva who is a prodigious talent who turns 19 shortly.France seem to have a production line of fine young players which augers well for the future of the international side.

      1. ?The interesting queastion is; “how tight is the Greek defense when Socrates and Manolas play together at international level?”
        Accordingly what form would they bring to the Arsenal?

    1. Spot on Grandad and please read my own post further down saying much the same but more wordy, as is my way!

  6. Just read that Steve Bould might be moved on (about freakin’ time) and replaced by Freddie Ljungberg. Hope this is one rumour that comes true.

    1. GunnerJack, I concur on Steve Bould (zonal marking is rubbish!).
      I wish Arsenal would bring back Dennis Bergkamp, now he is available having left Ajax. Imagine what he could do to improve Arsenal’s young and not so young players.

  7. Ibrahima kanoute from liepzig is a good CB, young and athletic. Kai haverts is young a left footed winger from bayern leverkusen, very skillful and scores lots of goals.

  8. Manolas as been very poor for two seasons now, he should have his own bloopers reel like Mustafi, not a buy I would be impressed with at all. My concern is the MIDFIELD, while Torreira did a great job I think energy wise we can improve on Xhaka, a midfielder bursting from the deep pass opponents is missing in arsenal midfield, high energy level. Guendouzi with all his good intention is no where qualified to play in our midfield. in which of the other top six would Guendouzi be a starter. if we do not get high energy midfielders we cannot compete is this league

  9. Use the 30m from the 36m to sign Alderweild and invest whatever is left on his wage which will be what will lure him to Arsenal.

    1. Spurs will not let anyone from their ranks do a sol Campbell. Not even for a fee.
      Btw Monreal is out of contract, is he in talks to extend? Otherwise we have to replace him too

  10. my opinion is arsenal need three players now to complete as a strong team, ””” WE NEED A CENTRAL BACK, WE NEED A MIDFIELDER, AND WE NEED A WINGER,>>>>>NAMES: MUGAIRE,, pepe, and rabiot.

  11. I totally dispute your opinion, Mr Admin,that Sokratis is generally liked as a CB by our fans. What I will say is that most think him better than Mustafi, as a lesser illness is preferable to a serious illness. And that is all, since Sokratis is too rash, too inclined to wrestle , too short and not even that fast either. Next season I envisage Holding established as our No 1 CB, with either Mavro or Kos alongside him . Of course I far prefer that we buy a new and quality CB or two or even three! But look at those flying pigs above us and don’t expect it! Don’t even expect one of TOP quality , though we might well bring in another second rate one, as has become the norm these last few years.

  12. I’d prefer to see Konate (6’ 4”) and Saliba (6’ 4”) brought in instead. They’re young but have first team experience due to their speed and professionalism.

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