Should Arsenal bring Reiss Nelson back to replace Welbeck?

The Arsenal youngster Reiss Nelson has been in amazing form since joining Hoffenheim on loan this summer, and has been scoring goals for fun, but today’s goal, his 6th this season, is even more impressive as he only came on with 6 minutes to go and had scored the winner within 2 minutes!

As Arsenal Twitter account reported……

So surely he has done enough to prove that he is ready to be tested in the Premier League by now, and with Danny Welbeck now having suffered a serious injury perhaps it would to our benefit to bring the youngster back to the Emirates?

On the downside Nelson is unlikely to play every week if he comes back and he seems to be thriving over in Germany with regular football. But then again, with the Europa League, the Caraboa Cup and the congested Christmas programme still to come we could need all hands on deck. You could say that Welbeck only played now and again, but the stats tell us he had started 7 games and been used as a sub six times (and scored 5 goals!) already before his injury, so he has actually been an important part of the squad. If Nelson is used that often on his return he is not going to complain is he?

What do you think? Bring him back or leave him to gain more experience?



  1. David Chua says:

    We should bring Reiss Nelson back to replace Danny Welbeck ??????????????

  2. Maxwell says:

    Just let him continue there. Epl is a difficult league, will hamper his progress which shall be needed next season.
    secondly, he won’t be able to start games regularly considering Europa league, Fa, Carabao cup are not week in and out.

  3. Isaac N Onywere says:

    Reiss Nelson is ready to EPL. The young striker is scoring goals for fun in Germany. Get him back since Arsenal is still in four competition we need more backup at the from line.

  4. Invisible says:

    Let him enjoy and continue his fine form till May, it’s better for his development.

    1. Thomo says:

      Agreed let him develop

  5. Ephraim says:

    Let him continue to develop his game and mature with regular football. That will benefit us better in the future.

  6. Akande Oluwaseun says:

    Eddie Nketiah should be given the opportunity to proof himself in the first team and for Nelson, maybe a winter return so as to fit into the team for the season.imo.

  7. Paul says:

    Get him back I say. Why can’t he start on the right?
    We don’t have anyone else playing well in that position? Mhk, not for me. Aaron, on his way out. Welbz, out. Iwobi, best from left. PEA plays from the lefty or top.
    Any other ideas????
    He is creative, pacey, adds width and a goal threat.
    He will need coaching and strength and defensive cover but he could be our secret weapon, like a Sane/ Sterling type.

  8. Otunba_007 says:

    Nope, I suggest we leave him in Germany till the end of the season, he’s developing and we need him to really mature and learn the craft, sitting him on the bench as a back up player to our team will stall his development…

  9. John Ibrahim says:

    he need at least 30 competitive games to improve and learn

    recall him back will see him sitting on the bench and make the occasion sub

  10. The regular football in his correct position he is getting over there is exactly what he needs. Best not to interrupt his development. He will come back next season a better player for us. The previous manager was almost destroying him by playing him as a wingback so am glad to see he has regained his form through playing his true position. Beautiful, simply beautiful.

  11. Eddie Hoyte says:

    “So surely he has done enough to prove that he is ready to be tested in the Premier League by now”

    SMH, Admin I don’t think you follow Nelson’s game closely do you? 6 goals, yea fine so now he has done enough to prove he’s ready for EPL?.
    Let me burst your bubble, I’m not taking away anything from him but Nelson still has a lot of stuffs to learn, he’s still unstable and still does a lotta stuffs wrong if you take away the stats and watch him, he’s still struggling. Which is the reason despite his goals he’s not in their first eleven. If he still has enough to learn, I wonder how you guys think he’ll cope here in the EPL when he’s yet to make their first eleven.

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Very true

  12. Robin Vanpayslip - bow chicka wow wow says:

    There is no point in stalling his development just for him to cover an injury to a bench player.

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