Should Arsenal bring Serge Gnabry back?

Serge Gnabry is one of the players that has left Arsenal only to become a better version of themselves at another club.

The German had been tipped to do great things for the Gunners when he broke through at the Emirates.

But he struggled to make the desired impact in the Premier League, only to explode into life at Bayern Munich.

He is one of the reasons the Germans are among Europe’s elites while we struggle to make the top four.

However, he could leave them at the end of this season as the Bavarians struggle to convince him to sign a new deal.

Sky Germany says with 18 months left on his current deal, Bayern has failed to meet his salary demands so far.

This has opened the door for him to join another club and he could return to the Premier League.

Liverpool and Manchester United are linked with a move for him, but Arsenal needs a player of his quality.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Gnabry should be in our colours now and leading our attack if we had kept him at the club.

Understandably, we haven’t been linked with a move for him now, but it might be worth it to make him our next top earner.

At 26, he still has some years left at the highest level of football and he could lead Mikel Arteta’s side to trophies.

Do you think we should consider re-signing Gnabry?

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  1. What shall motivate him to return…..let’s seek much hungry players at least…. Anthony, Cody, DCL, and even raphinha

  2. It Wouldn’t be a bad idea, as long as we .get another striker and 2 versatile and energetic midfielders, this way we would have atleast 5 tireless workers on the pitch

    1. Patrick schick

      You mean bro then salvio and Spence as decent back up signings

  3. Another financial fantasy!! Have the owners of JA any idea at all how much BAYERN WOULD WANT FOR GNABRY!!
    I have and it is way out of our reach,hence my financial fantasy comment
    Sigh! I much prefer reality!

    1. I don’t think it’s the financial side that’s the issue due to the length of his contract. It would be a lot, but i suspect within our capability. It’s more about how attractive we are compared to his other options. He may have a positive view of arsenal, but would that trump being assured of challenging for titles and European cups with someone else?

      1. DAVI, You have a secondary but fair point.

        But sheer lack of money, before even considering your points, will rule out it ever getting started.


        AND WE HAVE SOME ON HERE WHO ARE SO TERRIBLY GULLIBLE. Some would believe anything, if it appeared onhere, so naive are they!

      1. @TRVL4e
        Guess you didn’t watch him while he was with us. And if he had wanted to be with us, he still would be…

        1. I saw him win a game for us against Swansea and then not get another chance. He played with maturity like Saka, held his position properly and took his chance when it came. Didn’t get why he had so few opportunities but injures may have played a part.
          What am I missing? Did he look like he didn’t want to be at arsenal? I think that would have happened after we sent him on loan but I don’t remember seeing much of him after that?

          1. don’t worry yourself with trying to convince that muppet of anything Davi, as he’s way off base with his assessment of the Gnabry situation…he never got a chance to prove himself with the club and when he showed what he had on offer, at the Olympics in Brazil, any responsible organization would have immediately reached out to him or actually flown in to reassure him of his importance to the club

  4. No thanks.
    His wage demands are putting Bayern off so it is fair to say he will want more to come to Arsenal.

    And he hardly set the world on fire when he was here.

    Perhaps his football is more suited to the Bundesliga. I would rather give a first team squad place to one of our younger players…

  5. Arsenal doesn’t know how to manage great players. So i say NO. We should live him alone. Arteta has no man management skills. So Gnaby would end up being another Ozil, or Aubameyang.

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