Should Arsenal bring Szczesny back next season?

Szczesny continues to consider his options!

Wojciech Szczesny is a well known character amongst Arsenal fans, but it’s been a while since we’ve seen him at the Emirates. Szczesny has been on loan with Serie A side AS Roma for the past two campaigns, but rumours suggests he could be in line to stick with Arsenal next season.

Whilst his off the field antics have often taken him centre stage, there is also no denying that the player has talent. His ability stagnated at points whilst with Arsenal and the same limelight incidents didn’t exactly help his cause when fighting for a spot in the team. However when he broke onto the scene, Szczesny had loads of potential and in certain areas of his game, he shone above the rest. Here’s not forgetting that despite all the criticisms he received, Szczesny once shared the Golden Glove award along with them Chelsea keeper Petr Cech. But with Cech’s future now seemingly due of a bit of review, could a return for Szczesny be on the cards?

Szczesny has often been asked in the past about his situation at Arsenal and whether he considers a future with the club. Szczesny has always remained very open minded and once again when asked the question, it seems that his intentions are clear.

Szczesny reportedly said: “I don’t know where I’ll play next season. London is still my home, I’m playing for Roma but I’m an Arsenal fan. I watch the games, sometimes I’m sad and other times happy.”

“The last year-and-a-half in Italy hasn’t exactly been the worst of my life, now I’ve got another four months with Roma and I’m focused on my performance.”

“I’m thinking about playing well, not where I’ll play. Borussia Dortmund or Napoli? That’s just speculation, all I know is that the better I play, the more options I’ll have.”
In my opinion, Szczesny’s statement suggests that he would prefer a return to Arsenal in the summer, but it’s only likely if he is reclaim his number one spot. If he isn’t going to be first choice for the Gunners, then he would have to look elsewhere. As his statement says, the likes of Napoli and Dortmund have been linked with a move for the player, whilst of course a permanent move to Roma may also be on the cards.

I’d like to think that the Polish international still has a future with Arsenal, especially if Wenger is considering benching Cech. Cech hasn’t had the best of seasons and his form has dropped considerably in comparison to what it once was. However the player does still have plenty of talent and experience, something which Szczesny could benefit from. At 26 years old the shotstopper is still yet to hit his prime and after two consistently good seasons with Roma, I think Wenger will consider a return for Szczesny in the summer.



  1. bran99 says:

    our players flop and we want them out, then we miss them and want them back. he flopped that’s it, we want someone better if Cech is not the answer. ambitious teams go for the best, like Donnaruma, but we are here wishing Szczesny comes back

    1. frank says:

      Wenger has flopped for 12+ years and he is still there.

  2. Nebsy says:

    Please stay away Szczesny, we don’t need you anymore.

  3. infumous25 says:

    Arsene has a tendency to keep on to deadwood for no reason. We can sell Szczesny to Roma on a perm.

    We should take a page out of united book get a good young keeper who we can use the next season or two to get use to the Arsenal way and the premier league

    1. Donnarumma (age 18)
    2. Lafont (age 18)

    Or we could bench cech and get a new strater keeper

    1. Oblak
    2. Leno

    But this is Arsene we are talking about someone who kept Diaby on the pay for 9 years

  4. Jansen says:

    I don’t think it will be easy or cheap to get a better keeper than Ospina once Cech is benched and the thought of Ospina in goal doesn’t frighten me, the thought of Szczesny in goal does frighten me.

    1. infumous25 says:

      But is Ospina on a De Gea level..or he is not we need to get the best to be able to challenge for titles

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