Should Arsenal cash in on Aubameyang?

What is the contract situation of Aubameyang? by Lagos Gooner

Pierre Aubameyang is Arsenal’s highest goal scorer; in fact, he has been so since when he came to Arsenal. He is so good at scoring, that at times I wished Arsenal were ambitious enough to match his desire to win. There are times when he does not play well and there are times he plays brilliantly; after all, he is a human and is not expected to be an enigma, round the clock.

With less than two years left on his contract, Arsenal needs to act fast to either make him sign a new contract or sell him at the end of this season. Pierre is such a brilliant scorer and any team will be lucky to have him play for them; but then being a good scorer is not all that is needed for a club to run smoothly. We also need squad stability and financial stability. Signing Pierre on a new contract now, shows ample ambition from Arsenal. Also selling him now, shows that Arsenal are not going to allow themselves to be put in a tight spot by players and their agents.

Let us face it, Aubameyang is getting to the age where things start declining for him, football-wise and it will only be wise if Arsenal sort his case out fast, before he loses value in the transfer market. He is above 30 years of age but with this form of his at this moment, he is worth 50 million pounds in the transfer market. Won’t it be a good idea if we sold him now, get two defensive players, support Lacazette to be our top number 9 and allow Martinelli and our boys on loan support Laca? Renewing his contract is good but would Arsenal not be repeating the Ozil situation by renewing his contract? Ozil’s productivity level has dropped drastically, and the major reason why he is still at Arsenal is because clubs are scared of splashing out money to sign him. He is expensive and does not really seem like a good buy at this his stage.

Come to think of it, would Arsenal miss Auba if he were to be sold? I will loudly say no! Arsenal has multiple attacking talents and with a good defence and better organized midfield, the players we have can quietly replace Auba.

I am not saying we don’t need the services of Auba any longer; I am only saying the Arsenal management should decide on what they what to do with Auba’s contract situation. Are they giving in to his demands and renew his contract? If they are, let them sort that fast. But if they are not renewing his contract, they they should start looking for buyers, who will buy him from us, now that he is still smoking hot. What do you feel, gooners?

Sylvester (Lagos Gooner)


    1. How can will Arsenal miss Auba question be no? Which better striker is in that group than Auba. This kind of question should not be raised in Article at this moment. My answer is Did Arsenal mis Van Persy?
      Did Arsenal miss Aron Ramsey
      Did Arsenal miss Carlos Vela.

      Auba goals is the reason we not in relegation

  1. If he has no intention to sign I would. We can’t let another Ramsay situation occur.
    We need to make a stand and can’t let players walk for free, regardless of who it is.

  2. Obviously would not want him to go but football moves on and if we can get our money back or a bit more then we should let him go and use the money wisely. He is 30 years+ and we should remember that and look for his replacement and maybe a younger player.

    1. ” get OUR money back”? Surely you mean Kroenke gets to put more money in HIS obscenely swollen bank account!

  3. They only bought Pepe for 70m knowing they could shift Auba or Laca for 50m.
    So of course they have to sell Auba in the summer.

  4. We have one guy who scored goals for us and we want to ship him out & cash in? Nice Kroenke thinking going on with some people.

  5. You cannot sell a player unwilling to leave so let stop this nonsense now.
    Keep Auba as striker & surround him with pace – who else makes the Golden boot with an uncreative midfield behind them?.

  6. Option 1. Sell Auba. Buy another one season wonder for that money. Wait till he adapts in ÈPL and lose his transfer value. And get relegated.

    Option 2. Keep Auba for entire period of contract. At least remain in EPL as a mid table team. By that time Martinelli will step up to take his position. Hope that Auba will be convinced to extend his contract by that time. He may be next Zlaten gunning glory till 38 yrs..who knows?

    Think wise..

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