Should Arsenal cash in on Guendouzi to fund summer transfers?

Arsenal signed a cracking youngster in Matteo Guendouzi for just 7million GBP from Lorient last summer, but there is now an emerging possibility that the Gunners could allow him to return to France with the Champions PSG, which is where he started his youth career. When Arsenal went in for him, despite many offers to sign up, he had no qualms about moving to the Emirates.

Guendouzi’s rapid rise in the Premiership has turned the eyes of the moneybags French side, and it is being reported they could pay up to 60 million for the rising star. The Mirror reported this morning…..

Arsenal midfielder Matteo Guendouzi is being eyed by Paris Saint-Germain after his Premier League success.

According to the Express [I couldn’t find that story to verify it – Admin] the French giants are keeping tabs on their former youth product with a view to a summer move following his impressive form for the Gunners.

Guendouzi was released by the Parisians as a 15-year-old and subsequently made his senior breakthrough with Lorient before a summer move to Arsenal .

The 19-year-old has flourished under Unai Emery and become a firm favourite for his combative midfield performances.

With limited funds to spend in the summer, however, they could be tempted to cash-in to allow Unai Emery to reinvest.

So, as we have a limited transfer fund this summer, and with quite a few spaces to fill, do you think it would be sensible to take a quick profit on Guendouzi? Or keep him and hope he gets even better over the next couple of years?


Updated: March 20, 2019 — 4:44 am


  1. And we then become Benfica or Porto or Southampton or worse? No disrespect to the teams though.
    Arsenal will NEVER grow if we continue such. We need more investment, not sales for lower investment.

    1. Arsenal seem to have to sell first before buying another player, but I think they have to lower the price tags of their fringe players

    2. Yes we should sell Guendouzi in order to generate sufficient funds to buy midfield players like, er, Guendouzi. Admin’s article is quite the most idiotic I have read in a long time. Instead of dreaming about buying new players, how about getting the players we have got to play better? And Emery could start by finding a way of including Ozil in the team.

      1. I agree,the guy is only 19 and keep improving, he,ll be better than rabiot but with loyalty if you listened to his interviews! The first 2 posts I read today are bad is it because it,s sunday or something??

        1. Why don’t YOU write a Headline Article?
          It’s very easy to comment but not so easy to actually compose an article for EVERYONE to comment on.And this is from someone who still has to offer an article for Admin to consider but I will be doing this Close Season.I know the Title and topic I justneexthectime to do it.
          But in the meantime I look forward to reading yours

          1. I would but english is not my first language,on the other hand if you were to speak french I could write you an essay!in the meantime I’ll be waiting for your article as promised by your good self:)

  2. He should be worth more than that in today’s transfer market, because he is still very young and talented

    In my opinion, he is the most dominant midfielder at Arsenal currently and should be accompanied by other hot prospects like Nkunku, not sold to other club

    If Arsenal want to sell, they had better put the inconsistent stars like Ozil into the transfer list

    1. @gotanidea, you just mentioned their god Ozil ,
      expect their backlash soon

      All this Ozil fanboys are the worst set of fans i have ever come across…
      Terrible set of hypocrites..

      1. Yeah, heaven forbid supporters of Arsenal getting behind and actually supporting one of our best players whilst he is being frozen out purely for monetary reasons and attacked from every single angle.

        How truly hypocritical! If only more fans were like you guys and attacked and abused our players more often; cos you lot are the REAL fans. Everyone knows REAL fans abuse and attack their players on a near daily basis.

        1. That’s the trouble with “IFFYTHICK”.
          So all the troubles at our Club is because of supporters who rate Ozil as a player and want him in the team.
          Let me ask you this-We are in a very bad run of form.Dire performances.Little or no progress being seen in the teams development.Zero enthusiasm from supporters.All is very stale and uninspiring.
          But Ozil is not bring played.So he is BLAMELESS in our run of bad form and results.So do YOU not believe it might just be the time for Emery to get the player back into the team?I do.Bit then I would have him starting every game of it was up to me.

          1. The lack of cutting edge is the main problem of this team
            Petr Cech even knows this
            We don’t have enough Ballers who can move with the ball in tight spaces
            We don’t have those technicians or better still Dribblers or wingers in this team who can create spaces and good chances out of our imagination….

            Because of lack of these, our defense is suffering…
            The defensive system suffers because our attacking unit is porous…
            sign up 5 Dvg in this team, the defense will still suffer…

            Bringing back Ozil to this team wont change anything because he has nothing to offer and in this current team, a luxury player like him cannot be accomodated….

            we need dynamic and attacking players to absorb pressures going down to the defense

      2. Worse set of fans yet people call Ozil vile names…
        You want to lay into people who back Ozil and Arsenal supporters are the worst you have come across?

        Look in a mirror.

        At least Ozil isn’t Iwobi, that would be a nightmare… Two Iwobis on our team… Urghh,

        1. I was told I don’t watch the football & I’m bordering on a cultish mentality (because I’m an Ozil fan)….. gets worse ?

    2. “the inconsistent stars like Ozil into the transfer list” Is racking up some of the top assist and chances created stats in the entirety of Europe’s top leagues since joining us “inconsistent”? Is constantly getting the highest km’s covered per match “inconsistent”? Is being frozen out of the team purely because of monetary reasons “inconsistent”? Is going from winning no trophies for a decade to 3 FA cups in the very season we signed Ozil “inconsistent”?

      You do an half spout some total nonsense on here. So much of the rubbish you come out with is completely contradicted by the actual stats and evidence.

      1. That overrated twat
        i can count more than thirty players who are performing and producing week in week out in that his role…

        They are not only creative,
        they are mobile, agile, skillful on the ball
        and extremely economical with the ball…

        They aren’t like your God Ozil who is gives the ball away under just little press or pressure…

        The reason why Emery will continue to play Milkitaryn over your Ozil, is that Milkitaryn has more attacking and penetrative abilities than your that your liability called Ozil…
        Milkitaryn assist has come from open play compared to Ozil whose most assist came from setplays… Thanks to Giroud

        David Silva is older than Ozil,
        But we all know David Silva is so good and hardly go missing in any matches..
        He is a typical attacking Midfielder, Mesut Ozil is not because he doesn’t have the necessary qualities needed to shine in the central midfield..

        He has got no penetrative dribbling abilities
        he doesn’t know how to protect or keep the ball under intense presses
        He doesn’t have that gut to press and recover possession of the ball…

        Ozil boys just go and watch David Silva for a week and have a good view of a proper Central midfielder…

        in the past decade we had Cesc Fabregas, Rosicky Santi Cazorla even Wishere before his injury started…
        This guys are proper central midfielders,
        more Football rounded than your gods Ozil

        1. Play Mesut Ozil in this Man City side and he would perform week after week.Better players around him and a Manager who places the emphasis on ATTACK.
          If Pep played a back 5 AND tau CDM’s then Silva would not even be in the team.

          1. Dont even compare that useless Ozil with David Silva…
            The gap between them is much….
            when will you Ozil dogs have common sense…

            pep in his right senses cannot even accomodate that liability Ozil in his team..
            he can’t even imagine it..

            Pep always want players who are good on the ball, aggressive on and off the ball,
            efficient and extremely mobile,

            Ozil does not have this qualities i just enumerated

          2. Your fighting for Silva? Who are what are you? Because on here we are the Arsenal.

          3. IFFYTHICK-I sort of resent the fact you call Ozil Supporters “Dogs”.What is up with you?You come across as illiterate and quite uneducated.
            So tone it down PAL will you?Or if not I’m quite sure I have the education to RUIN YOU with words.
            It’s not just me.There are plenty who would like to see Ozil back in the team.Its not as though we don’t need him

        2. “That overrated twat”

          Funny, that’s what I thought after finishing on you mum.

          1. Wow-very funny but surprised that got by Admin.

        3. #playozil


        4. God you speak such rubbish look at the facts ozil wins hands down

    3. If Arsenal want to sell then they should look at Iwobi first, that headless chicken should be given away!

  3. I think Arsenal fans should face reality, the ball is in their hands, definitely they won’t get financial support to push them northward but the lower teams are continuously pushing upwards so soonest they will catch up with arsenal and surpass them so therefore if Arsenal want to continue to compete at the top at this moment, they don’t have any choice than to sell their price asset to fund the strategy and remember, the last set of idiots that managed the club wasted so much funds that could have been injected into the club today however, aka (Liverpool strategy) so the best approach to turn Arsenal around is to stop going to games and stop patronising the club, the club fund would dwindle, they would loose the passion and attractions which they get from the core fans and the American won’t have a choice but to sell and skip off with the little left

    1. Financial support is just the latest incorrect bandwagon.

      Tell me how UTD was bought and how they had restricted spending yet they built their commercial side so they can spend like City.

      Please remember that the Glaziers took out a loan to buy UTD and that loan was paid for from funds being taken out of UTD. We wasn’t bought like that. We have not paid out nearly a billion £ to the owner. UTD have.

      Being forced to sell a prized asset is also wrong, sorry dude, Arsenal can increase their revenue for a start… We (Arsenal FC) make a lot of money and we could be talking about £100 million to spend in the summer if we have UCL football…

      Chelsea spent about 140 million euros before Jan, they recouped about 50 million… So a net spend of less than 100 million euros. It would have been less if they wasn’t forced to sell their GK and overspent with the Kepa fee.

      One thing Chelsea do well is get fees for the numerous loans they make, this is another avenue that Arsenal can look at for generating funds. I never read Arsenal getting 5 million to loan Nelson but Chelsea did for Bakayoko.

      There are many business opportunities that Arsenal can look capitalize on without the needing to turn into a selling club.

  4. here we are again overhyping our 19 yr old to be the next messi, bringing up baseless rumours to support their claims that the kid is what his not. pl stop overhyping them. let him grow first then we can talk about how much his is worth in about 3 yrs time pl.

    1. Nobody is saying that but he is fantastic for only 19
      And probably our 4th or 5th best player behind Auba, Lacazette, Torreira

      1. Yes and we have 4 others like him in the U23 but our new manager will not play them. He prefers safety every time. Good job Bertie Mee took a chance on our six kids fom the reserves otherwise we would not have won the double in 1971.

        Rather than play silly buggers with any potential great player, get sht of the old failures and progress from there. It cannot get worse than last week if we played all our U23s.

        1. Couldn’t agree more.

      2. Well said!people forget he is only 19,first season at top level,living in a new country,having to learn a new language, many of your english would be able to handle the pressure?sancho is the first one in many decades but is playing in germany,in his case you can say he is being overhyped,what did he do against the spuds?he might not be scoring goals but that,s not his job but he is playing at a higher level than sancho who by the way is not a starter,even one of his Dortmund teammates said recently that England were world famous for over hyping your own players

    2. Yet another wonderful example of an Arsenal “fan” getting annoyed at other Arsenal supporters for supporting and bigging up one of our players. What a great fan-base we have!

  5. I’ve just checked, and it is on the Express site, which means we can immediately dismiss it as total BS.

  6. Arsenal appear to have a good crop of youngsters coming through.We need to keep him and hope that other younger players will be given a chance so Arsenal can build for the future.I just hope they are not ignored. It would be a bad thing to happen but I would of thought that Lacazette is the one they would try and cash in on and judging by the look of frustration on his face it might be a joint decision.

  7. Things are changing

    IMO Guendouzie is going to be a massive midfield player. To sell him for a quick profit would be a big mistake. Also with our track record of selling players, I doubt we would get 60 million for him.

    1. “Also with our track record of selling players, I doubt we would get 60 million for him.”

      I’m gonna try and back Raul and point out he wasn’t the main man last season when Gazidis was selling people on the cheap just so he can sell people.

      I will jokingly say we ain’t Liverpool either, they’d get £200 million for a player they didn’t want to sell with so much potential XD

      1. Things are changing

        True, but whoever was in charge of selling failed to sell Ramsey this winter. I thought we were on the path to organizational stability until Sven M decided to leave. I think we might be a big mess as an organization. If we sell Geundouzie for 60 million and replace him with two players that cost 30 each we likely will become Everton. We need exceptional players. Guendouzie can be that (too early to tell). But if we sell our promising young players we will never become a top team again. Spurs managed to hold onto their young players and it keeps them in good stead.

  8. He is arguably our best youngster. Fantastic for a 19 year old.

    For our future we need to keep Guendouzi, Nelson, Niles, Smith Rowe

    We need to grow our own because Kroenke won’t give enough money to buy big

  9. Does anyone else feel really depressed about our team right now, or is it just me??
    Everywhere I look online it’s all doom & gloom… there’s no money to spend, silent Stan is your owner what do you expect, there’s a rift between manager & player, your defence is crap, you’ve got no chance of the top 4, players want to move on to win trophies, your closest rivals have overtaken you & are flying high in the CL & you can’t even beat Bate (who??) Which leads me to our game on Thursday – which is now HUGE (why do we always make things hard for ourselves?) We don’t always perform well when the pressure’s on, even if we do score we have to stop them from scoring (how many clean sheets have we had??) We’re not scoring loads lately either plus with Laca out.. we need Auba to turn up! We’re out of both cups, so this is our only chance of silverware & right now that is hanging by a thread…….
    Sorry for adding to the doom & gloom but I’m really cheesed off

    1. No need to panic. Last week was a mere blip. We will make easy work of the framers at the Emirates. We just love to live on the edge and to do things the hard way whenever we have a choice. Whether we will proceed any further is the question, we don’t look convincing at the moment. A 5-0 win will do well to put the creeping doubts to bed.

      1. You’re not wrong about living on the edge QD…
        I hope we go through… I don’t even want to think about if we don’t….. and I can’t even predict a score!!!

    2. I have hope Sue.

      As a lot of you know, I put the blame on how Arsenal as a business has been failing, I blame Gazidis.

      I have never expected Silent Stan to put his hand into his pocket, did you expect Nina from the old board to put money into the club from her own pocket? I never believed the old board would throw money into the club yet I believed we could compete because we had ambition from board down, not so much the owners… Let us be honest, the only owner who put effort in was Dein and he had a board role to fulfil.

      While Gazidis has failed to maximize our income, Arsenal are still a highly profitable business, we could exploit this and grow it massively. Arsenal make funds for Arsenal to spend funds. Same as it was prior to Silent Stan.

      1. I do agree with you about Gazidis, I’m so glad he’s gone – absolutely useless!
        Well if anything the summer transfer will be interesting to say the least!!

        1. It took Ed Woodward years to help build UTD’s income to what it is now. I hope we can do it faster 😛 and I am keen to see how Raul will lead us, I read every article and scrap of information I can find about him and my hope hasn’t been killed yet lol.

  10. i wouldnt sell him even if my life is hanging on it

  11. Arsenal are at a crossroad, their business plan just isn’t working and the investment in the new stadium is looking decidedly shaky. The facts to back this up are as follows:
    1. If Arsenal plan to buy a team they can only buy grade two players because they cannot compete financially with Man City, Chelsea, Man Utd, PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona and many others. On the rare occasion we pick up a top player we can’t afford to pay them market rates so will never keep them.
    2. We do not see sufficient numbers coming from the academy to fill first team places.
    3. The new manager is told in his first season that there are no funds available so sell your stars to raise cash.
    Arsenal must decide their business plan urgently: They cannot compete with the big boys and never will whilst Kroenke holds the purse, so the logical step is for them to go to a full youth programme and have the faith to stack the first team with youth on reasonable salaries and compete by selling promising players to the big spenders as Ajax do so well.
    Summary: Yes, I am saying the Dien/Wenger master plan has failed because the new stadium on which everything hinged was based on over-estimated figures.

    1. I don’t think we can keep pinning the blame on Kroenke. He has previously released funds which the previous regime wasted on panics buys and straight up rubbish buys like Xhaka. He got burned and now as you’d expect he is much more cautious on releasing cash. Anyway, I think the transfer market is insane. Forking out £200M on players to win a £100M trophy? Ultimately it’s about money and this kind of expenditure though exciting in the short term, is not sustainable.

  12. Yeh great idea! Let’s sell our best or most promising players who have heart!!

  13. Guendouzi is our best midfielder right now IMO, he’s also the most talented of our youngsters and he’s starting to dominate our midfield and forcefully taking the role of our midfield fulcrum. Selling him right now would be a mistake, I feel his worth would be even closer to or above 100m in a few seasons if he continues like this. Build the team around him with young talented players just like him and if one of the big guns wants him after a few seasons take them to the cleaners. That’s if he even wants to leave, he’s an Arsenal fan and he must know that if he keeps his head down and works hard he’ll be captain and legend material

  14. If we go to form, the more likely scenario is that we’ll play him in various positions to confuse him before allowing his contract to run down and see him leave on a free.

    I’m not fan of Kroenke but in my opinion mismanagement of our assets is a far greater risk to our success than he is.

  15. I don’t think it’s right to cash in on him now, let’s wait a little, his value can only go up because of the massive talent he possesses. 60m now or 150m I’m 2 or 3 years…

    1. OT- Just read that the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is stepping up his £3.8 billion takeover bid of Manchester United – in the hope of becoming the new owner by next season…. makes me wonder why isn’t he interested in Arsenal, with 2.5 billion he could prize Stan out.

      1. To buy a club you need the owner to want to sell which is not the case with us sadly,in the last year we lost 2 great investors because there was nothing they could do to positively influence the running of the club,one tried to buy the club and was ready to invest in players,the other one went to everton for god,s sake,how sad!!

      2. The Salman guy that ordered the murder of that Journalist in Turkey?
        If United are happy with this blood thirsty saudi prince as their owner then I will give up on humanity.

        1. I have been saying to friends in real life that football as a whole needs to look at itself, not just the owners, sponsorships as well.

          Why should we allow any sponsor from a human right abusing country?

          Why do we allow so many gambling ads?

          Greed… bah 🙁

          1. Why? You actually need to ask? Isn’t it clear that the top level sport we are all addicted to is a drug that is killing our OWN morals by being complicit in the wholesale corruption that is killing any remaining morality still remaining in it? Despite our own internal fan sqabbles and suggestions for improvement, which are routinely ignored by the decison makers, WE FANS are almost the only honourable ones in football (at top level). The reason? Because WE inject love , passion and our own HARD EARNED MONEY. All those who admin, own , manage, coach and above all PLAY, TAKE our love, our adoration and esp our MONEY as their right and care little about anything other than their own life. That is how top level football is run, as you in effect said, though you vastly understated the sheer amount of dishonesty of this poison we are all addicted to. I do NOT say ALL players are dishonest. A number are decent admirable people and give back to the game in many ways. But they are not the norms, but the exceptions. For every Frank LAMPARD THERE ARE MANY ASHLEY COLES. But almost all routinely cheat on the field to gain advantage , whether disputing corners, throw ins, penalties, yellow and red cards. They often surround the ref, thus trying to intimidate him into changing his mind. This is cheating and only honest people are unafraid to call them out for this. THE EAUTHORITIES ARE TOO COMPLICIT, TOO GREEDY FOR OUR MONEY ANDTOO SPINELESS TO ALTER THIS, AS THEY COULD BUT CHOOSE NOT TO DO. It is not how sport should be played and in rugby and cricket it is NOT tolerated. But in morally corrupt top level football, it IS!! Decades ago most were normal, decent men , in touch with financial reality and usually approachable too. Some of us older ones actually knew some players as people, not just as player/ fan relationships. Obscene love of money has long ruined all that. It IS possible to be both biased, which we all are -it being the nature of fanhood- and yet still be honest with ourselves about the dishonesty we are condoning , even though reluctantly at times. Football, like the internet and Parliament, is far too far gone to clean up its own house UNLESS we fans DEMAND wholesale change and back up those demands with direct action when need be. As it WILL be needed. Or we stay in the cesspit. Our choice, ALL OF US!

  16. idiotic comments on ozil fan boys. Arsenal should get an out and out right winger which is left footed and play with iwobi or miki on the right wing and allow oil to play his natural game with Abu and laca in front and then we’ll see how the idiots eat their words where ozil is concern. no one will tell me otherwise ozil is world class fullstop. he’s not part of the team to defend so let those who are in the team to defend and ozil create. ozil in recent times have been inconsistent why? I’ll ans if I went through a difficult period where I was basically forced to bring an end to my playing career of that of my country I would need some sympathy and to top it off I come under fire at the club I’m playing for with a boss that contradicts himself I would also not perform at my best. I’m no couch but I can see we not lacking anything but confidence. this is the same arsenal team that went 22 games unbeaten yes it wasn’t convincing but we had the mentality to fight and come back every second half and win. yes to those anti ozil fans he was at the heart of it all. I’m not here to slam anyone but I’m here to comment for the love I have for the team is far superior to any off form patch a player is having. I don’t have the luxury to be on the stadium when we play as I live in south Africa but what I can say we have of the poorest fans if the team is not playing well our so called fans boo the players off the field. no where in hell should that ever happen. get behind the team use your energy and encourage the team. to take it a bit futher how come does the team win almost every game at home and go away from home and get our asses kicked. all you who think you know best can ans. arsenal is the most disliked team where the media is concern they always Point out the bad. so much so that in one of the local news papers out where I stay if arsenal wins there’s a small post but if they loss there’s almost a whole page that gets dedicated to the post. I’ve been watching fans say this and that about iwobi also something that really bafals me as I can see how hard he’s trying. yes he’s not the best winger but 9/10 times deserves more credit then he gets. then people come on the website and leave comments like yes he had a good game but is no replacement for ozil what bullsht two players in way different positions get compared to the other at times I feel is not even fans of fc arsenal commenting on the sit as there’s so much hate being directed is really bad at times I can cry watching the gunners playing extremely poor then I tell myself we’ll cone back stronger but the negative know it all will say where to form here and start hating straight away and not look at what went wrong like when we played hate yes the couch could’ve played a better team but something one of the fans mentioned was the same team we beat at the same field last season which is not true. don’t know if I was the only one that noticed how bad really very poor that pitch was that we played on . even if you look to the city game last night they didn’t get to play like city but this is not about them n yes they got the 3 pints and we not but this isn’t about them. I said it before and wanna say it again look at the recent Manchester under josh and now olly. what happend did they go and buy players and this and that and the other… the ans is simple they got a manager to come in that is a people person which brought them back to them enjoying their soccer and not have rifts with a player which happend between pogba and josh and by us ue and ozil. the pundits also went onto slam Poona not to add on look at the pogba now. I know the haters will say we don’t have the calibre of team that Manchester have but yet we went 22 games unbeaten the same team one difference there was no rift between ozil and ue yet. I’m not saying we need a new couch but I’m appealing to ue if he reads this to go to ozil and fix things. I can carry on and on but is not about me but the love I have for the team. to all those with hate for the team go support another team and I thank you. cause is easy to love a child that’s on the straight and narrow.

    1. Next time use paragraphs, it’s very difficult to read through

    2. ????
      Well said Waleed Adams. Lenghty but fluid and clear.
      If the club can’t do with Ozil’s salary (which he never forced them anybody to give him) let them play him consistently to showcase his value so that suitors will come for him. Freezing a good player out on flimsy reasons is sheer wickedness, and shooting of self on the foot. If I were Ozil, I will run my contract down because of this treatment.
      The same goes for the treatment some fans mete out on Iwobi repeatedly whose only fault is not scoring goals. I keep from praising his efforts because each time you mention his name for good, some fans will immediately fall on you and tear you to pieces will insults.
      A lot of things are wrong with the club, and I don’t believe our players are worse than other club’s. Ramsey has been slayed all his carrier with Arsenal by a lot of fans, but he is moving straight to Juventus’ first team on better pay.
      So I support everything you pointed out above.

    3. Sell Guandouzi, Ozil, Xhaka and buy Susso and Luka Jovic

  17. To sell Matteo would define how absolutely lost this club is. Satan Kroenke should put money into Arsenal. We should hound him out. Get rid of Kroenke is the only way to save this club. He is hated in the States and he is hated here. In this country you cannot own more than one football club for obvious reasons, corruption, favouritism, etc. But Kroenke owns five different major clubs internationally. This breaks the spirit of the rules De Facto, but not in law. He is a slimy lowlife who invests in his big boy property deals but does not give a monkey’s peanut for us supporters. It’s our job top get the throwback out. KROENKE OUT!!!!!!!

    1. People used to slam Wenger but the reason we were able to buy laca and aubey,the reason is wenger knows about finances and they couldn,t put the wool over his eyes!by the way I,m saying he didn,t have flaws but he could get money out of the owners,he must have had stuff on them! What do you think?

    2. Did the previous owners put hundreds of millions of their own funds into Arsenal?
      I recall David Dein being called silly (or something like that) for investing his own money into Arsenal and that was many years ago… many many years ago.

      We didn’t have a board that threw money at managers, we had a board with ambition.. well, an owner with ambition taking a board role.

      It was the board that helped us win things, not the previous owners. Lesson here is that an owner can be silent if they have good enough staff working for them. Like how Nina and Co benefitted from Dein putting himself into the club. Like how UTD have benefitted from Ed Woodward.

      1. Midkemma

        You don’t seem to read what people write in context. You are contextually challenged. Think a bit or you will only hear your own voice.


        1. Telling me to think a bit, brilliant.

          “Booo we have a owner who should put all his money in Arsenal”
          Yup, I got the context.
          Moan about the manager like a little child.

          Shame you’re as thick as two short planks as you would be able to comprehend how my reply did fit in the context, I was telling you to stop moaning like a little child. We have a board, grow up and realise that if we want Arsenal to be ambitious then it is the board we need to target.

          I’m not contextually challenged, your intellectually retarded.

          1. Easy mate arsenal fans are all feeling the heat.
            Once told to me by the great Eddie Hoyte.

  18. If the Club has any ambition Guendouzi is one of the players they should not consider selling.In view of our restricted budgets youngsters should become the basis upon which we can flourish in future.By my calculations 8/9 experienced players need to be unloaded in the summer when youth should be given its chance in a big way.

  19. First of all, Guendozi is not worth £60M lol, maybe £20M. Has a tireless engine but hasn’t done anything spectacular since joining. However, if I were to get a buyer willing to fork out that amount,(60M) I’d sell him in a heartbeat. He’s got like 3 and a half yrs remaining on his contract and knowing this is Arsenal, he will most likely refuse an extension. At that point we will as usual get nothing for our departing player when he walks on a free. So £60M now or £0 in the next 3 years? No brainer for me!

    1. You included for in the last sentence which is wrong. It should read:
      “No brainer me!”

      A player is worth whatever the selling club is willing to let them go at… along with the other club willing to pay. Was MBappe worth what PSG paid for him? Opinion… Oh look, see how this doesn’t have a fixed right or wrong on a players value.

      Guendouzi is worth £60 million if Arsenal refuse to sell for anything less and another team wants him enough to pay that fee…

      1. As if I’d even bother debating with you arrogant tw*t! What’s the matter, Jon Fox ignored you so you came to pick a fight with me? Get lost, am not interested.

        1. I’m an arrogant twt! and your a arrogant cnt! 🙂
          Jon lost the battle of who is the king of arrogance so why would I waste my time on him?

          1. midkemma, you may perhaps care to read my reply to your gambling ads post above. I would welcome your comments on that.

  20. We should let him grow and develop at Arsenal. Midfield of Guendouzi, AMN, Torreria, Willock hopefully coming up, ESR potential and Chambers playing well as DM is solid foundation for midfield for years.

    I would try and offload Xhaka and bring in a top box to box midfield; especially with Laca and Auba up top.

    We have a midfield we can build on and some stability for years; perfect scenario to rebuild the defense.

    Holding and Mavro good CB’s so bring in top CB and we’re set. Upgrade FB positions, and if we can sell couple players then fix winger issues.

    Critical time in Summer to see how serious club is about competing.

  21. Under NO circumstances must we sell Guendouzi. It would be like injecting a poison into our clubs veins to do this. That this shoukld even be raised on here for discussion is a disgrace and anyone who approves of it is effectively harming the club they profess to love. He is a steal for the low fee we paid for him and at his tender age too. Unlike a certain German , he has BALLS!

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