Should Arsenal cash in on offer for Mesut Ozil?

So the Ozil Rumour? Should we take the money. by ED

So I don’t know if you are aware of it or not but, according to various sources in the news Mesut Ozil, is the prime target for Juventus this transfer window… It seems so strange, this is the first time in a while our main players have been subject to transfer rumours and we haven’t even deemed them as a credible threat… anyway the fee currently being proposed is around £31.5 Million pounds which would mean a 11 million loss on our original investment. Now I don’t know about the rest of you but if they were willing to pay around £45-50 million, I would hope that Arsenal would consider the offer.

I’m not saying that Mesut Ozil is a bad player, by no means of the imagination was he terrible. When we first signed him there was jubilation amongst the fans (Hell I know I was celebrating) and amongst the players, there is no argument that the signing of Ozil raised morale amongst the players. After a fairly decent start to life in England his inability to perform on a consistent basis during his first season in the Premier league was often the topic of discussion, people attempted to dissect the reason as to why one of the ‘world’s best players’ couldn’t perform in one of the ‘world’s best leagues’. Theories such as ‘fatigue’, ‘unfamiliarity’ ‘unhappiness’ blaah blaah blaah, you get the point, were brandished about. In the end we ended up winning the FA cup. Morale was a key aspect to a lack of success in the past and I think that the signing of Ozil was page-turning moment in that chapter.

I don’t really want to go through assessing his last season, but you’ve got to be a pretty ignorant person to not accept that he has gone from strength to strength especially after his injury (highlighted in the obvious improvement in his physique) he has grown in confidence, his ability has improved and has got me wondering what more he is capable of.

With that being said, and I’m not saying this with any ungratefulness, obviously his contribution in the last two seasons is worth noting, especially as we hadn’t won jack till he came along. If a substantial bid were to be made for Ozil around the 45-50 million mark, I think we should be open to the prospect of selling him. Just think in addition to what we already have within the transfer fund, there is a possibility that we would be able to add more world class players to our squad. Its not like he would be a great miss necessarily, we still have the likes of Ramsey (Who I’d like to remind people, prior to Ozil and Sanchez era arrival, was our player of the season 2013 and probably the most productive midfielder)

So should we be open to selling him or not?

Eddie D

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    1. Boy, dude sounds like a bipolar patient. One moment he praising Ozil and saying how he’s grown from strength to strength, the next minute he’s saying we should be open to the prospect of selling him.

  1. Can someone please tell AFC to stop selling our players on the cheap. If Sterling is worth nearly 40 million than Podolski is worth at least 15 million. Come on sort it out and put money in our bank account for new players.

    1. agree. Chelsea always sell their wantaway players for high amounts. Arsenal need to start doing the same. Poldi’s fee was way too low. He was bad at Inter but his price didn’t drop that low.

      1. Totally agree
        poldi should have been sold for5m+
        Flamini market value is 2.8m so galatasary offer of 4m is very good

        1. Can someone tell me where the actual.prices paid for players are published? All I ever see is undisclosed or what’s written in the media. Yet so many of you seem to know the actual prices paid by the club’s.

          Unless of course you are guessing or using the figures dreamed up by the media?

    2. Arsenal doesn’t determine the price the market does. Podolski’s wages, age and poor recent form killed his value.

  2. PS Ozil is for sale for 75 million pay it or f-ck off we are not a selling club anymore. GOYG

  3. Lets move on now, we should have gotten Suarez back then if it was not for Wenger trying to be too acute, too smart and over cocky with is £40 million plus £1. To this day I can’t believe it, butchered the Suarez deal and ended up with his complete opposite (Ozil).

    But it’s all in the past,

    We keep what we have ans lets get a class Striker even if there seems to not be any available right now.

    Lets get a Defensive midfielder to cover The Coq and then we are ready to go..

    Lets get

    1. @Goonster
      I still can’t believe that you think Liverpool were ever going to sell Suarez to us, let alone Suarez wanting to come.
      AW knew they were never going to sell to us, so he yanked their chain. Suarez on the other hand, only had eyes on playing in Spain…

      1. I think Liverpool would have sold him if we were a bit more respectful. I’m confident £42M could have nicked him. We really should have gone in with a 3rd bid instead of sitting on our thumbs and playing the waiting game.

  4. There is no need for that as at now.He needs to at least stay injury free next season and then we will see.He also needs to be consistent and the will to also fight for his place if they need be.However if he does not meet this criteria then we get another player but for now no.There is no need.

  5. Sell our most gifted player huh? This man is probably the reason world class players like sanchez and cech even considered playing for arsenal. He’s been getting better, picked up a few medals along the way, and u suggest selling him? With that sort of talk, u would’ve had a good chance at working for arsenal a few years ago but not now buddy. 1 step forward, 2 steps back comes to mind.

    I just think that in order to attract top class players, we need to keep our top class players.

    1. this is literally the dumbest article I’ve read on here. Ozil deserves all the credit in the world, he’s the reason AFC is where were at now.

  6. Heard turkish fans are really vocal, maybe galatasaray wanted flamini cause he shouts a lot.

  7. Yes according to
    those very same
    reliable sources
    Ozil will be released to
    to Tottenham for free.
    Flamini will be Ozil’s replacement.
    Diarby is being brought back to
    replace Coquelin.
    Walcott and Chamberlain are to
    be released on a free to Crystal Palace
    who will let us have Maroune Chamakh
    for only 90 mill quid.
    Koscielny and Gabriel are being traded to Man U
    and we are getting Johnny Evans and Phil Jones.
    Aaron Ramsey has been sold to Watford for 5 quid
    and we are getting Tom Huddlestone


    1. Draxler is injury prone and attacking midfilder. We have plenty of CAM. Just sign Benzema and top CDM.

      1. Reason I don’t want Benzema is because he’s already competing with Giroud for France. On the other hand, Bayern have stated Lewandowski would leave for a minimum of 35m which is around the same price they paid for Vidal and the same price we’re willing to pay for WC strikers. Apparently he also snubbed Man U which is interesting considering he said he wanted to play in the PL one day.

  9. Stupid article. There are not better CAM available who can replace Ozil. Even if he comes it will take some time to perform consistently. This coming season we will see the best out of Ozil.
    If we can add Benzema then Ozill will perform even better. Even if Juve offer 100 m we should not sell Ozil.

    Off topic acc to latest rumours we are targeting Barca B player 20 year old defensive midfilder Sergi Samper.

  10. Wenger only has eyes for Benzema – which I personally think is a mistake. We need more than a single alternative – what if it doesnt happen? What then? Giroud for the 4th year in a row? Come on I am sure Arsene knows we need better than that.

    1. Play Walcott or Sanchez as striker who can finish better and have pace if we cant sign Benzema.
      We can sign Reus on the left hand side.

  11. Seriously, this website needs to seriously think twice before posting articles with such titles. What are you admin thinking? Why dont you post an article about our opposition upgrades or downgrades, it will really add some substance to this site. Sorry, i think your off season articles are just poor from SOME of your writers. Huge fan of this site

  12. Watch the game, you wont see ozil
    watch ozil, then you’ll see the game.


  13. I think people get waaaaay too caught up in positional limitations with Arsenal where it, simply put isn’t the way Arsene and the team operate.
    When Arteta played DM with Ramsey paired in the deep I think everyone seems to have nightmarish flashbacks about opposition flooding us and being outnumbered at the back conceding cheap goals. It’s fair enough, it was horrible to watch and incredibly avoidable. But the biggest problem was us turning the ball over cheaply in really, really dangerous positions and paying the price. If there was an upgrade at the back it may stop one or two of them but a lot of them would’ve still been conceded whether it was Javi Martinez, Krychowiak or Arteta in front of the back four.
    A lot of fans criminally under-rate Santi’s contribution last season, and his impact was arguably as big as Coquelin’s. Retaining possession and distributing responsibly avoids turnovers in dangerous positions. If the numbers are strongly in our favour behind the ball when it is, inevitably turned over it allowed Coquelin to take a lot more risks and his anticipation and intelligence really shone through with the astounding amount he won the ball back. Ozil for all his magic, was also largely at fault in his first season with where he turned the ball over. He improved dramatically second half of this season.
    I’m rambling a bit, but basically what I’m trying to say is that if the Ramsey and Cazorla or perhaps Ramsey and Wilshere combo is opted for, I don’t think it’ll necessarily have as bad ramifications as a lot of people suggest. Ramsey is a brilliant ball-winner which really wasn’t showcased when he was tasked with pressing hard on the wings. There’s a lot more space out there so a lot harder a task than centrally through midfield. Yes, Ramsey loves to get into the box and Wilshere loves taking players on and aggressively running. This doesn’t necessarily mean that if Wilshere is given a run in the deeper role he’s going to bomb forward at every opportunity or Ramsey is going to leave Cazorla back by himself when we’re well outnumbered. Just because players have specific strengths doesn’t mean they have to showcase them if they’re tasked with a position that really doesn’t call for it….
    I’d still welcome another strong addition in midfield gratefully. But personally, I don’t think we’re as short as a lot of fans suggest. As it stands Ramsey, Wilshere and Ox will most likely be on the bench when Sanchez returns anyway.

  14. its said that arsene has identified a certain £25 mountinho from portugal to replace him…but hell no.
    if £45m offer comes,take him but be sure to buy draxler…otherwise if no draxler no sale of ozil even for £60!!!!!!!!!!

  15. The signing of Ozil was a turning point for our club – we showed the world that we are finally back in business. Not only that, Ozil was our top playmaker in his first season, and no doubt would have been last season if it wasn’t for his injury. There are only a handful of players I would trade him with, other than that, he is not worth selling.

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