Should Arsenal challenge Man City for this Spanish star?

Arsenal are in desperate need of a new striker this summer but have so far not had much luck on the transfer front. Supposed rejection from Jamie Vardy and inconclusive reports following on from Gonzalo Higuain, Karim Benzema and Álvaro Morata, Arsenal need to start turning our attention elsewhere, with Nolito to being a possible target.

The BBC today understands that Nolito is currently in talks with Manchester City over a possible move. The BBC has reported a very low release clause in Nolito’s contract, which stands at £13.8 million. Cheap as chips for player of Nolito’s quality. The Spaniard has also been linked with a move to Barcelona, where he actually started his career as a youth player. Nolito was actually given his debut by new Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola and it seems the pair are quite keen to link up again.

With that release clause in mind and Nolito’s supposed willingness to leave Celta Vigo this summer, should Arsene Wenger be looking at striking up an offer for the Spaniard? I don’t think Nolito is the answer to all our problems, however it’s a seriously low price that Arsenal must surely take the gamble on and make an offer at the very least.

There are a few concerns however, first of which is his age. We were all quick to talk about Jamie Vardy being 29 years old and how we couldn’t get too many years out of him at his peak. Well it would be the same with Nolito and the fact that he has no experience of playing in England, does that make him even more of a risk than Vardy?

Secondly Nolito is more of a wingman than a striker and although we don’t have too many recognised wingers at the club, especially not to a high standard of ability, we should be focusing less on another midfield type player and instead be targeting a player who will be a regular upfront and be able to deliver to the high standards in front of goal that we expect.

With this in mind, although Nolito is a steal at the price rumoured, I’m not sure he is the striker we are looking for. I think Arsenal should surely make a bid for him however unlikely as it is, because with Man City and his former boss calling, it’s more than likely he would value City over Arsenal. However an offer from the Gunners should still be made because he could be a valuable asset to the club in the wing position.

What do we think Gooners? Worth a go?



  1. Chelsea want Morata as backup to Diego Costa.. in our case we don’t even have a good enough starter yet so signing a Morata that has never led a team in his career and never scored double figure to slot in our most needed position- CF is suicide.

  2. Nolito is not an out and out striker; signing him @29 shone for one season, No EPL or UCL xperience ll only make sense if we get the much needed striker along.

  3. We don’t need Nolito or any other winger unless it’s someone in the calibre of Reus or a young player that can be moulded into a striker.

      1. Yes, he looks like he could be turned into a top CF and he has the confidence to lead the line.

  4. Nolito? Hell no, besides he is not even a proper striker. Abumeyang is the ideal man for the job but if we must go for cheaper options then we should take from one of the following: Lacazette, Icardi or Janssen

  5. It’s becoming increasingly frustrating by the fact there are quality players outside the top leagues and it is highly unlikely that Real,Bayern,Dortmund,Everton will sell their striker for less than 50 million.

  6. Nolito is a no no no for me , we can get Lukaku for £45-48 million and add either Oxlain Chamberlin or joel cambell to the deal to make it easier for us to sign him and convince him with a weekly wages of 120k weekly if we wound be buy above £50million then we shoud go all out for Higuain , Lewandowski (he wants to play in the EPL) Aubameyang

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