Should Arsenal compromise on a two year contract for Lacazette?

Why won’t Arsenal offer Lacazette more than a year contract? By Sylvester Kwentua

Hello everyone. Hope you doing good? I  read through the internet yesterday, and I saw a story that may have revealed why Arsenal has decided not to enter further contract negotiations with their French striker, Alexander Lacazette until the summer.
Arsenal striker, Alexandre Lacazette has not been impressed by Arsenal’s reluctance to enter talks over a new contract, according to The Sun.
The English news site claims that Arsenal are not willing to discuss a long-term deal and would prefer a simple twelve-month extension, which apparently Lacazette doesn’t seem happy with.
It seems to me here that Lacazette was made an offer, and when he turned it down, Arsenal decided to lay back and wait till the summer, before they negotiate with him again. If this is the case, then I feel Arsenal didn’t do right. Lacazette is an important player in the club and has served the club dutifully. All he deserves is for the club to show him that they need him. I can’t really say what happens behind the scenes, but if what I read is true, then I need to implore the club to open renegotiations with Lacazette and offer him something that would make him feel wanted.
Lacazette may have turned down Arsenal’s initial approach because he wants a contract that he won’t need to be renegotiated every summer. He probably wants stability in his career, and won’t want to spend every summer thinking about where he will be playing football the next season.
Aubameyang and Lacazette
Let’s face it, if Aubameyang was given a three year contract, why can’t  Lacazette get at the least a two years contract so they can be partners until the end? Yes, Aubameyang deserved the contract then by virtue of his performances the season before.
Lacazette has also played well enough for Arsenal, to be given a contract of more than one year. Or is there something I don’t understand?
We are Arsenal and proud.
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  1. With 180k/week and 14 goals max per season in EPL, is this some great stats? C’on he is a striker and his job is to score golas and not hold the ball and other bull…. we keep reading. 68 goals in 180 appearances and then we cry we keep losing every year.Even Girould was much much better with 105 golas in some 253 games. Lacazette is downgrade over Giroud. Silly decision by Wenger to keep Laca and dump Giroud. Laca is not a big game player, maybe he will get on the score sheet against the toons or some minnows.

    1. It’s time for Alex to go and we get a new challenger to Aub or even the likes of Martineli and Balogin are there they have to be given the chance

  2. Auba cost 60mill and wants to run down his 300k p/w contract.
    Pepe cost 72mill and is valued at less than half that now.
    Torreira cost 27mill and is not worth 7m now.
    Saliba and Guendouzie futures are uncertain.
    Nketia is a free agent in June.
    Niles is unsettled.
    Elneny and Kolasinac are both leaving for free.
    No one wants Mari or Soares on their salaries.
    No one will pay anything for a slow post injury Bellerin on his salary.
    Arsenal face some big decisions soon.
    Lacazette cost 50mill and could go for free.
    The club want at least 20mill for him but no one will pay even 10m with his salary so its a game of transfer poker the club is playing.
    But we have very poor cards and post covid most clubs are not spending and the few clubs who do have money don’t want any of our cast offs.

  3. Lacazette doesn’t deserve a new contract, His not prolific enough to lead us.. scoring goals is the primary function of a center forward, the rest are bonuses
    In my opinion Nketiah is a better investment and deserves a contract ahead of Lacazette..

    If Lacazette is granted his wish of a long term contract like Auba, we will definitely find ourselves in the same situation, Auba was prolific and still at his best when he was rewarded with a 3year contract online Lacazette he hasn’t really hit the height we expected, is it now that he is in his 30s that he will start producing?

    He might look a fighter on the pitch, Which is an area alot of people back him for a contract, but our lack of strong midfielders and a general pressing plan makes it looks like he does alot.. though he tries, but how long do u think he can continue with such performances especially at 30+

  4. He has been there forever but has failed to deliver. Arsenal should learn how to move on and bring in a young greedy striker. Try something new as other clubs do. Why stick to something that’s not working?

  5. Let Lacazette go add Aubameyang too, we need a new type of leader,

    Get great midfielders and Martinelli and Balogun will perform.

  6. Arsenal had better learn from the cases of Walcott, Ozil, Aubameyang and Tierney. They improved their performances when their contracts were expiring and became worse after signing the big contract extensions

    Lacazette is still our best CF. But we’d better gamble on a new one, if he wants a two-year extension or longer

    1. I am for a year to year recurring contract for Laca. No increased wages at all.
      But we need to refresh our strikers. New younger ones are needed.

      1. We’ve got the younger ones in Balogun, Biereth and Edwards, but we don’t have someone like Lukaku, Benzema or Kane. Maybe Moller can play like one of those world class CFs one day, if he can join our EPL team

    2. It’s OK to give Lacazette a year contract basically because of his age. But if it’s wether he deserves 2 years? I think he deserves two; of all the CFs we have at the moment he has the energy and the tricks of a no9. But we need to get a very good replacement to challenge and improve Auba. We can see how Tavares is challenging Thieney.

    3. gai Lacca always put in a 100% shift not like Auba he should be sold done nothing since he signed that new contract

  7. Lacazette has never been the main man for Arsenal except for a period under Wenger. Even then he was being subbed on several occasions. Wenger wanted him to stay more in the box but Emery and clearly Arteta use him as a supporting striker. He was at his best in 18/19 but hasn’t reached that form since. The problem is Arteta’s style doesn’t fit Auba’s style unless he’s on the wings and Laca as a CF. Imo Auba still has it in him to score more goals.He iß aimited player so he’ll be exposed if tactics don’t suit him

  8. I really like Laca but he should be on a year to year recurring contract at the moment.
    I feel like we need to upgrade our striker-force.

    1. We should get Vlahovic or another young striker like Isak or En Nesyri of Sevilla (Vlahovic is first choice for me). If we get champions league next season, maybe we can convince Haaland to join (seems like a long shot). Auba should be back up from Jan (possibly) but most certainly from the start of next season. Laca should leave as soon as possible, Nketiah too. Balogun and Martinelli are still too raw. They need loans. Martinelli in the Bundesliga and Balogun in the championship.

  9. “Or is there something I don’t understand”?!!
    Yes, Sylvester, there certainly IS!

    I’D SAY ALMOST EVERY SINGLE THING ABOUT FOOTBALL, to judge from your many – and almost hourly – daft ideas.

    The fanciful idea that LACA ,that non scoring, pace lacking striker, aged 30, should get a two year contract is not only NEVER going to happen; it should be understood why it won’t happen by all rational thinking Gooners.

    But not by you. Quelle surprise! NOT!!!

  10. A mistake to extend Laca. We need a solid B2B midfielder or a DM to free up Partey.

    Dropping Laca deep to receive the ball as we do now is not the answer.

    Sorry but Laca has not been good enough playing striker for us. Time to admit this and upgrade.

  11. Been saying it for ages, we are so reliant on Laca right now – he’s critical to our ability to actually play
    Not against letting him go but I’d be a lot more comfortable if we had an alternative within the squad who can knit the team together as only he had been able to for far too long.
    At some point we have to take a big risk because our two strikers are ageing (Auba is flakey at best) and we don’t have obvious, ready made alternatives. That will probably be definitive of Arteta’s time at the club because if he gets it wrong, we’ll just regress again.

  12. We have scored 13 goals in 12 matches in the EPL and according to you we should offer at least a 2 year extension to one of our strikers i.e. Laca. They are both past their prime and, imo, not good enough for our club. Not much we can do about Auba because no top club will match his OTT wages but Laca can start negotiating a free transfer and signing on fee in around 5 weeks time. We should be planning to replace both instead of fuelling our huge wage bill further. And while they are about it get a proper attacking midfielder and ask RM if they want Odergaard back!!

  13. We badly need a goal scorer ASAP!!

    So we need someone to replace either Lacazette or AUBA.

    Lacazette has virtually no value, so if we need cash to buy a “good” goal-scorer, then I suggest we give Lacazette a new 2 year contract, and sell AUBA in January.

    Just my thoughts

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