Should Arsenal consider experienced German’s signature? (Opinion)

Arsenal are strongly believed to be keen on at least one more central midfielder in the current window, and Sami Khedira‘s signature could well prove to be a clever option.

The former German international is believed to be surplus to requirements this season, with Football Italia claiming a severence package is being lined up by Juventus.

Khedira hasn’t featured for the Old Lady in the league since last November, and his only appearance since then was as a substitute in the Coppa Italia semi-final with AC Milan.

New manager Andrea Pirlo is keen on freshening up his squad, and has also terminated the contract of Gonzalo Higuain who had a year left on his deal, who has since joined Inter Miami.

Sky Germany (via Goal) Paris Saint-Germain are linked with a move for the 33 year-old, but I don’t see why we couldn’t make our own offer.

Arsenal have made some shrewd signings already this summer, with both Gabriel Magalhaes and Willian both hitting the ground running, and while it would be great to see one of Thomas Partey or Houssem Aouar come in this summer, the finances following the Coronavirus pandemic don’t appear comfortable.

Options in midfield wouldn’t be the worst thing to have, especially given our struggles last term, and Khedira could well prove to be a shrewd buy given his vast experience and ability.

Khedira is credited with 21 goals and nine assists from his 99 Serie A appearances, and any kind of form even close to that would be a vast improvement on last year’s Arsenal midfielders.

Should Arsenal consider Khedira as a short-term option if we struggle to land our other targets?


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    1. Khedira and Ozil? Get the BFG to come out of retirement and we can get the band back together.

      Solid pass on this one please.

  1. Pair him Benzema and perhaps
    Rabiot and call it a day. 😁😂

    Any chance the following might
    happen before the window closes?

    Bellerin—£30M to Barca. If Semedo
    completes his Switch to Wolves
    will the Catalan giants come

    Mustafi—to Lazio for £10-13M

    Balogun—to SU for £8M with
    first rights or performance based
    add one to raise the initial fee?

    Socratis—£3M to Napoli

    CC—initial £5M loan with
    obligation to buy for £12M either
    in January or by end of the season

    Giendouzu—£5M loan to Villareal

    Torreria—£8M loan fee to AM

    Kola—3M loan to some BL club.

    Add Emi’s £18M to the above deals
    and Arsenal would have roughly
    £90M to earmark toward possible

    Wouldnt Partey and Aouar cost
    around that sum?

    I concede that’s ALOT of business
    to conduct in less than 2 weeks
    but the numbers themselves are
    doable for Arsenal.

  2. Why not play Guendouzi. Arteta said they were starting from scratch. I hope Arteta shows some humility and keeps to what he said. Khedira would be adding to the pensioners list.

    1. Simply NO!!

      It’s a real worry that David Moyes and two players tested covid postive.
      With the upto 14 days incubation period we could potentially see a mini outbreak within our squad.
      I’ve just watched a clip of Moyes at the Emirates bumping fists with all our coaching team 🙁 hand sanitizer anyone?
      It’s a joke bo fans at all allowed but players and officials bump fists and dont socially distance
      Fans could find back staggered entry to the stadium for different sections of the stand, with temp testing on entry.
      Masks and gloves to be worn and spaced seating inside.
      Toilets would have a person offering hand sanitizer and there would be staff spread around also doing the same, reninding people to distance and providing sanitiser.
      Marked up one way route gangways inside.
      I don’t see why we couldn’t at least quarter fill the Emirates safely.
      Or at least test the theory.

  3. Maybe MG would feature in CC or
    LC fixtures but even if he was out
    of MA’s doghouse who would the
    young Frenchmen displace in
    Arsenals midfield?

    El Neny

    I understand the necessity for the
    proverbial hatchet to be buried
    between the two but even in
    decent form I wouldnt consistently
    start the young lad over any of the
    above players.

  4. He is only one year older than Willian, bigger, stronger and still plays at high level plus he is a midfielder. Maybe worth a shot.

  5. What the flip is wrong with people?
    How does one even try to suggest this and take time to turn it into an article?

  6. R u mad??? No way…even at his peak he was another injury prone player and bang avg. What r we retirement club?

    1. Yeah, bang average he was even at his peak. That’s why he played for Real Madrid for 5 years, another 5 at Juventus, and was a regular starter for the German team for several years.

      1. Because Madrid were in transition and look what they achieved in those 5 years. Then for Juventus he has hardly featured in 5 years. Injured all the time. Germany one i agree. Why don’t you use same logic for ozil then ??

        1. Yes you’re absolutely right. Real were in transition and bought bang average players like Khedira, Ozil to play alongside CR, Benzema, Casillas, Ramos among others. And during these transition years they won La Liga once and the ECL too if I am not mistaken. I wish our own Arsenal could do likewise in transition.

  7. We signed him in 2014. I’m not mad! It was a headline in the METRO saying we had signed him and would announce it the following day.
    Just Arsenal even reported it on 10 October 2014.
    That’s why I stopped reading anything regarding transfers from bum wipe rags.

      1. Haha, I wish.
        I remember seeing the article in The Metro and getting really annoyed.
        Yup, your right. I couldn’t remember when it was. I did a Google to see if I could find the article from The Metro and the report on this site came up.

          1. I probably use Google more than any other website.
            I think I would be lost without it now.
            It’s a shame that it gathers so much data but it’s saved me so many times and helped make life easier.

  8. Nooooo thank you!
    So untill now: we bought Gabriel for 22m and sold Martinez for 20m so no real money spent actually
    Last year we bought Pepe for more than 70m..
    You see the problem here?
    Why the hell are are we waiting for the last day to do business? Aouar wants the move, where is he? Partey? It’s just talk.
    I am not sure we can compete for the top 4 with the actual team if we’re being realistic

  9. I heard a rumour we are going to re-sign Tony Adams! If we did what this site rumours every day, we would now have a squad of 200 or more ! Bonkers!

  10. Ya and Edu has recently said that he’s tired of the director role and demoted himself to player role. He can still do a decent job in our midfield plus he’s less injury prone than khedira 🤣

  11. @auba14
    Did you say no spend so far so whays the problem?
    Problem is as you say we spent well last year. 72m on pepe and salibas payment also in instalments to be paid I believe.
    It’s not a given we can spend big each window especially when we are in the middle of an economic drought for our club and we’ve an owner that prefers to invest all his own money into his NFL team.
    The big shame is that the player sales we rightly need for Aoaur and Partey are much reduced due to poor form, injuries, poor attitudes/trouble makers, (ozil and guendouzi) and most significantly a squeezed player valuation system due to covid.
    Like seeking a house during a recession not the best.
    Some of the values I’m seeing banded around for our players is mad, I’m reading possibly 9m for Mustafi!
    Error prone or not hes still an international cb with pl and Bundesleaga experience.
    Ine upon a time it was impossible to find a cb at all, now its give away time.

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