Should Arsenal consider replacing Emery with Pochettino?

The question is being asked widely now among Arsenal fans. Should Arsenal sack Unai Emery and hire Mauricio Pochettino?

This one is going to rumble on sadly and that is such a bad reflection on Arsenal and the state we are in.

After the initial laughing at Tottenham sacking their manager the realisation quickly set in that they are actually acting like a big club.

Even worse, they may end up with an elite coach to take them to the next level. All the while Arsenal are stuck with Emery.

OK, now hang on, I accept that Pochettino did a good job at Spurs considering all their circumstances but please get some perspective here.

Let’s have a look at some numbers, the Argentine lost more games than any other Premier League team in 2019 in all competitions, a massive 18. Think about that for a minute. That is worse than Emery, that is worse than anyone, that is called relegation form.

Another little fact, last time Tottenham won way from home in the league was against relegated Fulham last January and even that took an injury-time winner.

Emery’s away record is bad, but it is not that bad.

They have had their worst start to the season than any other Tottenham manager over the last 11 seasons.

And of course, under Pochettino they have won absolutely nothing.

Is that really the sort of manager that Arsenal fans want?

There are huge positives, he stopped St Totteringham day, it was a stunning achievement to reach the Champions League final on the back of no player purchases for two transfer windows when not playing in their own stadium.

But how can his league form in this calendar year be ignored?

When I stuck my earlier rant up about Arsenal fans taking to Twitter to call for Pochettino to replace Emery I thought all my fellow Gooners on here would support that view.

I am stunned to the core that the majority that commented would welcome him to the Emirates.

So, in all fairness, I ask this question. Should Pochettino replace Emery?

Please do not say just yes or no in the comments, explain why you want him. I have shown his form over the last year, I have explained my reasoning. Please do the same.


    1. Yes we should bring Pochettino to Arsenal, at least he speaks English and can communicate his ideas to the team instead of just gesturing.

  1. Pochettino’s Tottenham played with high risk and a lot of courage initially. But they are very cautious lately and Pochettino used different formations to counter the other teams’ tactics, similar to Emery, Benitez, Ancelotti and Mourinho

    Let Pochettino take a break first and allow him to remind himself of what made his Tottenham team great

    We need someone who understands Arsenal’s current issues and Ljungberg is the safest choice for that purpose

  2. Yes why not,first of all he is a good coach no doubt about that,it is the players that let him down who they refused to perform,in Arsenal it is the coach letting the players down.Now that tottenham sack him with the rivalry between arsenal and spurs he will do everything in his power, to show them that they made the wrong call.

    1. I don’t think Pochettino will take the job if offered. Our current squad could not adapt to his modern style of football as UE has tried it and failed. With that in mind I would prefer Allegri who is a great tactition and who will (at long last) sort out our defence. He would command respect from the players because he is a winner. He won’t come cheap so it probably won’t happen, in which case they should take a chance with Julian Nagelsmann of RB Leipzig who would bring the style of football we crave. It will be risky so it probably won’t happen either. The Kroenke’s will probably go for a safe bet in someone like Benitez or similar to preserve their asset.

  3. Please bring the guy,his playing style has some identity in it,he has consistently taken a Europa league team to champions league, even losing to Liverpool,he hadn’t signed any players,he knows EPL so well
    Emery is a clown he must go to mid table/relegation teams
    Even xhaka and Toreira displayed better performances for their national teams, the senior team players ie auba, Ozil,laca, Toreira,miki are not happy
    Ramsey left and the captain (one loyal guy mistreated)
    Emery out
    Poch in

  4. Let’s face it he is a top manager. But like our relocation and new stadium it’s tougher with little finance. His teams are confident. Get him tomorrow.

  5. Poch is a top manager. 100% would have him however think there is less than 1% Chance of it happening.

    Spurs being ruthless and making moves, I only wish we were so bold

  6. Funny thing is if Pochetinno had been allowed to stay, a win on their early kick off on Saturday would have seen the scum jump from 14th to 6th. In fact, they would have been ahead of us temporarily on goal difference. Anyway, let’s sign Pochetinno right now! Even Klopp was out of sorts when he was sacked at Borussia but those who followed him closely knew he had great potential. Get Poch in!

    1. That is true, 7th or 8th in Germany with Dortmund that final season, but people still knew it was temporary due to things beyond his control. Like with Pochettino the last year and a half (CL final was a bit of a fluke).

      But Poch would not go to Arsenal or Barca so I think Bayern are favorites to land him, or United if/when they sack Solskjaer, or Real if/when they sack Zidane.

  7. Don’t say anything about the lack of trophies…. getting into champions League brings more revenue than winning FA cups or League cups

  8. Unfortunately Poch has stated that he will never go to Arsenal. When he was at Espanyol he swore that due to respect and loyalty and the rivalry at hand, he would never join Barcelona. He said the same about being at Spurs and joining Arsenal. Reckon if Levy has anything to do with it, he wont manage in the EPL for at least 5 years.

    1. You never can tell. Fabregas played for Arsenal and Chelsea. The board should rather call him and present a good offer to him. He might consider.

  9. Just get him he can take arsenal to another level mind u arsenal is a big club than spurs…london is red

  10. Similar to Arsenal when we moved to a new stadium Daniel Levy is going no money to build team without sales. Wenger did a great job it seems as kept us way over our ability in Top4.

    Posc vs Emery: simple the board didn’t back Posc in investment for several windows and Emery has been backed by ££££s including great signings under Wenger like Auba, Laca and Ozil (that he refuses to play)!! So bring on Posc and while he may not get marque players he’ll get something better than at Spurs!!

    1. Are you kidding me. Kindly define a top level coach? Let me remind you that Allegri failed at AC Milan. The Milan fans auctioned Allegri for 1 Euro on eBay. A failure that later went to Juve and won things. So, tell me a top manager that is available and better than Pochetino? Need I remind you that Spurs did not buy any player throughout last season. And got to the Champions League final.Let us be real. This is an opportunity the board should take.

      1. Allegri failed at AC milan?
        Sorry but I watched all the seasons of Allegri when he was manager of AC milan and he was successful stop spreading nonsense!

        1. how many trophies did Allegri win at AC Milan? how many league titles. Just 1. he won serie A only in the 2010/2011 season. Compare that to his Juventus records and you will understand where i am coming from

  11. Yes. As a matter of fact, they should be calling him right now. Arsenal fans should stop been emotional. We are talking about Pochetino here. Spurs did not invest in any player throughout last season. Even with Harry Kane injuries, Poch sets up his teams to win against top teams. He won against Manchester City over two games. It is a no brainer. It makes perfect sense. Enrique has taken the Spanish national team job. Mou will go to Spurs. No emotions..Learn from the Serie A teams. Conte: inter and Juve. Sarri:Napoli and Juve. Allegri:Milan and Juve. Ranieri: Roma, Juve and Inter. Sack Emery. Appoint Pochetino. He is a very top manager.

  12. Hell no.We need someone with a proven record. you might play attractive footbal but if you have nothing to show for it what is the use? We need a top top manager no more gambling let them bring Massimilliano or if we want to build slowly for the future let us bring Arteta

  13. Spurs has showed how it’s done. And it’s probably a preemptive decision, considering how Emery is also on the verge of being sacked. They want to sign the best available asap. They saw the club was going downhill, so didn’t want to wait for the grand finale to make the decision.

    But here at Arsenal, we will surely grand finale before the sack happens.

  14. Bit of a moot point as we still have a manager and I’m worried that the Arsenal decision makers will leave it until the bus has crashed to change the driver. What do you guys think?

  15. Well I think he is a upgrade from unai
    Atleast we’ll have a style of play. I don’t mind losing points but the way we look on the pitch make me want to cry. I guess Wenger spoiled us with beautiful ball

  16. @skills 1000 Anyone from Spuds is not coming to Arsenal and we don’t want him even if he has won the World Cup or CL. We are the Arsenal the eternal enemies of whatever is Spuds. And by the way, hope Mickey Mouse destroys Spuds in and out, left and right. But all in all, Emery must go and I repeat we must get a top level coach, i.e Allegri for me.

    1. nonsense remember pat Jennings? sol Campbell? Unfortunately Moaninho will get the spuds into Europa at least and likely even top 4. Spuds set up doesn’t need a lot of tweaking to the miners park the bus tactica

    2. I understand you perfectly. we got Sol Campbell from them. Enrique my favourite is now the Spanish manager. I just feel Arsenal should take advantage of the situation. I don’t want Emery to stay till season end. Mou at Spurs is a worrying sign. Leichester, Spurs, Man United, Chelsea and Arsenal all competing for 2 Champions League slots. It is going to be tough. Nothing will change with Emery. So we should sack him now. Allegri is not ready. He also needs to adapt to a new league. New language. New country. Mid season. Poch does not need any adaptation. And we should learn from the serie A teams. The club success is what matters in the long haul. No matter the manager in charge. My opinion though.

  17. Emery must be fired but the replacement can’t be MP for the obvious reasons.Who would take a Spurs reject and ship him to Arsenal?

  18. Massive,

    The man to bring in is Blanc
    Knows EPL
    Knows how to manage BIG players
    Knows pressure of the league at top level
    Can coach world class talent, and knows continental football- key for Champion’s League progression
    Speaks French, Spanish, German and English well
    World Cup Winner
    EPL winner



    1. He’s won trophies at every single club he’s managed QD so I expect they will win one but the flip side is that it all usually ends in tears and he leaves the club in a mess.

    2. You mean at the end of the season there could be something next to their Audi cup??!! Have to wait and see, QD. Intrigued as to how they’ll do on Saturday…if they win, surely Pellegrini is a goner! There could be 2 sackings on Saturday 😉

  19. Pochettino is a good manager who I would have welcomed if we had got him from Southampton. But not now. He will need time to clear his head from the Tottenham job, even if only a few months.

    Also I strongly believe that as much as some Arsenal fans want him here now, they would turn on him very quickly if things did not immediately improve.

    And of course the Tottenham fans would not forgive him for doing what he said he would not do in his career, ie manage one of the big rivals of any of his clubs. Something I have always respected him for. On the whole I wish him well.

    I am also grateful that Tottenham have moved swiftly to save Arsenal from the mistake of hiring Mourinho. He’s the wrong man for us and Arsenal are the wrong club for him.

    I dont know who will be the right man for the job, but in the short term at least I hope Ljungberg gets a crack at it. I also hope that Arsenals next permnanent manager is stronger at bringing through youth talent rather than buying their way to success, even if it then takes a year or two more to develop the team properly, that seems to me to be the better way to ensure long term success. Something that I expect will suit a younger manager with a reputation to build rather than an older manager with a reputation to lose.

  20. Anyway, people saying Mourinho won’t have any money to spend because of their stadium debt, blah, blah, are wide of the mark as spurs have just made record profits and he will be given loads to spend, not that they need to buy as all the players tipped to leave will now stay. I’m glad we didn’t sign him but do fear spurs will rise from their car crash season and finish well above us unless we sack Emery now.

  21. pochettino is agood manager,but arsenal is not aclub that everyone will come & jump at.we need some one who will bring back our playing style of attacking football & someone who will manage to bring together the dressing room,i for one do believe that arsenal’s dressing room has problems.

  22. I will take him in a heartbeat. He can turn arsenal into a free playing football club once they used to be. I believe with the quality of attack we have,we can be unplayable

  23. The interesting thing will be which players will now want to leave Spurs given their loyalty to Poch as well as those who will think, like many, Maureen is an utter tool. Harry Winks already said how grateful he is to Poch for giving him a break. ‘If’ the board were to consider Poch and vice versa I wonder whether there would be players like him that might choose to come with him…..that would make his appointment a bit more interesting

  24. Do not look a free gift in the mouth take it. Weak Venkateshambles and Sanllehi have left us trailing in the Spuds deciciveness, yet we are indecicive. But Potch is a top manager, but as usual we are weak and ****** up. Once again we have been upstaged by the Spuds. As it happens they have let a diamond go. Are we brave or are we *anker*? The best football manager could be ours today.

  25. Poch himself has mentioned he will not go to a rival team. He did not go to Barca when he left Espanol. Anyway, the first person to take note of Poch sacking should be Emery. He should realize that unless he reverses the whole thing from Saturday onwards, he will follow Poch. So either he improves or is out. So all in all, it is a good thing for Arsenal. And I hope Mickey Mouse destroys Spuds because he has said so many bad things about Arsenal in the past and has personally attacked Wenger. As a manager Mickey might have won more than Wenger, but as a person he is nowhere near our Prof. and the whole world knows that.

  26. He won’t betray as Wenger would not take Spurs even more so not any other team than Arsenal Mourinho can go from Chelsea MU, Arsenal to Spurs and be okay.

    Kroenke is happy with Emery part of his policy plan, or would have not let Wenger go, he pushed him away, too demanding since Emirates paid for, but it was promised to Wenger to have more ressources to compete as of then, summer 2013 window, but Kroenke ruined Suarez deal, Kante a year later.

    You can’t compete with 40M budget for over a decade now, Reds wanted 45M, Kroenke bet was 40M and he added 0,01 cent on last one. Reds laughed at him, kept Suarez and passed us since!

    Emery had same amount, 45M, adding up sales as budget. Don’t be fouled by 80+35+25= 130M figures for Pepe, Tierny & Saliba,; all last minute tricks to have us buy season passes and shirts; a payement plan, 30,15, 10 upfront make 55M, sales of Kos, ospina eleneny and co brought over 25M!

    Look how that trick backfires on Kroenke, Pepe just takes corners, a total lost, Saliba we need badly blows up elsewhere, Tierny injured, played as a back up for Kolas! 1 or 2 EPL appearance; a lost so far, he should be playing all games to be worth the money!

    Finally his Emery coach will finish the backfire job, by not being fired!

    1. Its not poch fault for spurs worse start. Its their board to blame for. Tottenham buy 1 or 2 player in 2yr, doesn’t want to spend money in transfer market, nor they want to increase player wages. Bcoz of their miser wage structure players r not happy. Last Yr Rose n others have raised this issue. Many tottenham players r having contract issue. Pochetino cannot make team perform if his players r not willing to play. N its paradox that Tottenham board expect winning trophies in this condition. Its absolute joke by Tottenham board. May Tottenham loss b arsenal gain.

  27. Why some fans are actually lowering themselves to even mention Poch as an arsenal coach is mystifying. He will never manage arsenal and we dont want a serial loser anyway.

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