Should Arsenal consider selling Alexandre Lacazette in the summer?

Arsenal should sell Alexandre Lacazette so they can fund summer transfer.

Alexandre Lacazette has struggled to start league games recently and the emergence of Eddie Nketiah means that the Frenchman’s future at the Emirates must be in some doubt.

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang remains an undisputed starter at Arsenal and that leaves Nketiah and Lacazette fighting for the remaining striker spot.

Nketiah has given a good account of himself since he came back from Leeds and I believe he is a star for the future.

It would be risky to sell a player of Lacazette’s quality, but I reckon that it would be worth the risk if we can keep hold of Aubameyang.

Aubameyang should be given a new deal and I also believe that Lacazette can be replaced on the team sheet by Nketiah.

Money from the sale of Lacazette should be used to strengthen other parts of the team like the midfield and defence.

Gabriel Martinelli offers another attacking option and I think that he and Eddie Nketiah could lead the Arsenal attack for years to come.

A strikers job is to score goals and Lacazette is simply not doing that on a consistent basis and a club like Arsenal cannot afford to carry a player that is not delivering.

Arsenal will most likely not have the funds required to bring in a top-quality player in the summer without selling one of it’s most valuable assets and Lacazette does still retain some value in terms of a potential transfer fee.

So, yes, Arsenal should sell Lacazette in the summer.

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  1. Yeah definitely, I’d sell most of that team after that horror show the other night.. Lacazette and Xhaka could bring in some money we desperately need!

      1. surprisingly by 3 goals

        bookmakers won big

        Nigel did something that every manager failed to do so….

        is he a world class manager then?

        1. I wouldn’t put him in that category but he saw a weakness in that Liverpool team and set his team out to expose it and they were brave and ruthless πŸ‘Š

          1. Loved it on Watford’s Twitter page –
            Dear Arsenal, you’re welcome! πŸ˜‚

            Someone suggested sending them some chocolates.. I’d say after seeing Deeney run away celebrating after scoring (& what a goal it was btw)…that’s a no no, he’s had more than his fair share!!! (Weight watchers??)

          2. Haha Sue I’ll happily buy him a trolley load of chocs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ he bullied lovren all night πŸ’ͺ so happy for Watford and more happy for us πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ we needed that after the week we had πŸ˜„

          3. Been some weekend for results, Kev.. and 3 more games today, including the cup final πŸ‘
            We sure did, was gutted over our exit… but Watford certainly cheered us all up!! MOTD is on (again) in 20 minutes, I’d better watch it again, be rude not to πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

          4. Absolutely Sue if only Bournemouth held out for the points but we’ll take the draw won’t we 😜 are we hoping for an Everton win today Sue ? Shut those mancs up because they think Bruno fernandes has sealed all the cracks at old Trafford πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ haha it would definitely be rude not to πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Š

          5. I hope your right Sue I think I’d prefer a draw for wolves because I really don’t wanna finish behind them, humiliating enough them going further than us in the Europa League plus rangers πŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Look there is not long left. I say we let nketia start the rest of the premier league games and see what he comes up with. If he puts in a solid set of performances boom perfect he is lur new no.2. Auba goes no.1 lacca gets sold. Simple

    What is it 7 goals all season for lacca. That is pants. Time to get tough.

  3. I would sell i think we can get similar output with Martinelli and Nketiah with Balogun coming through. We need to sell and invest that money in midfield and also an Attacking midfielder.

    Man U will get Grealish, we should have got Ziyech!

  4. Its not a question anymore – we know we wont have enough funds, as we have to pay structured payments worth approx 30m already. And Arteta needs to bring players of own choice. Who all can we sell and wont hurt the team much are all on cards. Mustafi/Laca/Auba(if he does not sign)/Ozil are a must-sell if possible. Reiss/Torriera/Kola/Sokratis too can be sold if the coach feels they cant be starters.

    1. if we sell that many players

      we will have to rebuild our core again….

      no core players no team work then top 4 will be tough

      1. If we try for 6, 3 will go – Auba might stay if we qualify for CL. And deadwoods like Mustafi Ozil Kola dont form the core. With Saliba’s arrival and Mari getting Arteta’s nod, Sokratis becomes dispensable. Saka wants to play on wings – makes Pepe Saka Martinelli Eddie as the core and Auba upfront. Dani should be made permanent and ESR should be utilized. Then may be we can buy a creative mid or another young winger/forward.

  5. It has been shown in our games even under Emery that llaca and subs cannot start together, one.auba or the other.
    Nketiah cannot start for us, still not epl standard, too selfish, trying to gain merits for himself. Needs to be loaned or sold…let some other team pay for his “potential” ..not.
    Many here can’t see the handicap players in midfield playing alongside Xhaka face, they are only half effective because they have to cover for this lump of a player. Watch the game and see for yourself. Xhaka plays poor balls to his teammates or to those with opposition players yards from them. He gets a stat and his teammate invariably loses the ball.
    Until Arteta stops starting him and Nketiah, we will not improve

    1. but fans insists both laca and auba start together…..

      past archives have proven this

    2. How many times has he started Nketiah? He can’t stop using Xhaka until we have a proper Lb. And I wonder why nobody is mentioning Hector, I’ve never rated him even those times people called him world class. He’s always been a bang average

  6. Aubemayang will almost certainly leave in summer lacazette has been poor and nketiah contrary to the rose tinted comments here has shown no sign of being top quality … Belsia could obviously see that even when Leeds were struggling for goals … The best would be for Auba to stay and try another season with nketiah on bench and sell laca … But if Auba goes should sell all three and start again … Martinelli and saka have massive potential as does Pepe with right coaching .. So a couple of proven strikers could make for a potent attack next season

  7. If it meant, which it will not however, being able to keep Auba for another three or four seasons it would be sensible to sell LACA. He has had a rotten season and his value will be plummeting. But Auba will be off and will not sign another contract UNLESS we qualify for CL. THAT is the only real, but very slim, chance we have to retain our one WORLD CLASS PLAYER.

  8. SA Gooner, Yes we did have a very similar article very recently. Some days we have essentially the same article withing hours, but just a different headline and rephrased slightly, which fools no one. More articles mean more adverts and more money for the site. That is business, like it or not and also the price we all need to pay to keep this site alive. I have moaned endlessly to both Admins about this constant repitition but business is business. Just don’t expect ethics too! After all , to be fair to PAT and MARTIN, no one forces us to read or post on this site. I have openly stated many times why they have so many articles and neither has ever denied it, even though they threaten to ban me for my admittedly strong and to the point comments. THAT IS JUST HOW IT IS!

    1. Jon, you get threatened with a ban when you question our integrity and ethics. You really sailed close to the wind this time.

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