Should Arsenal ‘Curb Jack’s Enthusiasm’?

There have already been hundreds of articles written about Jack Wilshere’s behavious at the celebration of Arsenal’s FA Cup win, and this has culminated in him being charged by the FA as well as getting a slap on the wrist from Arsene Wenger.

Now the England manager Roy Hodgson has put in his tuppence worth and announced: “Jack is a very enthusiastic and eager player. He plays with a confidence and an air of enthusiasm which is a real delight to see and work with,” Hodgson said. “We’ve been unlucky with Jack, he’s been with us for three years but has been injured.”

And then he goes on to talk about the parade “It was important Arsenal took that matter in hand and it was dealt with as far as Arsenal and the FA was concerned. He must accept that.

“It’s not the type of behaviour we encourage or want to see but unfortunately young men do things they regret. We need to make sure he curbs his enthusiasm.”

So Roy starts off by saying that Jack’s best quality while plying is his ‘enthusiasm’ and then ends by saying that we should teach him to keep his enthusiasm in check! Surely that is a straightforward contradiction!

Arsenal fans love the way he is wholeheartedly a Gooner through and through, and throws himself into every single game as though his life depended on it. WE certainly don’t want him to calm down, not on the pitch anyway, but surely Roy must recognise that that he NEEDS that enthusiasm to make him into a great player.

Why should we try to restrict that quality?

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  1. Haven’t i said……… “FORGET THE SPUDS” many times? If we really believe they r not on the same Level with us, why even Look their way, Let aloneTroll em?…… LocaL rivaLries aside, but i haven’t 4 once considered em a big threat to Lifting the premier League…….Mourihno and his running mouth for all the insult and abuses on Wenger and Arsenal……what have we done to silence em?……… What have we done to the media and all their hating pundits?……TroLLing the spuds is Like insulting a Kid’s play thing after u r done playing with that (even as a kid)….. TIME TO GET OUR ACTS TOGETHER

    1. All we have done or at least the mediocrity lovers is chant boring boring Chelsea. There is nothing boring about a team with Hazard, Fabregas, Costa, Oscar etc. In fact I recall them scoring the best build up goal or even goal of the season in the EPL…Cesc Fabregas was the scorer if I remember correctly.There is nothing boring about winning the EPL. Maybe instead we should instead try to shut Chelsea and Mourinho up by winning a coveted title.

    2. Nah its a Rivalry. Its not because they are shittt. Its about history. U need to understand this Rivalries. I am not saying you are not a fan. But you cannot really understand certain rivalries till you grow up in that enviroment. jack has been at Arsenal since the age of 9. he is local.

      Stephen gerrad had 90% of his redcards when liverpool played either Everton or United. His red cards all came from this 2 games. U need to be born and grow up ina region to understand how the people feel about a Rivalry.

      I remember Iniesta saying the clasico is a great rialry for the world to view. But when the fixture comes out he is looking at Espanyol. Of course we are going to ask “WHO THE FXXXXXX ESPANYOL? But thats because we don’t understand the rivalry. U need to be born there to totally get the feeling.

      For me Jack did nothing wrong. They just want to pinch his rahim £Sterlings. lol knowing the FA they will fine him hard.

      1. @gaLen……. I’m saying…… Express ur rivaLries on the pitch……war of words don’t bring Trophies

      2. Galen….. can you email me please. The address on your registration didn’t get me a reply!

  2. I say make him wear a muzzle made from Arsene and Roys hair.

    That’ll teach him!

  3. if he doesnt listen then he should go…

    there are heaps out there awaiting to replace him….

    its Dan Crowley time !!!

    1. Jack must produce next season, if it another injury ravaged season he must go.
      There is no room for coasters If we want to win a trophy of any significance.

      1. Actually players like Jack, Arteta, OX, Walcott and Gibbs must all be on pay as you play contracts.

  4. “he is wholeheartedly a Gooner through and through, and throws himself into every single game as though his life depended on it. ”

    WOW, ask any Arsenal Supporter who watches every game and has done for years.

    Wilshere was like this when he was NINETEEN. Since then we have had another Arshavin, making an effort when he is in the mood but largely looking bored. He has started to look like he did when he was NINETEEN during is last few games of the season, but then the season was over.

    Before this when Wenger was under the spotlight by Arsenal Supporters because of poor performances, Wilshere said, “If Arsene Wenger leaves I will be rethinking my future at Arsenal FC.” …. So much for “wholeheartedly a Gooner through and through”. Can you imagine Tony Adams thinking this, let alone even say it when George Graham was on his way out? Wilshere is Faaaaaaaaaaaar from being compared with TA6.

    At Nineteen I would have made Wilshere Captain instead of Vermealen and I know now what a mistake that would have been. I always thought he was going to be a Tony Adams style captain at Arsenal until he retires and be the England Captain. The Wilshere of nineteen had these endorsements said publicly by Paul Scholes and John Terry and Arshavin, also by coaches of other teams …. but after Vermaelen got the armband we have seen Wilshere crash and burn, not put in full shifts anymore for Arsenal or England, smoking, seen out larging it with his mates when recovering from injuries and yeah, spending most of the time injured.

    Wilshere needs to get back to how he was at Nineteen and be like it for a whole season, get the Arsenal Captaincy by default as the only contender and get off social networking.

    Go look at Liam Brady at his age, look at Bergkamp at his age, Thierry Henry at his age.

    If Wilshere had maintained his standard from Nineteen, he would be Captain of Arsenal now and in line for the England Captaincy when Rooney retires.

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