Should Arsenal double Morata’s wages?

Fear not Arsenal fans because there is still some hope that Arsenal will not actually be going into the start of next season with Asano being the Gunners only new incoming striker. That is because Morata to Arsenal still seems to be on the cards, even though it is joining the likes of Gonzalo Higuain, Karim Benzema and famously Yann M’vila, for being one of the longest running transfer sagas in Arsenal’s recent transfer history.

Morata to Arsenal has supposedly been on the cards for some time now and we all know the score for when it comes to talking about Morata’s strengths and weaknesses. Morata of course rejoined Real Madrid this summer from Juventus, after the Spanish giants decided to exercise their right to a buyback clause in Morata’s contract. The move was settled at a rumoured £25 million, meaning Madrid will be hoping to make a fair few million more on any subsequent sale this summer.

Arsenal would therefore be looking at around a £40 million minimum and today’s development on this long running saga is that Arsene Wenger is willing to double Morata’s wages and put him amongst Arsenal’s best paid players. Currently Ozil sits as our club’s highest earner, closely followed by Alexis, Cech, newby Xhaka and somehow Theo Walcott and now Morata could be set to join them, with a £145,000 per week contract offer being lined up by the North Londoners. Arsene Wenger has proved in more recent years that not only is his no longer afraid to splash the cash when he deems necessary, but with Arsenal out of the stadium debt, top class players can finally be offered competitive big money deals by the Gunners.

After signing a striker and finding out its the unknown ‘future prospect’ Takuma Asano, Arsenal fans are in desperate need for a big money move. Giroud may be proving atthe Euros that he may still hold the quality to be a big time Arsenal player, but it doesn’t mean that we are sorted in the striking department. So if a deal can be struck for Morata or any other top quality striker for that matter, then it needs to be done sooner rather than later.



  1. We didn’t win last season and the season before because of a lack of goals. Giroud stats speak for itself, he is not getting anywhere near the amount he is supposed to be as our main striker – just compare him to the other clubs that have finished in the top four.

    Not saying we don’t need him, him and Welbeck can be backup, but we still need that certain CF capable of getting 25-30 goals a season. Morata would not be my first choice, but he wouldn’t be my last either, let’s get him if we can, as he would be a positive addition.

    1. ok… so there was only one club that finished above us last season? and… the majority of fans didn’t seem to want their striker?

    2. Big gun, giroud played for less time than many other strikers, also arsenal were only awarded two penalties in the whole PL season.. Here are some stats, minutes played per non penalty goal in premier league
      Aguero 118
      Giroud 162
      Kane 168
      Vardy 165
      Lukaku 186

      It is surprising how comparable giroud is to kane and vardy.

      I think we do need a better striker than giroud and giroud does go on barren spells but he is better than we think.

  2. if we must double morata’s wages(in no way is he worth 140k/w and he isn’t among my 1st three choice strikers), then we must do same to Ozil and Sanchez

    Morata is still not only young, but also unproven for such a price tag….aren’t there other better options out ere?

    Infact, if we are gonna throw arnd such ridiculous amt of money, at least, we should do it on a worldclass striker

    1. why? Ozil and Sanchez are on 160k and hopefully due to have talks regarding extensions which will likely put them close to 200k…
      I don’t get this ‘non-proven’ talk with Morata!! He’s put up ok numbers in 2 of the world’s top 4 leagues. Scored in 5 consecutive CL games against the big boys (banging goals too), just finished the euro’s with 3 goals in 4 apps… The guy is 23 FFS!

      1. We don’t need strikers who will put up “ok” figures at the end of the season..we need strikers who will bang in goals like madness. Manchester United should be matched because so far they have signed quality additions.Morata is good but not good enough. I suggest Mahrez should be signed..his stats are not as good as Mhiktaryan but he has produced some very very good stats in the last season. Cmon guys..our rivals are improving themselves massively..lets not settle for average people like Morata

      2. Sorry, what numbers are you talking about? His scoring record is (yawn) very average. So his price tag should also be average.

  3. Am I the only one who finds morata very uninspiring? I honestly don’t see the hype and think that walcott carries more threat.

    1. if only walcott could master the art of dribbling , precision, ball control and add to that stay fit for a long part of the season, with his pace and movement

      one wouldn’t have to think twice bout getting another winger

    2. No. You are not the only one who does not get excited about Morata.

      That said, Morata may become an elite striker. That could happen of course. But that is only hoping and guessing. You don’t pay top money for hoping and guessing.

    1. You realize Gervinho and Giroud both put up similar numbers to Lacazette in Ligue 1?
      It’s a pretty second rate league and not exactly the best proving ground… Morata scored in 5 consecutive CL games against much, much, much stronger opposition, 6G and 6A in 1200 mins of Serie A playing time (the majority of which, were in a sub late in game as the second choice)

      1. Lets not forget who holds the record for scoring in consecutive CL games. It is Chamakh with six games.

  4. lets just get Higuain he is a class act in the eighteen 18y,

    his slow but Arsenal is spending 70% in and around the 18y so we don,t need his pace just his killer instincts,

    Walcott can go back to what he dose best on the right wing providing great crosses and assists like he use to do to RVP

    my first choice would be Lewandowski but no way Arsenal would pay the asking price

    1. No sir, we should have gotten higuain few years ago when he was desperate to leave R.mad

      Now he’s too overpriced for his age and with no resale value…… I could use an Aubameyang instead please

  5. mmmmmmmmmm….

    I smell a done deal with lacazette(might be wrong)

    He has impressive stats, atleast 20 goals scored in the league over last 3 season.

    The guy has pace , seems prolific , and is about to peak(25yrs right?)…Is he the right guy?…well we need goals and something different…he offers that. Rivalry with Giroud will be hot…which brings out the best out the 2….Lukaku seems ideal..wenger saw 70mill, lacazette can be bought for 40mill…his french…and sanchez,ozil,cazorla, behind you must wet your appetite.

    I have a feeling this deal is in the process of being wrapped up..if not..Wenger is waiting for a bargain.

    Lacazette, Xhaxa , CB?…spine kinda sorted?…welll we not far from it…pre season underway, wenger neeeds to wrap em up.

    Zlantan,Mhki,(maby pogba)-Mourinho aint playing
    Gundogan,Nolito,- Pep serious
    mane-Klopp wants to revive liver
    michi,(possibly gomez)-Conto aint playing to

    All in all the prem this season going to be explosive, with the competitiveness of managers, quality of players and drama too lol.

    I cant wait….


  6. im not sure any of the strikers mentioned are what we need, we need an aguero type player which none of the mentioned are. i would prefer to take a chance on a young striker in that sort of mould , we struggle when half decent teams play 10 behind the ball which means we get another big man and throw crosses in. very unlikely with wenger or we find a small technical goal scorer. maybe there is none out there at the moment.

  7. I’m actually believing the Lacazette rumours more likely. Morata has Vardy like stamina (or redbull should I say) and he also closes players down and chases lost causes, so maybe it is true we are looking at him. But with Lacazette priced lower, and Wengers penchant for Frenchmen, not to mention his contacts over there. I believe there is a good chance that Lacazette will be an Arsenal player.

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