Should Arsenal even be considering Man United’s Donny van de Beek?

In this very frustrating time at Arsenal, and we long-suffering fans are having trouble actually identifying what are Mikel Arteta’s priorities are during the transfer window.


With Ceballos and Odegard returning to Real Madrid, and the rumours that our most consistent midfielder Granit Xhaka has already agreed to join Roma, you would expect that a midfielder or two would be top of the shopping list.


I imagine Joe Willock will fill one spot after his amazing loan period at Newcastle, but the Gunners appear to be linked with every other midfielder in the world (and Ruben Neves!) as projected targets.


Yesterday, a new name entered the frame in the form of Man United’s Donny van de Beek, who arrived at Old Trafford last summer, but has made just five Premier League starts under Ole Gunnar Solksjaer in the whole of the campaign.

The ex-Ajax star has not been able to break into United’s star-studded side, and he has cut a frustrated figure on the United bench.


But should Arsenal be going for a player that has not impressed his boss much since his arrival in England?


Some say that his style of play simply doesn’t suit Solksjaer’s tactics, but does that mean that he will be able to do better under Arteta?

The Dutchman has obviously showed his quality when he helped Ajax to reach a Champions League semifinal, but perhaps he is not robust enough or tough enough to cope with Premier League defenders?

One thing van de Beek does have in his favour is that his current partner is the daughter of Dennis Bergkamp, but is that enough of a recommendation for Arteta to believe he can make it at Arsenal?

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  1. He can’t get in to one of the poorest Manure sides I have ever witnessed so why we would even consider this is beyond me.

    Seems like all our transfer targets stinks of desperation instead of a clear cut thought process.

    But with these wallies in charge maybe this is the plan?

    1. Utd finished 2nd in the prem and runner up in the UEL final. I’d love to be as poor as them.

    2. That poorest Manchester United side finished second behind Manchester City.
      What does that say about Arsenal?

  2. Donny Van De Beek is perfect for Arsenal, to say Utd was too big a step for him is ridiculous. He just doesn’t suit utd at all, Woodward signed him as a back up or last resort cause he missed out on all his top targets.

    I don’t think utd will sell after the first season. We should have signed him at 35m last season he’s like Ramsey without the injury record. If we could get him Bassouma and the Belgian lad we would do very well. We probably need to sign and promote at least 6 players in our midfield this summer.

    If you think about it, we have lost 2 players to their parent club. We’re selling 3 midfielders in Torriera, Guendouzi and Xhaka and we needed 1 maybe 2 before that. Now is not the time for sentiment if he’s going to play willock and AMN start playing them or sell to respond on strengthening. Then promote Chalie Patino and Azeez and sign another 3 Lokonga, Bissouma and Donny.

    1. We have to take into consideration the ACN in Jan. We already have a few key players how will be going so signing more African players would give us a headache. Already loosing Party, Pepe and Auba adding to that would be an issue

  3. Always liked him at Ajax… reckon he’d be out of our price range!!

    OT.. Alexa, play ‘World In Motion’ followed by ‘Vindaloo’ 😝

  4. I’d like to ask exactly who or what was the catalyst for this article , other than the irrelevant fact that his partner is the daughter of a former legend!

    I can of course quite easily supply the answer to my own question, which is this; the constant unfounded rumours are what keeps this site afloat financially, as articles, however far fetched, need writing constantly.

    1. jon, the catalyst for this article was that Donny Van de Beek has had little playing time at Manchester United, is obviously unhappy on the bench and people associated with the Netherlands National Team are concerned about his lack of playing time hindering his development.
      Unlike “friendly” Arsenal wrt RVP, it is unlikely that Manchester United would sell to Arsenal. I was disappointed that Arsenal didn’t buy him from Ajax, where he was a goal scoring #10. Given that he is dating Bergkamp’s daughter, Dennis may give him advice that Arsenal, even though not having European football, may suit his style of play, give him more playing time and allow him to be part of a rebuilding project at a once great Club.

      1. ozzie I always like engaging with you as you are among the minority of fans who always think before writing. However, I still do not see that your first or second paragraph amounts to any sort of reason for DvB coming to us.

        Unless we have any sound reason to believe MA has shown interest, it remains simply another among the constant unfounded JA rumours designed merely to provide articles and thus money for this site. And NO other reason.

  5. Of all the many many many speculative rumours so far this summer I quite like this one

    By the way, I don’t think that Willock’s sensational loan period at Newcastle will or should mean that he can now walk straight into our starting midfield next season

    Equally it is too soon to give up on him, Nelson and Eddie in my opinion

    1. Get them all on long term contracts and send them out on loan. Chelsea have been doing this for years and how did they do last season?

      As for van de beek I remember another certain Dutchman not doing to well when he first moved abroad.

      If we could get him for £25m, I would prefer him over most we have been linked with. Though for me Halkanhouglo (spelling?) Would be a no brainer.

      1. You just made me laugh since I only call him Hakan because of his hard to remember last name. Lol

  6. I would take him anyday! What a great player who’s being buried in ManU.. He always stood out in that Ajax side.

    1. So your logic is that if one swap deal with a certain club doesn’t work out, don’t ever swap again? Use your noggin.

  7. He is simply not suited to the physicality of the EPL. He is similar to ESR in that they play short passes and run off players to create space, but while ESR has been effective in that role ,the Dutchman has not.

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