Should Arsenal fans be excited about the link with Matthijs de Ligt?

The biggest transfer gossip involving Arsenal this morning is revolving around Ajax defender Matthijs de Ligt, in fact, it is the only real piece so far today and the question is, should we get excited?

I would suggest on the face of it no, however, that does not mean we cannot remain a little hopeful.

The reason I initially say no is that in all honesty, the reports are really not gossip, it is just about de Ligt speaking about Juventus and the possibility of joining the Italian giants, we are mentioned because he is apparently a target of ours as well.

So why do I feel that we can be a little hopeful? I will tell you why, because the 19-year-old did say this: “Me at Juve? It could be, but there are also other interested clubs. We’ll see at the right time.

And then there is Marc Overmars, the former Gunners legend that is the Ajax sporting director at the Dutch giants, if he has any influence with the teenage Ajax captain you have to think that can only be to our advantage.

Finally, we have been linked with him for a while, so the chances are we do want him and if that is the case then why not us, we have as much chance as anyone else, especially if we make the Champions League.

I accept that we are probably unlikely to land the youngster, we are 25/1 with the bookies to do so, which in itself tells you all you need to know about our chances but even if our chances are minimal there is no reason we cannot hope, he is an exceptional talent that is definitely worth pursuing.

So, should we be excited? No, but we can be hopeful, nothing wrong with that.


  1. GB says:

    I’d be very happy as he’s excellent but I think he’s off to Barca or Juve.

    1. things are changing says:

      He has said he is only interested in Barca. And we could not afford him.

  2. Sue says:

    John Wick will be ?

  3. Luckyville says:

    To me, there’s nothing in this rumours, as Arsenal fan you learn not to pay attention to stuffs like this until it’s on official website. so there’s nothing get excited about. the only thing am getting excited about right now is our push for top four, it’s looking like becoming a reality and that’s exciting especially when it would be at the expense of spurs.

  4. Lupe says:

    This deal is impossible, there is no way arsenal is paying upwards of 70m for a center back, zero chance of happening.

  5. Dexter says:

    I won has finally signed for Barcelona. All ye haters of iwobi, a club who appreciates his potential has come for him. He’s now free from his arsenal critics… And yes, for £90m whooping. That’s more money than arsenal has ever paid for a player in history. Suck on that. I’m out.

    1. Sue says:

      Oh my!!! Did you check the date yesterday???

    2. Luckyville says:

      sorry mate, I’m sure you saw that on yesterday, it was April fool’s day.

    3. d says:

      What a DOLT

      “Suck on that. I’m out.”

  6. Tissiam says:

    Overmas actually said during the week they will try everything to keep him and another 2 players at the club,the guy played for us doesn’t mean he owes us any favours,he is employed by ajax and would anything to improve his team,club,that,s why he signed a new contract with them.he won,t get him,Barcelona president &director of football eric abidal went to see him and try to convince him to sign for them also the figure talked about 70 millions minimum puts us out if the race to sign him!

  7. Tissiam says:

    It looks like we all agree!not going to happen:(

  8. kev says:

    It could be been a real possibility of Overmars had come because he would be put the pressure on us to sign him.Now it looks like it ain’t happening.We’ve also been linked with UmtitI but I wonder why Barca would sell him if he’s very good.Why not pair him with de Ligt instead?Or are they saying Lenglet is better?He’s also coming off a long injury and seems to be injury probe too.

    1. ACE says:

      Umtiti when healthy is a WC player but there are
      concerns that his persistent knee issues may be
      a long term reality. Arsenal would be taking a
      massive risk in paying over the moon for his services,.although I did read somewhere that
      Raul would entertain an initial loan deal with an option to buy for the injury riddled Frenchmen.
      WTS In his absence Lenglet has player well and
      formed a proficient partnership with Pique
      who the Barca brass believe have a few more productive years left. De Light and Lenglet
      could be the future CB pairing for the next
      decade if the Ajax man decides to take his
      talents to La Liga.
      I personally would prefer Arsenal to pursue the
      likes of Nathan Ake, Jonathan Tah, Dayot Upamecano or K. Manolas instead of the Frenchmen.

      1. RSH says:

        None of those players are better than Umtiti so what makes you want them? Umtiti himself is still only 25, WC winning CB, and will be one of the best CB’s on the market this summer. Jonathan Tah is fine, but I feel like if he wasn’t German nobody would be talking about him. Leverkusen defensively are not that great. Manolas also has a reputation that precedes him.

  9. RSH says:

    It’s fiction unfortunately. It’s well known he wants Barcelona. And if Barca don’t get him it will be PSG. No chance we will pay for him or he will choose us over other clubs.

  10. jon fox says:

    Well Mr Admin, I guess you may be excited by him. And the reason? It gives you an excuse to fill your site with another non article saying nothing of realistic interest, as you yourself admit in stating “25 -1 odds”. I don’t want to moan about this generally fine site Pat but this is just padding and you know that as well as anyone!

  11. Grandad says:

    Never mind fantasizing ,what has happened to young Mavroponas who looked so promising last season.He has been back in full training for 2 months yet he has never been given an opportunity to play despite the obvious flaws in our experienced centre backs?What is going on?

    1. jon fox says:

      Grandad, You must be a mass mind reader. I reckon thousands , even millions of us would love to know the answer too!

  12. Gunnerphilic says:

    @Grandad. I raise my hand to be counted. What is going on with that kid?

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