Should Arsenal fans be so pleased with Hull result?

Arsenal were hardly impressive against Hull yesterday by James N.

There is a very old football cliche that you can only beat what is put in front of you, but when you consider that Arsenal’s opponents yesterday had made TEN changes from the Hull side that played Everton on New Years Day, should we really be so pleased that the Gunners only managed to kill off the game in the 82nd minute?

Admittedly the Gunners were in control most of the game (as they bloody should be!) but they could not convert all their chances in the first half, and our first goal-scorer, Per Mertesacker, admitted that it was a relief when Alexis finally stepped up to score our second. “We have good memories when I think about Wembley and then today,” he said. “It was a tough fight until the end but we deserved it.

“In the first half it could have been three or four-nil. Then Alexis scored and we were relieved.

“The second goal was a big relief for the players and he’s a massive threat to any team. We’re delighted with his performances and we need to keep him fit.

“We were composed and deserved it. I’m proud of our team because no matter who’s playing we stick together.”

It was a big relief, especially for the Arsenal fans who are used to seeing our team give us heart attacks in the dying minutes of crucial matches, and it was nice to get any kind of win after our rubbish performance against Southampton, but does this really give us any confidence going into next weeks game against the rugby players of Stoke City?


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  1. Very pleased with all the players, don’t know why we back off for a long period , with Alexis screaming for them to come foward more.
    Confindence will come back, we have Theo back, Ozil on the mends, Rosicky reminding wenger why he’s top class

    Happy Gooner

    1. yea we gotta be pleased…….. We’ve just beaten a top 4 title contending team……. We got our mojo back … L()L

  2. Le Coq as well, a few missed placed passes, but awesome vision for long balls, needs more game time obviously.
    Campbell, you can see the class in him, awesome tackles aswell, again lacks game time.
    We play high tempo passing and these lads handled it well, considering.

    1. Forgot to mention Le Coq likes to tackle hard, stayed in that hole.
      Will Wenger buy a DM now though ?

    1. Why would you say that ?
      The only thing is we don’t know how to kill games of, due to confidence, we have that back.

    2. Can you elaborate or are you only capable of offering insults as your only contribution to the discussion?

    3. Can you elaborate ‘Handsome’ or are you only capable of offering insults as your only contribution to a discussion?


      1. I think the original poster would be better served by asking whether we are happy with the performance – that might encourage a sensible discussion. To ask whether we are happy with a result, a win in this instance, is a bit daft IMO.

        1. What he actually asked us is ‘if we should be so pleased’ with the result.

          Opening a discussion for whether or not the performance was satisfactory enough..


          1. Yes, apologies. In fairness to James it looks like Admin messed up with their thread title (regarding result) that doesn’t match up with the author’s actual thread question (about performance).

      2. We were pretty impressive yesterday, we created ample of chances, I know we still have our defensive fragility to make us draw a won match, but yesterday we were in full control and even though the second goal came in late but it was inevitable. Any other day it was 4-1 easily(Yes 1)

    1. Man city a draw, Mangala doen’t know how to track, theo will be a complete NIGHTMARE for him.

  3. posted this after the soton game:
    “Worst thing is, Wenger will probably say the referee cost us a comeback to cover up the cracks.
    Wouldn’t surprise me either if we battered Hull and all the Wenger In fans will come out preaching again, while in reality we have massive MASSIVE structural problems.”

    Not that we battered Hull, and there’s nothing wrong with being jubilant, but we have to be aware that this win should not distract us of Arsenal still having issues. Can our manager please see the need for a midfield general and an extra centre back this time? And I don’t mean Loic Perrin..

    anyways, on to Stoke at home for some sweet revenge! COYG!

    1. Stoke will be a walk in the park.
      Just pray for no injuries.

      Imagine if we were like chelski with no injuries, we’d be top of the league.

      1. Stoke will be a walk in the park???I like your confidence bruh,but with the kind of inconsistency we have we cannot take any team for granted.I expect us to win but depends on whether the team that won against Newcastle turns up,or the team tht played at Southampton.
        Most teams are increasingly becoming confident that they can beat us,we have been found out and since we never have a plan b,then we have to gamble and hope that our only plan works otherwise we are screwed

        1. while i understand where your cynicism comes from, do you not think that the approach we took versus liverpool was a bit of a revelation in terms of the manager applying a “plan b.” or do you think our defensive, counter-attack approach was merely coincidence and not planned at all? personally, i think it was clearly planned for, and it was refreshing to see a change in approach. unfortunately, we had a defensive lap to finish the game in the dying moments. but that doesn’t take away from the approach applied to the entire game. isn’t this what we as fan have been wanting to see? something different, something unexpected, something that will keep our opponents guessing. hopefully we use the approach again, if needed.

      2. “stoke will be a walk in the park” ………. Premier League REWIND……… Few weeks ago…….. Britannia stadium …….. Sounds farmiliar right?

  4. We were poor. Ball retention was very poor and had Hull not have been so toothless we would have been on the ropes again.

    We were again wasteful in front of goal and poor at moving the ball out of midfield and keeping possession.

    1. i agree, but u will get thumbs down from here to angola.

      i wait for the day we have a full uninjured squad- that will be a beautiful day…
      hoverboards will exist, light sabers, oh yes 2025 cant come soon enough

  5. Is it me watching arsenal play is like having a stroke. MR BOLD you were a great player but you sit like a puppy and I don’t understand. AW should have put the best team out coz hull could have sent us packing. UCL omg they must be rubbing there hands together coz we as it is are not going to win anymore games. He might buy a 29 year old defender when we have a very good one at West Ham doing fine

  6. Everyone should be pleased with a win especially when you consider this 20 wasn’t involved

    Jenkinson Debuchy koscielny gibbs
    Flamini arteta
    Wilshire ramsey ozil

    Martinez hayden zelalem diaby gnabry welbeck sanogo podolski ryo

  7. This is a poor Arsenal side and are well behind the top sides that are tussling for the Pl.

  8. We have been playing like a mid-table team all season so I am happy whenever we win.

    How can a true Arsenal fan not be happy to win. A win is a win. If there were problems then it’s the job of the manager and players to fix those problems for the next game

    Our job as fans is to celebrate good results and Not be happy with bad results. A win is always a good result

  9. Truth is many Arsenal fans are living in denial, that’s why you get so many thumbs down for telling it as it is.Apart from the 2 goals we scored, yesterday’s performance was poor considering that we were playing a hull B team at home.We kept them in the game for long periods of time instead of being incisive and finishing them off early when we had the chances. A more resolute side would have punished us for the wastefulness we showed in front of goal.
    In all honesty, when I look at the teams we have beaten this season,it shows mid table form at best,we never beat the big boys in the league and we drop points against relegation threatened teams.
    The main reason I have always wanted wenger out is for his record against the big teams,it is poor to say the least and most managers would be sacked with that kind of record.I still cling on to the hope that we will beat one of Chelsea, Man United or mancity this season even though it is seemingly impossible with wenger in charge

    1. Denial I think is the wrong way of looking at it @antiwenger.

      I think most Gooners would be happy with yesterday’s result. It was a cup game and as someone said a bit earlier ‘a win is a win’.

      Whilst I understand the we could have been punished comment (but let’s be fair Campbell and Theo needed the game time and missed three sitters between them and neither Giroud nor Welbeck were on the field), that same comment could be made about the very teams you refer to as those we need to beat. Utd played Yeovil…I would hazard no better than a Hull (c team!). Ditto city laboured as did Chelsea until they brought on Costa etc. We rested several players and got a good result against a team equipped to perform in the prem league. Good all round result IMO.

      I fully accept we have not had any stellar performances so far this season but we haven’t had a remotely settled team…but you’re right (Chelsea, Utd, city) these are the teams we have to nail.

      So, call it denial if you want but right now, I take a good cup win, game time for Theo, Joel, Bellerin, Rosicky and Le coq etc plus a rest for welbs, giroud etc as a good result all round.

  10. CONSISTENCY…. that is what we need. To be critical we’ve only played a handful of games were there was no doubt we deserved to win….Injuries indeed a factor, but then again that is every season (should take a look at that) but we CONSISTENTLY fail specially this season, because our Manager does not innovate, adapt, change strategies when he needs to…we have a team that could beat the Top 4 other teams with lesser quality do it why shouldn’t we??….I will be pleased when we give Man City a fight for their money at ETIHAD only then I will know we are heading on the right direction.

  11. I’ll never be satisfied until we beat a big team, seeing as we haven’t done so for years now in the league. Absolutely disgraceful.

  12. Way off topic sorry but I thought it was interesting to see SK wants to build an 80,000 seat stadium in Los Angeles. I’m lost as why someone would want to be multiple owners of franchises. Wouldn’t 1 be the sole focus of a passionate owner that wants to make his legacy about how that team is seen throughout the world.

    1. I think that’s just the human species in general. We will never be satisfied with what we have and will always want more.

      And doesn’t he own the St. Louis Rams as well?

  13. “stoke will be a walk in the park” need insight? …….. Premier League rewind ……. Britannia stadium …….. Few weeks ago ……….. Talk cut short…the key: WORK HARD, PLAY HARD

  14. Why shouldn’t we be pleased with a win, a clean sheet and the return of Walcott? The negativity on this site is baffling.

    1. Couldn’t agree more with you regards the negative postings however I think it’s more a reflection on how divided our fans are,bad results and wenger out posts get thumbs up,a win of any kind and wenger out posts get thumbs personally a wins a win and I actually thought we did ol but I’m very much in the wenger out brigade,the wins really do cloud the reality in my opinion which is wenger has built a squad so unbalanced its scary,miss managed it and not focused at all on the defensive side of the game,I do however feel that some though not all on both sides are guilty of stepping over the edge as regards personal abuse and it’s all getting a bit ott

  15. hull game done and dusted ..move ahead. as fr stoke …I’m already getting an image of dem scoring against us in a set piece. attackers have to play better to avoid defending. only plus point is dat the match is at emirates. will support till d last whistle.

  16. This team is full of sprinters yet we’re playing a passing football (the only style AW knows). We should be playing a high pressing and fast attacking football once the ball is won over. Keep the full backs back though b/c we have no need for crosses since our avg height is 5’8 lol so no point in bombing forward with both full backs and risking getting caught on the counterattack

    debuchy bfg kos gibbs
    walcott santi OX

    Dynamic fast paced football is what we should be playing, not this bringing it up from the back.

  17. Winning is winning! If they like let them change all the eleven players on d pitch that is not our concern us. Arsenal 2 – 0 Hull City. Some people just like too much complaining. Man City got ther winning go 90 something. This is our Club let’s support it.

  18. There are 2 ways of looking at it.

    1) it was a mediocre performance by arsenal and we only won because hull were so abysmal
    2) we comfortably ran out 2-0 winners without ever getting out of second year.

    I know the fans want to see 7 goals each game but as a player if you know you’re going to win easily there isn’t a lot of incentive to try harder.

  19. many times Arsenal performed excellently against Man U and Chelsea yet we lost those matches. What do we call dat. We did not only win by 2 goals to zero, we moved to d next stage of d competition what else do we need.

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