Should Arsenal fans be worried about Aubameyang injury?

Aubameyang injury worry!


Is Auba pulling out of the Gabon internationals just a precaution or is it more serious? Only time will tell but here’s hoping it’s the first option..


As all teams went into the two week international break, news soon came out that our skipper Pierre Emerick Aubameyang had not reported for international duty with Gabon pulling out due to an ankle injury.


It is assumed that the injury was as a result of the disgusting tackle on him by Sheffield’s Berge in the final game just before the break, a tackle which went unpunished, yet luckily for us Aubameyang got up and saw the game out.


But reports coming out  from suggest that it was an ankle injury that caused him to pull out, but that it was merely a precaution.


It is looking more like it was a precaution especially after he was seen in training in midweek running about “freely” alongside the likes of Lacazette, Mustafi and Ozil. Lacazette not being called up to France duty, Mustafi working his way back and just returning from injury and of course Ozil who no longer plays for Germany who is free to train. Despite Arteta is probably not even going to use him! Although cameras caught Ozil and our gaffer “fist bumping” in training, read into that what you will Gooners.


So let’s hope after the international break that our players who went out come back fit, Aubameyang is fit and raring to go, Mustafi gets back to how he was before his unfortunate injury and maybe just maybe Ozil gets some sort of chance to showcase his ability!


Here’s hoping it’s a positive return from the internationals for our boys, where we can pick up much more confident than  where we left off, and the best place to start of course is against Manchester City! Gooners?


Shenel Osman


  1. I dont get this article when it has been known for ages that Auba has been the green light to train again and has been for a few days now !! and he has been given the green light to play against CITY !! The person that wrote this article is very behind the news !!

  2. I hope it is about precaution.
    Now that we have Partey, I won’t mind a midfield three of Partey, Ozil and El-Neny

  3. Shenel and Ime, two of the most regular article writers whose articles are often reactionary, unnecessary and many times repeated or rephrased.

      1. Sue, I Can’t wait to see Arsenal’s official video shoot with the Red and white and most importantly to see him in training.

  4. “And maybe just maybe OZIL gets some sort of chance to showcase his ability”! Yes lets hope he does, as long as it is anywhere else than atArsenal. How about on the Moon!

    In case you have not realised, as is appears, ability is only EVER any use when it is accompanied by hard work! Some folk never learn even such basic truths as that!

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